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Devic and cosmic essences
Dynjandi in Arnarfjord
F1. Waterfall Seljalandsfoss. The deva of the waterfall gives his vibration to this one. It is for purification, cleansing of the body liquids and a connection with higher self. When we visited the site in April 1999 with Gary Smith and Haridas Melchizedek the deva expressed it self to Haridas and asked to be a part of our essence collection. Since this is a very popular tourist attraction and we had nothing with us at that time to make any essences plus that everything was covered in ice we went back in June on one of the longest days of the year now along with Haridas again and his partner.  Just after midnight when we were alone we assempled energy in a jar and took it with us home for a later date. Next time the sun was shining we called on the deva and all the masters and made this powerful essence.

F2. The devas of Westfjords. This helps one connect with the energy gridlines of Earth and to the energies of the devas. They will help one experience unconditional love. It also helps connect with nature.
On our summer tour to the west part of “Island” we worked on earthhealing and purification of the land and the gridlines.  To do that we always called on the devas of the site as well as all the masters and angelic beings we work with. They were very grateful for this work and for being included in it. To show their gratitude they sent a combined energy from all the mountains and fjords around. The energy was collected in a lightship above us and from there the energy was sent like a laserbeam into the bowl of water that we had set outside.

F3. Dynjandi. (see picture)This holds  vibration from multiple waterfalls in the river Dynjandi on the west coast. This is one of the most magnificent site in our land.  It holds the combined energy of all the beings living there, devas, sylphs, fairies and more. It helps purify the aura like you do when bathing in a waterfall.  It also connects one with the higher self. It gives one more energy for work.  Everytime I use this essence I see the beautiful site and the deva there.  On our way home from the westfjords summer 99 we drove into a fjord called Arnarfjordur where Dynjandi is.  The moment I saw it I knew this was a place to make an essence.  We did not have time to do it there and then but this time we had our crystals with us and they can hold multiple programs and different energies that one can call on when needed. We stopped and walked up from one waterfall to the next, talked to the devas and beings there and at the very top where the biggest waterfall is and the overlightening deva we could sense a most magnificent being inside the rocks. He was old and wise.  To show our gratitude we activated a mandala on the site so that all these wonderful beings and all of those that come and breath in the nature there will experience more connection with the Source.

F4.  God/Goddess energy. This cosmic essence connects you to the highest God/Goddess energy. It is very good to use before any kind of energy work, meditation, teaching etc. It holds the energy of the 1999 solareclipse.

F5.  Aurora Borealis, northern lights. This holds the love of mother/father God to help transform you into light. It works on the geometrical forms of the lightbody. It was made on one of the rare summernights with aurora borealis.  We asked for the energy of these ever moving energy and lights to come down.
For those that never can see the display of the aruora borealis they have an opportunity to go within and see it with their inner vision with the help of this essence.

When sprayed into the energy field or one drop is put on the crown chakra this opens up the chakras and multible mandalas form in the lightbody.

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