healing and educational center, Mosfellsbær, Iceland
Welcome to our website. 

Here you can learn about the powerful "Waterfall essences" made in the clean and powerful energy of Iceland. You can learn about the gift of Shamballa MD healing and some of our adventures of earth healing around the globe. 

We are Shamballa MD masters, healing facilitators and Soul Wisdom Practitioners, born and raised in the capital city of "Island", Reykjavik.  We have been on the spiritual path all our life but it took a radical shift autumn 1998 when we went to Mt Shasta and learned the Sacred merkaba technique from Gary Smith and Shamballa multidimensional healing  from John Armitage/Hari baba Melchizedek.  Ever since then we have been on a huge escalator going up towards more love and more light, teaching and learning every day. We have had Hari baba come to Iceland several times to teach us about earthwork, crystals, channeling and much more. Kathleen Murrey has also been here to share her knowledge with us. In February 2001 we were so fortunate to have Carol Hathor the founder of Soulwisdom teach us Soulwisdom Auric clearings here in Iceland. In May and August 2001 we attended Shamballa 12D workshop with Hari baba both in Paris and in Reykjavik. This has added new depth into our work both as healers for humanity and the earth.

The nature has always been close to our hearts so it has come natural and been very rewarding to work closely with the land and the spirits of it to make our essences and to aid the earth and her beings towards higher vibrations.

With Mahatma love and light

Erlendur Magnus Magnusson and Lilja Petra Asgeirsdottir
Africa tour and workshops October 2006.
We  travelled to Kumba, Cameroon in October to teach Shamballa MD and selfempowerment through love.
Africa Aid Appeal

Bulgaria and Romania travel and workshop March 2005

Meditation from Shamballa 13D in Sofia March 2005
Meditation with nature forces from Shamballa 13D in Sofia

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World peace, healing of earth in a turbulent time (30-03-2003)

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Soulwisdom Auric clearing

Iceland. The sacred land of Isu and the land of ice and fire.

Waterfall essences (vibrational essences)


Compound X-a powerful and sacred formula

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