Lilja and Elli's personal page
Hi  we thought you might be interested in knowing something more about us.
Here we will provide you with some info on our family and interests as well as links to a few pages that relate to this.
My name is Lilja Petra and I am born on December 8th 1961 and am a multiple Saggitarius. I am a vascular technologist and sonographer and  my main work is for the Icelandic Heart Association doing echocardiograph and carotis studies in the AGES study.
Besides being a Shamballa master and healer, Soul wisdom auric clearing practitionair and cocreator of the
Waterfall essences I play a fiddle and dance folkdances.  I am also a representative for UMFÍ in the Nordic organisation Nordlek.
I love to play my fiddle with  other folkmusicians and go dancing with my husband. I was  a chairman of the Track and field club in our town for a few years. I am Iceland tourist guide and a cranio-sacral therapist.
cranio-sacral therapy.
Since August 8th 2005 I am the chairman for the Shamballa Foundation for MD healing.
My name is Erlendur Magnús, nicknamed Elli and I am born on August 10th 1958 and am a leo. I have been a bus driver over 20 years but decided last year to quit and change work.
I graduated from
The Icelandic School of Therapeutic Massage  in the spring of 2004. The study includes Aromatherapy and Lymph massage
Muscle Stretches (specialised)
Classical and integrative massage
Sport massage
Myo- and Kinesiology
Sports Injuries
Elective Subjects / Shiatsu
I  also do stone massage, turkish bath, raindrop therapy and more.
I am  a folkdancer and love to listen to my wife and our friends playing folkmusic.
I am also a football referee as well as track and field referee.
We got married on June 13th 1981 and have four children.
They have inspired us, taught us and made our lives very rich.
We live in Mosfellsbær, which is a small town  15 km from the centrum of Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland and run our own health studio where we offer massage, healing, cranio-sacral therapy and more.
We facilitate workshops in Iceland which include
tours to sacred sites
This is our treasure. We have been so fortunate to aid them in their first years of this lifetime.
They are Heiðdís born October 1st 1984, Ásgeir Þór born February 23rd 1981, Jón Ingi born February 28th 1983 and Unnar Freyr born September 12th 1993.

Heiðdís graduated from 
Stiernhööksgymnasiet,in Rättvik,Sweden in June 2004. She is is now living in Linköbing, Sweden with her boyfriend and studying to become a teacher at the University of Norrköbing.

Ásgeir Þór is a car mechanicer

Jón Ingi is working and planning on learning to fly in the autumn of 2006, his childhood dream will come true then.

Unnar Freyr is in 7th grade at Varmárskoli

All the boys love to play football and being with their friends. Heiðdís loves dancing, fiddling and going out with friends.
Our greatest interests

Family and friends

Nature and earthwork.

Healing and teaching

Folkdance and fiddling.

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