Ray and Bird Essences
R1 White tailed eagle
Core energy: White tailed eagle
Cosmic and Devic energies:
9th and 2nd ray
Physical effect:Settling of the colon. Head and heart. Releases blockages in  the sub occipital area and neck.
Emotional effect: joy, laughter
Mental effect:
Other: feeling of flying
Colours: pink-yellow and blugreen. White light.
Chakras-meridians: activation of the heart chakra

R2 Arctic tern
Core energy: Arctic Tern
Cosmic and Devic energies:
Female aspect of Melchizedek. Council of 12
Physical effect:
Emotional effect:

Mental effect: New awareness
Other: expands the consciousness. Improves relationship with another person
Colours: gold energy with brilliant red spirals
Chakras-meridians: heals the meridians

R3 Puffi
Core energy: Puffin
Cosmic and Devic energies:
Star energies
Physical effect:
Emotional effect:
Mental effect:

Other: influences the Flower of life

R4 Short eared owl
Core energy:
Short eared owl
Cosmic and Devic energies: Galactic wisdom
Physical effect: Detoxifies, works on the falx cerebri and cerebellum.
Emotional effect:
soft, embracing
Mental effect:
Other: Deep meditate state
Colours: White-blue with violet in the centre.
Chakras-meridians: Opens the 7th eye which is for connection with the highest aspect of self

R5 White wagtail
Core energy: White wagtail
Cosmic and Devic energies:
Physical effect:

Emotional effect: wakes up laughter and yet calming. Release of emotional blockages.
Mental effect:

Other: soft and secure energy that you can trust to hold you and take care of you
Chakras-meridians: works on the 5th chakra, expression.

R6 Harlequin duck
Core energy: Harlequin duck, cobalt blue quarz crystal
Cosmic and Devic energies:
Physical effect: Activates the membrane system in the CNS(central nervous system). TMJ relaxing.
Emotional effect:
Mental effect: clears blockages
Other: spheric energy
Colours: cobalt blue

R7 Barrow's golden eye
Core energy: Barrow's golden eye
Cosmic and Devic energies: 9th ray. Deva
Physical effect: head, ventricles, eyes (vision), bowel movementss, preparation for birth process. Fasting aid.
Emotional effect: clearing
Mental effect: clearing
Other: Grounding
Colours: green
Chakras-meridians: opens the third eye.

R8 Microtron
Core energy: 10th ray, spiritualisation of the matter. (Shamballa 13D Md healing workshop)
Cosmic and Devic energies: Mahatma, microtron, 10th ray
Physical effect:
Emotional effect:
Mental effect:

Other: powerful effect on the 4 body system (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)
Colours: perlescent color, silver violet

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