Flower essences
B1. Beauty. "Yellow narcissus."It helps us see the beauty of live and expand that beauty.  It teaches flexibility and forgiveness. It brings us joy and brightness.

B2. Simplicity.
"Saxifragia oppositifolia."purple mountain saxifrage" This is the first flower to blossom in the spring. It helps us see the simplicity in every situation.  It teaches us gratitude.  It also helps us develop the inner sight through the third eye."

B3.  Willingness.
"peltigera canina" It brings the power to enjoy life without  worries and go towards the future with willingness. Helps us let go of unwanted energies.

B4.  Understanding.
"Dryas octopetala" "mountain avens"helps us understand the situation and walk towards it with the love as a guide.  With this essence comes a Master from the Orion constellation.  When working with crystals put a drop into a bowl of water and the energy will radiate this understanding out to the Christ consciousness grids. For artist putting a drop into a water that is used to wash an oil painting will help those who later look at the picture to see what lies hidden in it. This is also very good for depression.

B5. Tenderness.
"Betula pubescens"  Downy birch is very dear to us. It has soothing and healing effect.

B6.  Brotherhood.
This is a combination of ten plants and many devas fo the northen part of ?Island? made on one of the longest and brightest days of the year.  It helps us work together in brotherhood and harmony.Relationship with others is the third cornerstone of our evolution.Each of the plant in this essence (there are 10 of them) has its own healing effect. 

B7.  Clarity.
?Epilobium latifolium?" Icelandic river beauty or arctic riverbeauty" brings us clarity. It removes teh clouds that surround any situation so that we can realise our lesson and behave accordingly.  This is full of yellow color and clears dark energy and the beginning of dis-eases.

B8. Transformation.
?Leucanthemum vulgare? helps us go through changes in our lives and thoughtforms without fear.

B9 Balance.
Primula with yellow flowers. This one brings balance and connects people.

B 10  Opening.
Primula with pinkish, violet color. This one helps clear the crown chakra.

B11. Grounding.
?Achillea millefolium? " Yarrow" This is grounding and empowers energy flow to the feet.

B12. Messanger of Mahatma.
primula violet. With this one comes an angelic messanger fo the Mahatma energy.  It helps us see the beauty and lessens the sorrow.

B13. Lightness
. Rose. The message that it gives us is: ? I am the love, I am the life, I am the red color of energy that brings joy of life.? It helps us see the joyful things in life and go through it like dancing on roses.

B14.  Confidence.
This one works on emotions and trust.  Helps us gain confidence.

B15.  Healing.
Yellow Irish. Mother Mary gave her energy  to this one.  It offers healing energy through love.

B16. Pine(pinus)
Very sweet energy that comes from the earth and lifts up the etheric body that is held down by the electro magnetic field of the earth. It works with the genetals and the pineal gland to break up calcification around the pineal and pituitary and helps build the bridge of light between the pineal and pituitary.  Since it has a very sweet, soft way of working it is very good for children and those who have difficult times accepting being incarnated on earth. Good for those on boarderlines (pshyce)

B17.  Sorbus, Mountain ash.
Like a fire that comes into the solarplexus. Good for the desire for sexual life. wakes up the longing for human touching and caring, opens up for true love, opening up the sexual chakras (1 and 2). It connects the 1. and 5. chakra to help people communicate about their sexual (caring) needs or to express them selves through art, music, writings etc. So this is very good for couples that have problems in their marrage or sexual lifes.
Just as good for men as women.

B18.  Blátoppur(lonicera coilurea)
Removes blockages in the emotional body. similar to clearing of occupants that are crystallised thoughtforms often from childhood related to trauma, sickness or suppressive authority of parents or teachers etc. Repairs cellular memory, frees the spirit. Important for pshycologist and psyciatrists.

B19 Rododendron Spp. They hold wisdom of life and death. Helps those who have missed loved one to let go of anger and fear. Very helpful for cancer patients and their relatives.   Connects the soul-self if ther e is any blockage there.
There are vibrations of many flower fairies and the overlightening deva of the garden where this was made in this essence.

B20 Paeonia-Kathleen. Love and healing effect. Works on the throat chakra and the head. Very calming effects.

B21 Paeonia-Sirius. A proud and indipendent flower. It holds the wisdom of God within and at the same time the humbleness towards life and self. It wakes up this knowledge within you. Good for both men and women. Also energies from the constellation Sirius.

B22 Noisetier
Works on the soul-self-self cord. Full of little angels that work to fix it. Clears connections on all levels. (part of the auric clearing spray)

B23 Thalictrum aquilegifolium-Freyjugras
Works on wormholes in your auric field. Works from the outside and inwards. (part of the auric clearing spray, see combination essences)

B24  Achillea ptarmica
Clears micro blackholes  in the auric field. (part of the auric clearing spray)

B25  Saxifragia-pink and white
Protection,  cleansing. (part of the auric clearing spray)

B26 Saxifragia-dark pink
Works on the portals in your auric field. Engulfing, soft energy. (part of the auric clearing spray)

B27 Lovers
Opens up your heart chakra in a very profound way.

B28 Blóđberg Thymus praecox, wild thyme.
Perfect blue body. Now part of the auric clearing spray. According to the book  “Icelandic medical herbs” the Thyme can
aid in healing of influenza, cold, intestinal disorder.

When other vibrations that the essence contains are added, this essence
brings back to the cells the memory of the perfect blue body or the seed
blue prints, rejuvenating each cell. So it should help in any kind of
dis-ease or dis-order.

B29 Burkni, Dryopteris filix-mas Lightships from far away galaxy or universe. Works together with B25. Gives it density and grounding.

B30 Skriđmispill, Cotoneaster adpressus: Fertility, abundance in all its multitude.

B31 Rose
. Feminin aspect of Source. Love on all levels. Will be used in a blend to aid in opening up for the love of source before meditation or any kind of lightwork.  Empowers selfesteem.

B32 Rósakvistur, Spiraea mollifolia
:Femininity, menopause,  pre-menstruation aches , emotions and stress. Our blood is sacred gift to the earth. Shows us what a special gift this menstruation circle is. How important part of life and life in microspectrum.. Also good for men specially those that have integrated their female aspect.

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