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Crystal and mineral essences.
K1. Love. Minerals for each of the seven major chakras in our body give us cleansing and empowering energy.  Helps us experience love.

K2.  Earth. Powerful grounding essence made with energy from rocks collected in every quarter of “Island”.

K3. Red jasper. Connection to earth and increased life force. Healing effect.

K4. Green Opal. Development of spiritual abilities.  Gives one faith.

K5. Lapis lazula
. Its crystal clearness opens up the heart chakra and the third eye. Connects you with lifetimes in Egypt.
"Throat inflammation, anxiety and tension released. A potent cleanser. Aligns etheric, mental and spiritual bodies. Energizes throat chakra; stimulates increased personal expression, esp on spiritual and psychospiritual levels. For shy, introverted, retiring people. Good for meditation, thought broadcasting. Better able to tap into higher self and express or release buried emotions. Aids assimiliation of calcium, lecithin, phosphorus, vits. B, C and E; oxygenation of hemoglobin. All meridians strengthened.

K6. Elestial smokey quarz.
Each glass comes with a personal angel that tolerates all sorrow and anxiety as well as love. It helps you find balance between the male and female energy. Connects you with the angelic realms.
"Emotional healing and balancing of whole four body system (physical, mental, emotional, spritual). Helps subconscious accept and adapt to change. Helps proper release of kundalini energy;increases divination and creativity. With meditation, removes unclear thought forms. depression eased; improved assimiliation of protein, vits. E and B. Use in atomizer to cleanse aura. Draws negative radiation from cells and heals them. Heals damage to the immune system incurred because of fears about using the new, higher energies."(from Taliloquay Essences)

K7. Milky quartz. This comes with a cold cleansing. It is very good for  those that are depressive.  It goes right into the emotional body to balance and give a boost upwards.
calming and balancing.

K8.Mt.Shasta opal.-Emergency essence I had called on Germain and the Telosians to help with this one. It has very fast energy (high frequency) and comes with a being. There was great power that goes through the crown chakra and down through all the chakra column, clearing all blockages as it goes down so the chakras explode outwards or bloom. With this is also mild, calm energy that goes into the emotional body to calm and a lot of love. Germain also brings his silverviolet flame and the enrgeie of his ascension seat. This is only part of what is there to find but the essence can be used as first aid after trauma It works very fast. If you need healing NOW this is the one to use.

K.9 Moldavite. This green crystal that has been found in Moldavia in Czechia is connected with another star far away where ascended masters from the time of Atlantis reside. It holds energy to discover new things, new ideas, new thoughtforms. It is very good for the scientist or the artist or anyone that would like to expand his view of the Creation and open up for something new.
"Dramatically increases future sight, telepathy, clairvoyance and healing energies. Helps in assimilation into the earthly plane and in contacting other entities, angels, devas. A few drops twice a day can clear your spritual channel."

Precious stone essences

They were originally made to be used with a full moon and new moon meditation that Kathleen Murrey channeled from Mahasamatman to integrate these energies into mother earth. They can be put in a bowl of water or on crystals  where meditating or used seperatly as needed.

E1. Ruby. Ruby holds the wisdom of the heart and the devine male energy. It also comes with a flower fairy and connects to the heart and base chakra and opens a channel upwards.
"Stabilizes heart, heart chakra; creates balance in spiritual endeavors. Eases disorientation, procrastination. Increases stability and confidence; ideals, self-esteem, decision-making improve. Distress with father image eased. Leadership potentials stimulated; compatibiliity, ability to give and receive love Increased oxygenation of cells through blood."

E2.  Sapphire. Sapphire brings us devine grace and the knowledge of it.  It works with the third eye and the crown chakra.
"Complete linkage of body/mind/spirit to bring clarity and inspiration; antidepressant. Improved communication with spirit guides; heart and throat chakras opened, allowing for more personal expression and drawing off energy that may be stored in solar plexus. Assimilation of all nutrients improves; stimulates regeneration of intestinal tract, stomach, pituitary. Opens cells to the magnetic effects of love; prepares them to receive whatever they need from the supportive flow of Source´s love, and teaches them to remain in perfect alignment with that flow."

E3. Emerald. Emerald holds the knowledge of devine female energy to activate the heart chakra of lady Gaia and your self. It opens up the meridians from the heart to the hands.
"Heart strengthened to deal with toxic discharges from muscles as during a cleansing . Kidneys strengthened to better eliminate toxins; aids in processing hidden fears. Eases radiation toxicity. Balances heart chakra; etheric, astral, and emotional bodies aligned, stabilizing the personality; keener insigths into dreams develop. Generally increases psychic and clairvoyant faculties. Balances heart, esp. in relation to the father. Improves meditation (through amplifier), esp. to alleviate hidden fears. Helps build cell walls strong enough to contain and flow with the new energies being beamed to us; strengthens the alignment of the whole body with light. Transforms negativity, going deeply into stuck and crystallized areas, freeing the energy to be used positively."

E4. Diamond. The diamond frequency of Shamballa is able to reverberate more and more. It is here to be anchored to bring us into our full potential of being. It helps us think clearly.
"Releases stress and tension throughout the body. Increased absorption of carbon, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon. Draws toxicity from physical and subtle bodies. Draws out memories from past lives. Stimulates clarivoyance, balancing, increases healing ability."

E5.  Gold. This is symbolic for the devine love and light and brings with it the Source of Creation.  This is the building block. Also cleansing of mother earth.
"Promotes healing. Balances heart chakra, the most powerful haric point. Thymus; rejuvenation of endocrine system. Aids absorption of gold from food as well as magnesium, oxygen, phosphorus, silver, vits. A,B,D,E. Stimulates body´s electrical properties. Good for diseases associated with the collapse of the immune system, such as muscular dystrophy and diabetes. Protection from radiation. For heat exhaustion from over exposure to the sun. Balances left/rigth brain disorders. Stimulates desire for illumination of the higher self. Opens heart, brow, crown and five chakras above the crown, causing alignment of higher spiritual visions. Thought form amplifier. Enhances other elixirs, heals any disease originating from low self-esteem."
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