Waterfall essences
A gift from Nature and the Universe
Glanni in Hvita, Iceland
Waterfall essences from "Island"

Island or Iceland as English speaking people call our beautiful land has a rich saga. The most famous ones are from the times of the vikings but our saga is older and according to an article published in the local newspaper recently the name Island was given to the land in the year 548 AC.  Before that time our land was called Thule and was known by many great sailing nations.

The people that lived here before the vikings came were Irish.  Many monks settled here as well as other peaceful and religious people that were seeking serenity and connection with the Creator. St. Brendan came here in the year 548 AC and met the Irish monk Pol which is the Gelic for Paul. Brendan fell on his knees and claimed this land sacred and gave it the name Island after the being he held most regard for, Jesus which in Gelic is Isu.

Many have connected the land to the great pyramids in Egypt.

Icelanders have always been closely connected to nature and naturespirits.  Until this century most of the population lived in turf houses.
A majority believes in alfs and other beings that are invisible to most of us.

Our plants are special in that our summers are very short which gives them much strength.

When we first started learning about vibrational remidies we thought that we should be able to make essences from our own flowers rather then have to lean on remidies from other countries. That was the main reason that we decided to find information on how to make essences.

In the spring 1998 with the minimum of informations we went to our sacred place in the hills near our home and connected with the naturspirits and masters to help us make our first essence.

Since then many things have happened and today our collection includes floweressences, crystal and mineral essences, cosmic and devic essences and Shamballa reiki essences.

The biggest leap was when Haridas Melchizedek came to "Island" and told us that the devas of Seljalandsfoss wanted to be part of our essence selection.  We didnt have any ide of how to get energy from the deva into our bowl of water since we were unable to stay at the waterfall while making it. Since this first time we have learned an easy and effective way to transmit the energies from the site of the naturspirits until we are able to make essence of it. We have also learned that if the intention is there and if we ask our brothers and sisters in the light they will help us do what ever is needed.

Now the time has come to give all our fellow brothers and sister of Earth the opportunity to connect with this sacred land of Isu through the essences and thereby aid them in their lives and spiritual path.  Many of the essences come with angels, devas or masters that will work with you on issues or problems that need attention.

These essences are very powerful and only 1-2 drops needed each time. You can put them into a glass of water or just on your skin. Often we use them on our crystals while doing healing. They may also be used in the bath water or washing machine. Just use your intuition or imagination.
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