How to order and prices
All the essences are stored in brandy and clear spring water.

Each bottle is 10ml
I have now changed all prices into Euros since that is a more stable currency for Iceland at this time. Each individual essence costs EUR7
Combination essences like rescue  costs EUR 10
Spray (50ml) costs EUR 15.
Special Core Essence and special personal  blends cost EUR15

If you buy 10 or more bottles you get 10% discount.

Manual in English or French with description of all essences and pictures from places and flowers costs EUR 25

Cost for shipping and handle is

Minimum 10 Euro for upto 1 kg depending on country.

Send mail order with your name and address.

Bjarkarholt 4
Is-270 Mosfellsbae

Or on email to


For any questions email us

Index of all the essences
Crystal and precious stone  essences   Devic and comsic essences
Flower essences
   Essences from the ocean   Shamballa MD healing essences   

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