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Here I intend to compile all our adventures using the shamballa energy of Love. Healing stories, meditations, workshop tales, travelling and earthwork stories.
Also my book Dawn of New Millenium
Please enjoy and visit often.
Shamballa MD

The Shamballa foundation. Projects in Africa and Indonesia
Humanity service
Shamballa MD healing

Earthwork and travel

Bulgaria and Romania travel and teaching March 2005
Earthwork in Bulgaria 2004

The spirit of Wieliczka, year 2000
Earth work in Stockholm Sweden, January 2001
Summer solstice 2001
A fairytale and yet reality-earthwork in Orsa Sweden Oct. 2001
Westfjords 2002
Workshop tale summer 2002
Earthwork in March 2003- the bogmen and an initiation
Palestinian adventure 2001
Earthwork in Europe 2000
Aurora borealis-The Northern lights
Grábrók, a volcanic crater
Travelling with Hari Baba in April 1999
Reykjavík, city of light
Travelling with a group of fiddlers August 2000
Paradise, Borgarfjordur
Temple glacier-energy vortex
Adventure with John Armitage/Hari Babba  and a group of lightworkers October 2000

The twelve peace prayers

Dawn of New Millenium by Lilja Petra Asgeirsdottir

Dawn of New Millenium chapter 1
Dawn of New Millenium chapter 2
Dawn of New Millenium chapter 3
More to come


New Year Meditation -Vywamus
Clown Meditation- march 2005
Healing emotional body with Nature March 2005

Channeled material

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