The spirit of Wieliczka, Poland
The spirit of Wieliczka and earthwork.

On our path as earth workers we are always learning new things.  We never imagined a few years back that things would turn out as they have. The rewards in the form of assistance and waves of love keep on amazing us almost every day.

One of the beings that has come to our aid this year is the spirit of Wieliczka and it is the story of him and our work together that I would like to share with you.

Last summer me and my husband, Elli, decided to take a vacation in Europe.

Early in March  a geologist interested in Iceland contacted me through ICQ and we started chatting. When he got to know that we were going on a trip to Europe he asked if we would go through Poland. I told him, no. That was not on the agenda but we would love to go some other time. A few weeks  later while we were teaching Shamballa level one and two class I started getting the feeling that we indeed should go to Poland. So I began asking our friend in Warsaw about sacred sites etc. which he new little about but he could give me hints that I pursued further through the internet. This  led us  amongst other things on an assignment in southern Poland in the salt-mines near Krakow.

I had now become curious about this work and in my meditation the next weekend I asked Mother Mary to come with me to Poland and show me what we were to do there and if I had ever been there before. Mary took me to the salt-mines and I saw my self as a 7 year old girl working there. In that lifetime I died very young from a lung disease and mal-nutrition. I felt a lot of sorrow during this meditation and asked Mary what I was to do there. She told me that part of our job there was to lift the karma of child labour in mines and that this would take a huge load off Poland since there are many mines in Poland and child labour was huge there as any other places and still is in some countries. She told me also that otherwise I had only come to Poland as a pilagrime. We would also be clearing the huge salt mountain of all programs and reprogramming so that all the sorrows, the thoughts of all the people through centuries that have accumulated in the crystals there can be cleared.

In early June we drove to the salt-mines in  Wieliczka.

After walking down ca 370 steps to the first level of the mine I started to feel sad.  This sad feeling was with me all through the first two levels of the mine.  We cleared and reprogrammed all the mountain or the salt-mines, cleared karma for myself and others. We  knew we had assistance from our shamballa friends at home and in the States. When we came to where the horses had been kept, tears were running. I could very well sense the dismay of the horses that had been used in the mines, gone blind and had never seen the surface of earth. The fear of all those that had died in fires or drowned in there. This was a sad place. But the miners had helpers.  The alves and the mine spirit.  The artists among the miners that had cut out all the beautiful pictures and statues showed this well. I could sense them around us, running around and in front of us. When we came to the last chamber there was a statue of the mine´s spirit.  He was told to have warned the miners of any danger.  The guide we had said then that this was just a story and no one had seen this spirit that she knew of. Out of the blue I said over the group of tourist.  Oh, well he is real and still around.  Twenty pairs of eyes turned to me with faces that told more then any words. Disbelieve. That was my first contact with this friend of ours.

In this one hour tour to three levels of the mine and through 2,5 km of the 300 km that they consist of  I felt fine in the last half hour or so. Everything had been cleared.
To my dismay I discovered when we had come up to the surface again that my crystal that my friend had given me in May had split into two pieces.  It was a natural split and not a break. At first I was sad and angry at myself for letting this happen and then
our daughter said.  “Mom you always say that everything happens for a reason.” Well said, and so it is. I started wondering what the reason was.  My conclusion was that the small crystal that had split should be buried at the site and was partly a  gift to
the spirit there as well as to hold the energies. I learned later why this had happened.
At this time we thought that this work was all done and nothing more would come out of it. While we were in the mine we had sent out lot of love and Mahatma energy  and asked AA Michael to help us cut karmic ties. Elli had been working just as hard as me the whole time down there.

One day after we got home  I was communicating with our friend through ICQ and I got  curious to know more about the spirit of Wieliczka. With the help of Merlin the connection was made. The spirit was very surprised that Bjork could see him.

This is a very ancient spirit from the times when the Earth was very young. He came here with his race and they lived near where the salt-mine now is. They worked a lot with crystals. At some point in time his race left the earth but he stayed behind without the knowledge of his race. He had been holding the energies in Wieliczka clear with a special crystal plus trying to keep miners out of danger. Lately it had become more and more difficult and his light and power was very diminished.
He was very thankful for the work that had been done although there is still more to do. He was very sad to be all alone here and without contact with his race. When he said so I realised what the crystal was for. It was to help him get in contact. We asked Merlin and Mahasamatman, crystal skull, also to help him.  He wants to bring his brothers and sisters that have long since ascended to higher dimensions to earth to clean the crystal beds. At that time I got the feeling that this tour to Wieliczka had been decided upon long before I incarnated into this body and the work I had done there was like a thank you act for the help of the spirit when I worked in the mines long time ago. The gratitude went both ways. He told us that we would later become owners of crystals that he would work through with us. 

Some time later we made an essence with the vibration from Wieliczka. The effect it has on the being that uses it is clarity in expression.  It also works on acupunctures at the back of the head in a very sweat way.  It is good for headache and tired eyes and it lessens pressure in the head. This was  a gift from the spirit to the earth and its beings.

In coming months I was told a few times that the spirits energy was getting lighter and lighter.  He had used the way of communication that we had given him and he was no longer lonely.

In late November I was again sitting by the computer chatting with my friend Bjork and got the urge to get into communication with the Wieliczka spirit.
She immediately felt and saw his energy.  The effect he had on my energy field was as if I was being flushed with warm, unconditional love.  The tears were washing my face and there was no way of stopping them running. Bjork saw where he was holding me in his arms and crying as well. He was so grateful and happy for the work that all of us had done so that he would become free and have communication with other light beings.  He was willing to help us with anything in any way he could. So I asked him to help my husband to find a job. He laughed and said he would.

He has found a new mission, scanning the earth for lost or lonely spirits as he had been, as well as for places that need clearance. He will then give us the information so that we can work on it.  Lately he had been looking around in Iceland and had found at least three spirits that we will be helping next year as our presence is needed to do the job.  I got  information on their approximal  location but more details or the work will be done on side, where we go with the flow.
He said that we might be able to help these spirits through meditation but in that case he would first have to communicate with them. It would be  better to be on side since that would help wake up the spirits sense of reality.
At that point I realized that the spirit of Wieliczka had already given us valuable imformation through our friend in Poland about a place that needed major cleaning.  He laughed and affirmed this was true. Due to the nature of the energy that had to be cleaned in that place we had phoned Hari Das and as he worked on that place we only tuned in to him and sent love and Mahatma to strenghten his energy.
The spirit had a lot more to tell us that day and one was that we had now a very large group of all kinds of light beings that were there to help us in our work and in our daily life. 

We have learned that  each time we clear an area or help a spirit into the light we gain a new friend and the group of beings that are around to aid us grows bigger.

Our earth is a vivid being and all around us there are many beings that our eyes do not see.  By accepting those beings and asking them to help us in our mission of creating a better world full of love we will succeed. 

Me and my husband are forever grateful and honored to be walking and working on Earth at this time with all these wonderful beings.

December 2nd 2000

Lilja Petra Asgeirsdottir, Shamballa master healer, workshop facilitator, vibrational essence maker and earth worker, Iceland.

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