This story about our tour to Middle east in November 2001 was written as email letters to our friends and family over a period of time during December 2001. We went on this tour with 28 light-love and power workers or shamballa masters and healers. The primus motor was Hari Das Melchizedek/John Armitage the founder of Shamballa MD healing.

First mail. December 2nd 2001

Dear family.
It is true that all big Planetary, Universal or Creational changes start within our selves. Before we started our trip to the middle east we may have thought that we were gonna perform some big planetary service and that is also true but the way it came true was in a way different from our wildest dreams.

So what were my dreams?

Well I cant really say. I just knew that I had to go and I could not go there with greater group then we did. I also knew this was not the first time I took part in a group effort of bringing more love and light onto a planet in this Creation and how much I love this service that the group performs. Despite all that we have learned in the past years about the peace starting in our own heart somehow we still get stuck in the illusion that there is a greater power outside of our selves and we tend to give our own creational power away.

Two months before the tour I had a soul-reading from Björk. She saw where I had led a group of “slaves” from Israel to the mountains in Jordan where we started the building of the famous city of Petra. This was highly spiritual society that later declined. Well you all experience this biorythm in all your life don’t you. Same kind of waves seem to lead everything else in Creation. We have the peak of magnificent societies like the Ancient Egypt, Petra, Mesopotamie, Atlantis etc. and we have the decline of it.

I had big excitement about my trip to Petra and vague thoughts about how me coming there might restore the energies that we had established there such a  long time ago. Well, this was my illusion and I will come back to that later when we tell you about the Petra tour.

With this inner urge to go, nothing managed to change our decision of going. Of course both of us as I am sure most if not all of the others in the group had doubt sometimes creeping in, if this was right or not. The world situation was and still is fragile and Middle East has been experiencing turmoil with loss of lives. Was it not putting our family in a dilemma to go by our hearts and put our selves into danger going there. News of Nuclear bomb prophecy made by Ramtha also triggered short term fear within. But we always turned back to our hearts desire and deep inner knowing that everything would be perfect. We had every intention of coming back to our family.

We just love so much living in these bodies here on Earth at this time that nothing will stop us from staying here much longer. Plus of course WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY and fear was not on our agenda, only love.

About 10 days before we started the trip I was guided to clear my physical body with fasting so right after we got back from Sweden I did so. I think this helped me a lot during our time in Palestine. Another thing that prepared me for this tour were all the meditations in the chat-room the weeks before.

One can say that our adventures already started on the 8th of November when Lindamarie landed in Iceland. I took her to a nature-reserve just outside Reykjavik. I have always loved the lava formations there plus all the vegetation. Our friends from Temple glacier, the ice-people joined us there on this cold but beautiful day. After work the next day we took off to the airport with a short stop in the Blue Lagoon where we relaxed in the warm mineral water while the storm and the rain cleared our energy bodies.

Our plane was delayed because of malfunction in one of Icelandair planes. While waiting at the airport we tuned into why this was happening and found out that some forces were trying to stop our journey. We phoned Das and after he had gone through all the paperwork one more time he found yet another failure in the plane tickets to Israel. This time it was in my ticket. Luckily enough it was a minor thing and easy to correct. We got free drinks onboard after all the waiting and had a good time on the way over the Atlantic ocean. We were met  not only by Viv and Mike at the airport but Das was there as well. What a big surprice and a joyful one. The sky was clear and when we came home to Viv and Mike he took out his telescope. What a treat to get to see the stars and connect with their energies in the beginning of our adventure. We saw Saturn with its circles, Jupiter, Orion, The Bulls eye and more. Vowww......

We woke up late. The sun was shining so we went out to see the garden. It was wonderful, full of nature-spirits and life. Our tour to St. Albin with Viv lead us to the monastry. The first thing that caught our attention was an old tree outside the church. As I put my third eye up against the tree I felt a great opening. It also held a beautiful Goddess energy. Inside the church we could feel the energy of martyr. On every pillar inside the church there was a painting of Jesus on the Cross. Both the decoration of the church as well as the building structure was disrupting the undonditional love of Source to flow freely. We worked all on that for a few minutes and afterwards we had  completely different energies running in this wonderful place. When I now look back this was the start of connecting the different religions and churches together in one, later on our journey.

Sunday the 11th we all got outside in the garden kiwa for a toning at 11:11. We chanted and toned, calling in the different energies of the masters and angelic beings and the love of Source to flow through the Creation. Shortly after, Das called us. There was problem at the airports in Paris and Belgium because of Sabena´s bankruptsy. We sat down and sent clearing energies to the situation at hand. Of course everything was sorted out and in the evening all of us gathered at Heathrow hotel to get our tickets and first instruction for the trip. Well, one person was still missing but she showed up later in the evening. For some this first evening of the group together was somewhat traumatic but we will leave the details to later. We were all geared up to start our journey into the unknown and deep into the core of our being.

Second mail. December 3rd

Well, I hope you are all well and ready to hear the next part of our story.

Nov 12th we woke up very early to go to the airport. Our flight was scheduled at 8.30 am and we needed to be there 3 hours earlier. It was a sleepy gang of 28 people that took the bus from the hotel. Das had prepared us for the check in and surely enough at least 3 people got the 3rd degree treatment but for most of us this only meant a long waiting and the usual questions that all passengers have to answer. Lindamarie had done some "acrobatic movements" the night before and was rolled to the gate in a wheelchair, unable to put any weight on her foot. The flight was a usual one without any special events. After landing in Ovda out in the Negev desert and again a long waiting to get through the passport control we went by bus to Eilat.

The sun was setting and the sky was painted pink-magenta and orange. The most beautiful sunset we witnessed on our trip.

Anna was waiting for us at the Holiday inn Express hotel in Eilat and started by receiving all our passports so we could get Visa for the Egypt trip. This was the start of two very busy weeks for her that she managed very well and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts for the hard work she put in for all of us.

Our hotel was very nice, newly built, two story house with a pool in the middle which we used a little bit while there. (it was a bit too cold to swim in except when we had heated our bodies in the sun for a while which only happened two times for us). The evening was free and we went for a short walk down to the beach before going to bed.

Nov. 13th

Before the first session we sat out by the pool and bathed in the sun. It was a nice change from the cold climate that we live in up in the north. Beside doing a meditation with Metatron and hearing about the plans of our next two weeks, Das taught us a few phrases and words in Hebrew. Here are few of them (written as we would pronounce them in Icelandic :)))
Shalom (hello), Bokertof (good day-good morning), Toda (Thanks), Toda raba (thank you very much), Raga (wait), kama (how much).
I told the group about the new lightbody spray and informed them that they were all free to use it during the next two weeks, actually it became a kind of a ritual to walk through the bus spraying on both hand sites with Auric clearing in one hand and lightbody activation the other.

Roberta told us about the mantra she was given to use on the trip. Here it is for your use.


It helps bring us compassion and compassion for the world.

Nov. 14th

We woke up at 6:55am only 5 minutes before we were supposed to be in the breakfast room. We had actually been awake earlier but closed our eyes again until the alarm would start which did not happen. Our bus took off just before 8 am and our destination was
Jerusalem through the Negev desert, along the Dead see. The mountains were magnificent but also the desert. It was extra ordinary to see how the Israeli have been able to grow all kinds of vegetation in the desert using water from drilling holes in the desert. We stopped at Ein Gedi to marvel the vegetation there and see the capricorns jumping over the fence.

The primal energy on the tour was peace even though we got the news of a terrorist attack in Jerusalem over a cellphone.

It came as a big surprise to me how Jerusalem is scattered on hill tops in the deserted landscape. I actually did not know what to expect but this was different from my imagination. We first drove through the Muslim quarters up to Mt Olive. There is some fantastic view over the Dome of the rock and towards the old city. We were advised to keep an eye on our things while taking pictures. As it happened two in the group were pickpocket but since they saw it happen there was no loss (well if we do not count the Israel border ticket that was taken off Das).

Next stop was the Israel museum where the
Dead sea scrolls are kept. It took us a while to get through the traffic as the drivers there do not seem to follow any rules. We went straight to the Shrine of the book. All was quiet inside and sacredness over the whole atmosphere. We went through all the peaces of scrolls that were there on show with our hands and third eye to receive the many codes that they held. I used mostly my third eye to scan the scrolls and as I scanned the psalms which is one of the younger scrolls in there I had a feeling of being one of the writers. Many in the group had strong experience in there. We sat down and closed our eyes to feel and sense what ever was being shown to each one. As we got out we gathered on the roof top and the first online meditation with the chatroom was done.

Metatron activated further the codes and vow what a meditation. The tears were running and if the tears of everyone there had run into the same glass we would for sure have filled it up quickly. This was incredible and there was so much love.

After eating we went to the
wailing wall. The holiest place in the holy land. All the women in the group covered their hair and head and the men put on a hat. The women also wore long skirts or trousers to cover their legs. Das wanted us to show full respect to the people and their religion and costumes and that was great. We were guests in this country and as such we respected the people that we had come to aid with the inner work we did on our selves.

We had to go through metal detectors, men on one side and women on the other. We were unable to do group meditation close to the wall since there was the same deviation between men and women they did not go together to the wall to pray. Instead we went up to the wall on each side of the "fence" holding love and light in our hearts and non-judgement. Das asked us to bring the newly activated codes to the wall. I went to the wall with humbleness and respect and love for all those that had come there before me and would come there in the future. I connected with the consciousness of the stones that made up the wall and invited them to receive these codes and love. I also called on Pan, Gaia, the deva of Jerusalem etc.

Afterwards we all gathered at the far side of the square and with Paul on the other end of the line leading the chatroom crew, the meditation went into the cyberspace to all parts of the world. Again it was Metatron that lead the meditation. It was a little bit difficult to concentrate there with police cars driving in front of us, children playing and hard stone under our bottom.

The street live in Jerusalem seems quite relaxed although you see young men with rifles on their back walking around. These are young soldiers off duty but they are supposed to not take their eyes off their weapons at any time. That evening the first one in the group went through huge process as he rediscovered his role in making the history of earth.

I wish you all a good night and will tell you more later this week. Polarbear hugs and love Lilja and Elli

Third mail. December 4th

You ready people!!!!!!!

The next chapter is here ready to suck you into a world of mysterie and adventures.

Or so I hope :))

Before I start on next day I want to go back to the Museum and the wailing wall and tell you what my other
half experienced there.

Elli: When I was in the museum I felt like I had all of this knowledge within me but yet I felt more energy in some
places then others.

At the wailing /willing wall Metatron came first to me, then Buddha and last Sananda. I then went on a journey to Betlehem where I saw Jesu´s birth and felt like I was being reborn. After that I could sense Yahweh. My main thought while there, was to awaken humanity to inner knowing and love.

That evening after we came home from dinner we found Elli M. (Paris) teaching most of the people in the
group about the hebrew letters, jewish people. They all looked enthusiatic students. But we were to tired to engulf us in that and decided to go to bed.

We had breakfast at 7am that morning. It was a warm, sunny day.

Our first stop that day was in the
Gethsemane garden. Known as the scene of Christ´s agony and betrayal and
his ascension into heaven at the foot of MtOlive. This has always been a holy place to the inhabitants of the
city and the Jebusites dug tombs in the hill as early as 2400BC. Many jews wish to be buried on the Mt of
Olives so as to be close to the Valley of Jehoshaphat (meaning Yahweh judges) where it is said mankind will
be resurrected on the day of Judgement.

Well this is of course the historic version of what happened in the Gethesmane. Das which was the apostle
Luke told the group that it was well known and written in the Bible even that Judas was in fact sent by Jesus
to the Romans so that the Devine plan would come true. And that Divine plan was to have Jesus hanging on the
cross on Friday until Sabbath starts. Why? Because no one was kept on the cross during sabbath. Great plan!!

Back to the wondrous garden of Gethsemane.

I wonder if the whole group was hypnotised the minute we went through the gate. Everyone was in their own
world of fantasy and adventure including us.

Elli felt wonderful energy and was lead to a picture of Jesus where he was praying. A big, old Olive tree
was calling on be further down in the garden close to the Church of all Nations. I found a way through the
fence to touch it. I could feel the heart beat of the tree, slow and wonderful. It filled me with peace and
calmness. I also went back in time and relived the Last supper. Afterwards I went into The Church of all
Nations or Church of Agony.

“The 4th century church that was built here was destroyed in an earthquake in 747. The Crusaders built
a new one, aligned differently to cover three outcrops of rock recalling Christ´s three prayers during the
night. It was consecrated in 1170 but fell into disuse after 1345. A new church was built on the site in 1924
with financial contribution from 12 nations.”

I sat down in the church and later went to the altar and prayed for peace in the world. When I came out I
met Das and he asked if I was ok. I knotted and told him I felt like coming home and great humbleness. He
grinned and said with his ever so joyful eyes, yeah, I remember peeing on that tree over there as a kid. OH,
we love this guy, he can make a past life experience seem so funny or real.

Lilja: The minute I came into the garden I was drawn to the trees. I connected to the consciousness of them
and thanked them for giving me shadow and food such a long time ago. My face was all wet with tears, running
silently down my cheeks. I took many pictures and will be making an essence from these trees with the
vibration of TOLEARANCE towards all religions, all cultures, all of humanity and help us understand the
core or Jesus´s teachings, the LOVE.

With this tolerance we wish you a very nice day or evening and will keep on telling you our story soon.

Mahatma love and light

The Universal Polarbears

Mail 4. December 4th

Ok, get seated and relax as we go further into the adventure of the Universal polarbears in the warm, sun-baked Middle east.

We left
Jerusalem around noon, this old, historical city that covers 125sq km or 48 sq miles. Built on
hills at the altitude of 800m above sea level. It has 600.000 inhabitants, most of them Jews but a number of
Muslims and much fewer Christians. The city reaches almost Ramallah in north and Bethlehem in south,
cities you often hear mentioned on the radio or tv these days.

The old city of Jerusalem has a history that stretches back more then 3000 years and before we left it for
good we all went on shopping tour in the "sook" or the old city walking through Jaffa gate.

On our way out of Jerusalem we again went through the Muslim quarters, passed the Bedouin tents just outside
the city and started our descent down below sea level towards the Dead sea.

There is not much vegetation and all has got the same colour of white-yellow sand.

Our destination was
Qumran where the dead sea scrolls were found. According to my travel guide which I have
been referring to in this cronicle this remote site  was the home of a radically ascetic and reclusive
community from 150 BC to 68AD, often identified as the Essenes. It was only in the year 1947 that a bedouin
shepard found the caves with the scrolls. Some of which we had seen in the museum the day before.

Our plan was to meditate on top of some of the caves but with a danger of falling off the cliffs there we
ended up sitting on the other side having them in view.

This time some in the group got a seat on tree benches and others sat on the ground (the sand).

Sananda started telling us the story of the community that used to live there and then the YOD spectrum was
activated. This meditation was also sent out through cyberspace thanks to the technology that we have today.

What made it difficult for many of us to concentrate and even for our translator, Elli to function were all
the flies wanting to be part of this historical event.

Just as we had finished the meditation two military jets flew over, almost leaving us deaf. Some in the
group had seen lightships in the mountains and of course as always when we are working there were all
kinds of ships hovering above aiding us and taking part in our adventures. We had really started to draw
attention or what?

It was almost sundown when we finally came down to the Dead sea where we could take a bath. It was still warm
outside and the water was wonderful.

The Dead Sea lies at the lowest point of the 6000km Great Rift Valley that runs from southern Turkey to
Mosambique. At 411m below sea level it is also the lowest point on earth. The lake has been shrinking
fast in past years due to less water running into it through the Jordan river which is being over exploited
for irrigation purpose.”

It is an incredible feeling just sitting like a boat on the ocean and not needing any manmade tools to stay
afloat. It was even hard to put down your feet so you could walk out of the water.

What a great end to our most fragile or dangerous part of our two weeks journey in the middle east.

We had not even heard one shot fired let alone any other tragic events.

It felt good to be back in Eilat that evening and we took a nice shower to wash off the rest of the salt
and minerals that had gone into our ears and other holes in our bodies. :))

November 16th

A day of relaxation. We actually got up at 6am to try and take pictures of the sunrise over the Jordan
mountains and possibly see the dolphins come into the bay. Well we got neither of this but a nice meditation
down by the ocean was a fact though.

At 11am the group met for a meditation and that was one of those rare times when I go so deep into
relaxation that I start to snore, usually this is Elli´s role but he stated that it had not happened
this time to him so we had switched role.

I kept reminding my self to keep focus through the med and I could see my self in a group of people at the
time of Lemuria closing down energy centers on holy or sacred places and now was the time to reopen them as
the group had come together again.

Most of us went to see Eilat stone after the med and many bought a lot. We left the place with two small
stones partially polished. Just perfect for our wallet and joy. :)

Here is little information about the Eilat stone sent to the list from Lindamarie and Phyllis.

Eilat stone: The eilat stone is an exceptional stone formed of a fusion of chrysocolla, turquoise, malachite, azurite and cuprite. The energy of the eilat stone is peace. Renate Sperling explains in “The Essence of Gemstones”, this stone “teaches that the greatest human goal possible is to live in love and peace.” I find it very symbolic that this stone comes only from Israel. Sperling goes on to tell the reader that the eilat stone bides its time. It’s message according to Sperling, is “someday the diverse people of earth will unite.” Perhaps it is time to invite and encourage the eilat stone into action and activation of the energies of peace through unity. I had been drawn to this stone and its healing qualities and was so excited to realize we were staying in the area where it was formed. The eilat stone is a vibrant blue-green and works to help clear the energy of the thymus and balances the heart energies. It is excellent for detoxifying and releasing issues of trauma. The eilat stone is a powerful stone for women’s issues. It is one of the ironies of life that this stone exists in an area surrounded by cultures that are still experiencing serious female oppression. Author Diane Stein refers to the eilat stone as helpful in healing issues of abuse and repression for women. She recommends this stone for healing women’s lack of self-esteem and to develop inner knowing. It is also said to foster pride in being a women and encourages women’s autonomy. GO EILAT!!!!

More on Eilat Stone (from Gurudas, "Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing"): "Karmic Pattern: It was commonly used in Atlantis and Lemuria because of its general healing properties. This stone has also historically been used to integrate the thought processes between individuals in interpersonal relationships. This is partly why the stone is found in the Middle East..." "Uses for healing and spiritual growth [gem elixir properties]: Here there is the capacity for complete tissue regeneration, particularly the skeletal tissue. All miasms are alleviated, and assimilation of all nutrients improves. All the subtle bodies are temporarily aligned, which detoxifies the system so that vibrational preparations work better. This is a powerful elixir. "Eilat stone enables one to better accept the conditions of life especially when related to one's personal karmic pattern. There is increased inspiration from the higher self. This elixir is an excellent antidepressant, and there is a minor impact on the heart chakra. "If eilat stone is worn on the index finger of either hand, its properties are enhanced. When this mineral is placed beneath a pyramid or sphere, especially in the morning with exposure to the sunlight, its properties are amplified. Eilat stone balances the masculine and feminine properties in people, and the test points are the forehead, medulla oblongata, and the feet. External application with an atomiser or with deep-penetrating oils such as jojoba or castor oil is indicated."

At 5pm we gathered again at the hotel to learn the legend behind the hebrew letters brought to life by one in the group.

More to come.........

with mahatma love and light

the universal polarbears

Letter 5. December 5th

Well my dear ones.
You have to excuse all the wrong spellings and a few wrong words here and there. Even I see them popping out of my screen when I read the messages through afterwards but well, well......thats just how it is with a second language or what :))

I will have to take you back in time before I continue forward. As you know Lindamarie was wheeled to the gate at Heathrow and out from the plane in Ovda, Israel. That meant she was completely unfit to walk the first two days and had problems the rest of the journey although I must say she went through it with grace.

On our first whole day in Eilat she had got a wheelchair from the hotel. Of course she as everyone else wanted to see the beach, put her feet in the water and check out the shops. So I took on the drivers role, pushing the chair up and down the pavement getting my aerobic exercise after all. Hurrey. You should have seen us at times running and even dancing around, oh what fun we had.

That evening in Eilat we tried to get hold of a stick or crutches to use in the next few days since it would be some walk included. We actually managed to arrange to have crutches brought to the hotel the next morning just in time before we left for Jerusalem.

We were in ecstasy over our accomplishment.

One of the hotel employee had got some crutches at home that actually belonged to the army and he was willing to lend them to us. In the morning however we found out that his friend, that was to bring them over, had forgotten all about it.  So, no crutches and no stick.  Linda would have to lean on some of us in the group for support in the next few days. So she did but of course this also meant that her foot that now looked like it was fit for an elephant took much longer to heal then it would if she had been at home and just put it up in the air for a few days.

The symbolism of this incident had to do with accepting the female aspect and as she was the only one in the group from USA she was a symbolism for the whole continent of America, so I guess this is hard on you people over there to accept for the whole nation :)) but not impossible!!!!!!!!!

Another incident I forgot to mention was how we met up with John from England a good buddy of Das for the past 25 years or so. Me and Elli didn´t know that he would be coming, he was not in the group at Heathrow and we thought everyone was counted for but no that was not so. As we were walking down the street in the "sook" Elli suddenly says, "Hey aint that the back of John over there talking to Das". I said " No that cant be what should he be doing here”. But as we came closer it surely was. We had met John in Paris last spring and gone sightseeing with him. It was a pleasant surprise to meet him here. He was actually meeting up with us. He was the last one to decide to come on the trip and had been unable to get a ticket on the same plane so had to fly out to Telaviv and meet us in Jerusalem. He had tried the day before at the wailing wall but missed us by 30 minutes or so. We were late. But now he was there. He ran off to get his stuff at the hotel and then met us at the bus outside Jaffa gate 15 minutes later. He is a great guy.

So much for the surprises, lets now get on with our journey into the core of our being.

November 17th

It was Saturday and we started out from the hotel at 8:30am. As Das said on the first day. We were here to work and not have a holiday, if anyone wanted to enjoy the sun and the beach he could bail out now. Of course no one did. We were all ready and anxious to work however early we had to wake up or how late we got back or even how scattered the meals were.

Many in the group including us were starting to have problems with their lower back or shoulders or even ass after sitting so much on the bus and this was only the first week.

We were going to
Mizpe Ramon.

It was rather cool weather and the weather forecast had predicted rain in the mountains where we were heading. I couldn´t take my eyes off the mountains as we drove up from Eilat. Multiple colours of red, yellow and black. This landscape just filled me with joy and a sense of being at home. It really is not unlike Iceland except for the climat and partially the colours although we get the same colours some places.

We stopped by the Calcite cave Das had discovered on his earlier trips over here. It was a fascinating place. Everyone started picking up crystals which were lying around or hacking them out from their original place with primitive tools. I was aching in my heart hearing the stones being broken off specially since a lot of them were lying around after the road had been built and this hill had been demolished. We found a few good peace and enjoyed the rest of the time tuning into this place. I was also wondering how on earth people were gonna get all these stones on the plane on the way back home and this was just the beginning of stone hunting.

As it worked out all the stones got on the plane at least I did not hear about any stones been left at the airport in OVDA.

It was now time to go on with our journey to Mizpe Ramon. This is the biggest crater on earth. It is 40 km long and 9 km wide. It is 300m deep. Scientists believe it was formed half a million years ago by a combination of tectonic movement and erosion. Nabatean caravans travelled this way between Petra and Ovdat and the ruins of an ancient caravanserai stand at the centre of the depression.

We stopped at the top and went out for a restroom break. As we were waiting in line someone pointed out that there was a shop there with beautiful crystals and surely enough people filled the small shop and the staff had more then enough on their hands for the next 20 minutes or so. We had left our wallet in the bus so instead of chasing after something to buy I managed to get a picture of a capricorn grasing there and eating soyabeans in ketchup. After we had waited in the bus some time, Das started to get a bit irritated. We had work to do and schedule to stick to with all of you waiting by your computers to get in connection with us through the cellphone and the internet. Someone was sent to get the rest of the people that were still in the shop.

I think this was the only time Das took up his whip and reminded the group that this was not an usual tourist tour but work. I could recognise my self in his shoos when rushing people into busses, when being in charge here at home and knew exactly how he felt.

It had started to rain and everything was wet. When it rains out there the water doesn’t go directly into the ground where it falls down. The earth is so deprived of water that it is unable to filter it right away so it runs into creeks and flows to lower parts where it stops before it finds its way into the earth. We were heading for
Ovdat an old nebutian city carved into the sandstone. It was built in the 2nd century BC as a stopover on the trade route between Egypt and Asia minor. It continued to prosper under the Byzantines and the most of what we can see today dates from the 4th and 5th century. At the bottom of the hill that it is built on one may see the network of dams that were built by the Nabateans to channel rainwater towards the dry land enabling them to plant vineyards and fruit orchards. Ovdat was abandoned after the Persian invasion of 620.

The bus driver, Daniel, dropped us off at the top of the hill. Of course this city was built on an energy vortex. It was one of the few places on our trip that Das had not worked on before. At first we got seated on the sand outside but as it started to rain again we fled into one of the houses. In a small room in there we all found a space and Das sat on a bucket that was being used by some craftsmen to rebuild this ancient site. At least we were out of the rain and the wind or mostly.

The vortex was first closed down and then reopened. We were a bit cold. Since we came to Israel we had had sunshine and wonderful warm weather so many of us had not put on enough cloths for this change in climat.

On our way back down the hill to the bus we went into a chamber and started toning. It was marvelous, some even started to dance in there as well, even Linda could not keep her legs from moving with the energies. The group was in high spirit. Now that we had done the job at hand it was time to find the Bedouine tent that was to host our party for the night.

It was obvious that our good group leader and our guide were lost. The bus turned a few times back and forth but at last headed on full speed back through Mizpe Ramon where it finally got to the tent.

From the time we left Ovdat I was not feeling well, as a matter of fact neither was Gino. My head was about to explode and my stomach was hurting. I started to try and find out why. What was happening? I got Elli to help me and together we could put the puzzle together to form a whole picture. It looked as if I had had a past life in Ovdat. At approx age of 30 I had got pregnant. The father of the baby had only been a guest there and was now gone. This was not tolerated by the family or the father so I was an outcast and wandered around in the desert just as we had been doing on the bus only the bus was warm and cosy where the desert was unforgiving and harsh and both hot and cold. I lost my baby out there and a huge part of my soul as well. Now was time to reclaim this part of my soul and forgive. With this realisation came also ease of my symptoms.

I went out in the desert while the others were eating and made my peace with all.

All of this came as a big surprise to me and I remembered part of the soul-reading from Björk. I knew now that this was what see had been talking about when she said that there was a place in the desert that I was to heal and I would know it when I saw it. But in fact this place was inside my being and as I healed it the earth was healed as well. This is how a hologram world works like. All is connected. Every act, every thought, every word creates our reality and affects the whole. The shamballa is a way into wholeness and freedom for all beings.

It turned out that Gino had been my father and the one that kicked me away in that lifetime. He was forgiven as well. Later we were able to connect one in the group as the babies father as well. What a grand journey to make into deep mind.

It was nice to sit in the Bedouine tent and eat fresh bread and humus and drink hot sweet tea. Plus it gave us shelter from the cold wind outside. I noticed a lot of garbage flying around in the desert in all the areas that were inhabited by Bedouins. It is sad how the plastic age has brought about this contamination upon our earth even in such barren places as the Negev desert.

With mahatma love from the Universal polarbears

Mail 6. December 5th

I  am at it again. Now we are almost half way through and still a lot to tell. The day I had looked most forward to had come. Today we were going to see
Petra in Jordan. My name is Lilja Petra so I had firm connection with the place through my name. It was Sunday Nov 18th. It was sunny again and warmer then yesterday. The bus came early and at 7:30am we were off to the Jordan border. It took a while to go through there, first metal detectors, passport control etc on the Israel site and then again on the Jordan site. It took maybe an hour or more. We were unable to bring our own bus over so there was a new bus, driver and a guide waiting for us. Mohamed was very nice but may have had a bit difficult time since the group was different from most tourist group that come there. :) Aqabar, the city closest to Eilat is the only port in Jordan and all export and import comes through it. Again the landscape is magnificent. The main problem that people there face is the lack of water. Once a week the inhabitants get a filling of water for their reservoir on top of their roof. While only a few km away in Eilat there seems to be plenty of water and drinkable from the tab.

Sunday is the first working day of the week in Islam countries but now it was also Ramadan. Ramadan is like Christmas time in the western world. Although Islamic people fast from sunrise to sundown which is from 6:30am-5pm they come together with family and friends in the evening and celebrate and eat. There are decorations of lights all over.

Well back to Petra. "Petra is one of the world´s most impressive and atmospheric archaeological sites. There has been human settlement there since prehistoric times but before the Nabateans came, Petra was just another desert watering hole. Between the 3rd century BC and the 1st century AD they built a superb city and made it the centre of a vast trading empire. In AD106 Petra was annexed by Rome. Christianity arrived in the 4th century, the muslims in the 7th and the Crusaders briefly in the 12th. There after Petra lay forgotten until 1812 when rediscovered by JL BURCHARDT."

While Petra was at peak it sustained 20-30.000 inhabitants. The canvas that stopped there on the spicy and silk road included at least 3-5000 camels with people. When we came there it looked empty. The tourist season was long since over and not many people are cracked enough to be travelling in these tracts while the world situation is like it is.

Petra is situated in the mountains at the altitude of 1000m so it was a bit colder then down on the beach in Eilat but this time people were better prepared for that.

Elli had headache all the way from Eilat to Petra and flashes of his lifetime there. We had travelled through the same area as Arabian Lawrence had done before, maybe we should rent that video now again after we have seen this sand and mountains with our own eyes.

As we walked down the passage to the city which takes maybe 45 minuets we could sense the energies hightening. Das asked us to walk slowly and in silence. This was the walk into the Goddess womb. At regular interval we stopped and received activation of the femininity within from the guardians of this sacred place. I wondered about my role there who, what, why. As I told you in the first part of this series I had received information in a soul-reading that I or as I look at it my I am presence had come there in the beginning and started all of this.

"The key to the Nebatians success was their ability to control and conserve water. Conduits and the remains of terracotta piping can be seen along the walls of the Outer Siq part of an elaborate system for channeling water around the city."

The city was fabulous. We went down the main street and were thinking if we needed to hold our bladder closed for much longer or not. We had been drinking a lot of water and now it was ready to come out again. Further down we found "Paradise" restroom. The tension in the body was released and we were able to enjoy the meditation at hand.
We meditated in the Urn tomb which had been turned into a church later on. There was a lot of eccho in there so it was difficult to hear all that was said during the med. But one thing is sure it was powerful beyond everything. I could sense a huge being of light in front of us, and by huge I mean from floor to ceiling some 6 or more meters above us. Also many more beings surrounding us. Das was unable to stand up by himself afterwards and had to have great help from many of us in there. The energies from Sirius that he channeled were new to him and took a lot of energy.

I finally got answers to all my questions about this place realising that  again the answer lay within. I was there to forgive my self for being judgmental towards those who came after me and had different way of living, different way of praying or living in general on this earth. All is just as valid and perfect in the whole of Creation.

We had a nice meal in a near by hotel and then visited the springs of Mose. The legend says that this is where Mose put down his staff and the water came up. We all got a splash of water from Das in there and a picture taken.

The passing of the borders was similar to the one in the morning and we were back at the hotel around 10pm. Yet another magnificent day was behind.

Have a nice day with mahatma love the universal polarbears

Mail 8. December 7th

Ok, after having had one day off from writing (fixing the photos) I will go on with the journey.

Nov 19th Dolphin reef.

A day many had awaited had come. We were to go and swim or dive with the dolphins and relax. As usual we needed to wake up early. This morning was our last one in Holiday Inn Express. We were moving. Das had got an upgrade for us and we were going to the Crown Plaza just down the street. We left all the luggage in the lobby. Das and Gino were gonna move it all over while we were having fun. The Dolphin reef is a wonderful, serene place with a beautiful beach and a place for a dolphin family of 14 individuals to interact with humans. We were divided into 4 groups. Three were going snorkling and one was gonna dive. We were only 4 diving. Three of us had never tried it before so it was a new experience and for some a step overcoming fear and of growing.

Only one of us had difficulties but instead he had the most interactions with the dolphins. They all kept a certain distance from me. Well there would be another time plus I loved just watching them swim with the youngsters. (There were 2, 6 months old calfs).

The groups that went snorkling came into a lot of interaction with all 14 dolphins, which is kind of rare. The dolphins are free to enter this space or just stay out in the ocean. They were playful and happy. All of us bonded with them and got lot of hidden knowledge and healing.

While diving I could see the corals, the small but beautiful fishes and of course the dolphins. The diving and the snorkling took half an hour in the ocean.

We had plenty of time to watch the dolphins from the dock and the beach. I took a whole film and you have now seen the few that were pretty much ok. Actually I was happy with having at least 10% of the pictures coming out ok.

After lunch we went to the relaxation center. First we had nice fresh juice, tea, coffee or even vine and then it was time for a meditation with HAHAHAHA Howard that some of you tuned in on and was broadcasted into cyberspace. After that we went for the pools. There were three pools there, each with different water. One had a lot of salt on the bottom and was close to being the Dead sea, where it was impossible to sink, the second had rainwater and the third sea water. In the water you could hear nice sounds and music to help the relaxation. It was really amazing time we had there. It was also at an important time, just before we took off on the toughest part of our journey to Egypt.

The evening went into unpacking and packing again after having got our new room. Crown plaza is a much bigger hotel and we felt kind of lost in this huge building. The rooms were bigger and the breakfast better but really I like small hotels and small towns better then big ones.

November 20th.

If the days before had been taken early what should we call this one then, the middle of the night?

We were up and awake at 4:45am. The bus was to come and pick us up at 5:30. We had ordered breakfast pack to wait for us so everyone got something to eat on the bus.

Again we had to change buses and go through double check just like on an airport. It took a while.

Now........ there was not only a bus with a guide waiting but with two armed guards as well, plus that the guide was a member of the secret service and the driver as well. hoho ho what could we do but keep the lease on at all times. The lips had a seal, not all could be said where these guyes could hear. And the freedom we had experienced in Israel and Jordan about where to stop and where to do a group meditation was over. Well of course this is done for our safety after the incident that happened in Luxor a few years back. The tourist police is all over. We just had to accept that and play it by the new rules. A bit difficult one at times when we the shamballans working with the mahatma the transformative energy are gathered.

Of course we managed all of that and I am sure many love seeds were sowed into the mind of our good guards and guide.

It is incredible to see the difference between Israel and
Egypt. In Israel the beaches were buzzing with people although it is winter time while there was no one to be seen in Egypt. Actually there are only a few years since Egypt and Israel made peace and Egypt got hold of the Sinai again.

"Once coveted by Egypt´s Pharaohs for its reserves of turquiose, copper and gold, Sinai is now equally prized by tourists for its white, palm-fringed sands and the limpid waters of the Red Sea, rich with marine life. Its close association with key episodes from the Old Testament also makes the Sinai´s mountainous interior an area of deep religious significance for Jews, Muslims and Christians alike. The Sinai Peninsula forms a triangle between the gulfs of Aqaba and Suez. The word Sinai probably derives from "Sin" the moon god worshipped in Egypt under the pharaohs. But the region is better known through the Bible as the "great and terrible wilderness" negotiated by Moses and his people in their epic 40 years journey from Egypt to the Promised land. Its here that God through the medium of a burning bush and here on Mount Sinai that Moses received the Ten Commandments. The peninsula has been crossed by countless armies including the Israelis who held the region from 1967-1982."

Well we were heading to
Mt Sinai to receive a new commandment from Source. As we turned inland we started to see a few bedouins and when we made our only stop on the way to the monastry we were met by hungry looking kids in pour and dirty clothes, their eyes begging for something. A few boxes of food changed hands. There were also their parents selling souvenirs, crystals etc by the road. We could see Mt Sinai and took a few pictures. Our armed guard stood outside the bus with eagle eyes to make sure we were secure, his weapon hidden inside a leather jacket. :) Well...... Off we went again after some in the group had done some crystal shopping. Next stop was the monastry.

"A community of greek orthodox monks has lived here in the shadows of MtSinai almost uninterruptedly since the moanstery was founded in AD 527 by Byzantine emperor Justinian. It replaced a chapel built in 337 by StHelena, mother of Emperor Constantine at the place where tradition says that Moses saw the Burning Bush. The monastery was named after StCatherine only in the 9th or 10th century after monks claimed to have found her body on nearby mtCatherine."

When the bus stopped at the parking lot most of us rushed out to find a restroom, only finding a hole in the earth behind fragile walls and no paper. Ufffff. We had arrived in a third world country in the middle of a desert and I had left the WC paper I took with me on the bus. I was starting my period and left a little of my sacred liquid on the earth there.

Also there, were many boots with Sinai crystal and other souvenirs. Outside the monastry Das told us about the new commandment, the commandment of

While waiting for all to get up to the monastry we sat on the pavement and a cat made himself at home, getting into the arms or on the knees of most of us. Some just put him down again, while others gave him water to drink and a friendly scratch on the back. He answered this act of love by digging his teeth in the arm of Fabienne. After that he was not as welcome in anyones lap.

Our guide lead us into the church or Basilica of the transfiguration. A magnificently decorated church that owes it name to the 6th century Mosaic of the transfiguration in the apse. Das told us in hushed voice to just allow and receive the many blessings that this place and the icons on the walls and all around us had to give. I think we stood there for at least 10 minutes in silence. I looked into the ceiling, seeing a painting of the Godmother and my emotional body started to shake. The tears were running again as never before. Silently they crept down my cheeks, further down to my neck. There was so much love in there flooding my energy system, Elli M. handed me a tissue to wipe the water away but it kept coming. We walked slowly towards every icon that was on show in the front of the church and I stopped longer in front of St Nicholas "my old teacher". Also many of the Virgin Mary icons affected me deeply.

I must say, this time in the church, was the time that affected me the most during the whole trip without putting any of the others down one bit.

It was good to have Elli beside me and to just go into his warm and encompassing arms for hugs and support. It was as if Creation made sure that we were never both in huge need of help or support at the same time so we were able to heal each other with grace and ease.

We had lunch in a nearby village. There were not many that had not bought any of the Sinai crystals and all of us were now after this new activation flying high, having difficulties grounding and staying there. During and right after the meal multiple healing sessions were taking place in the restaurant. We were sitting in a huge vortice guarded by huge lightbeings in all of the mountains around us. Within this vortice was of course the monastry. These guardians were more then willing to aid us in grounding the energies that we had just received.

I don’t think anyone in the group was the same when we left this wonderful place.

As we drove off, many were having headache, uneasiness or were flying high, not quite in the physical body. After an hours drive or so Philippe was asked to cleans and program all of the crystals that had been bought and had not yet been programmed. That helped a lot. Diarrhea was also starting to trouble some in the group. I think though that we were very lucky and not more then maybe 4-5 of the 30 people got a bad digestion problems. We were also very fortunate to have onboard 2 homeopaths with their travell kit more then willing to help everyone in need plus of course we were all healers.

I was on the other hand feeling high. I just loved the scenary, the mountains the desert until we came out of the mountain to a place that really felt out of balance. As we tuned into this place bits of informations about it came to those of us working on it. It had often been a place of fight and long time ago a nuclear explosion had gone off there leaving the place and all its nature-spirits in imbalance and cut off from Source. We worked with that to rebalance and harmonise in accordance with divine will and the seed blueprints of Creation. The joy that I had felt, while in the mountains had left me, we used the time though to sing and chant mantras as we soon drove into darkness of the evening, although not before I managed to get on film the magical sunset that you have now seen in my photoalbum.

Cairo: Most likely the most populated capital city in the world with 16-17 million inhabitants. Our guide tried to tell us a bit about it and the land it self but those of us that were sitting at the back of the bus could hear little of it because of the loud motor sound underneath us and the bad quality of the speakers. We did not care much.

On the streets of
Cairo there is a special kind of rules in use, which is "I am going there" kind of thing. The horn is used more then in any other place I have come to and you can see both fancy fast cars as well as a donkey travelling the streets.

Our hotel was "Les trois pyramides" close to the Giza pyramids or only about 1km from them. Our room was I think on the 8th floor with a view to the pyramids. We had dinner waiting for us, not much different from the lunch buffet we had had earlier in the day. Our guide asked us not to go outside. To tell the truth, me and Elli, had no desire to do so. We were very tired after a long day in the bus and a huge energy work being done. We were just happy to lay on a clean and nice pillow and close our eyes so that we would be fit and fresh to go to the pyramids the day after.

But before we did that the whole group was asked to be very careful of how they worked with the energies while there and of their thoughts. We were asked to be very respectful of the energies, of the faith of the people in the country. Fatima, Mohamed´s daughter had appeared to Elli M, Das and a few others. We had a delicate work to do there and it had do be done in perfect harmony and balance.

No more mantras that belonged to other faiths were to be chanted or songs of christianity, we were in an islam country and should respect that fully. ( this may not be the correct words but the core of it as I remember it :))

We were also told that we would not be able to do the same kind of group work we had done in Israel and Jordan and just stay open in unconditional love and allow.

This was gonna be interesting. Fatima was gonna be our overlightening master during the time we stayed in Egypt.  ( I had never heard of Fatima before and if so it was long forgotten but I was quick to put two and two together and link her to islam faith. After I got home I did a search on the web and was able to gain a little more knowledge).

I wish you a very nice day. Tomorrow is my day off from the computer as I will be celebrating 40 years in embodiment on this earth at this time.

Mahatma love and light the Universal polarbears

Mail 9. December 13th

Heeeelllllllloooooo dear friends and family

I hope you are all well and for those who are not, here comes a wave of

The Yuletide and Christmas is getting closer and closer so I better get going with the adventure of middle east tour with grandmaster Das and all the rest of the shamballa masters on all dimensions.

I hope you haven´t found the waiting for the next chapter too long.
I just had to use a bit more time on my french study. I even managed to write my travel story in french for the class. I may add that version at the end of this mail just for fun. Hahah dont worry my french knowledge is only minimal so it wont take you the whole day to read it.

When I last left you we were staying in "Les trois pyramides" hotel in Cairo and the pyramids were waiting for us to come and visit.

Nov 21st

I woke up early to see the sunrise by the pyramids but was very dissapointed when the only thing I could see was misty pyramids where the sand was blowing over the city. Symbolic for the knowledge that humans have to day of the pyramids. Plus the sun did not rise in that direction.

Well, maybe I would be able to get sunset pictures then.

What also baffled me was how close by
the pyramids were. The city had almost been built all around them and there was only 1km from our hotel to those three famous wonders of the world.

These wonders are standing on a critically important energy point. Well saying that I am being reminded that in fact all energy points are important just as each of us humans are important but we have different agendas or services to complete or work to do. And together we form the whole picture the whole of Creation.

Well so much has been written about the Giza pyramid in the past.

I only knew, I had been there before, doing what? I had no idé. Maybe nothing very pleasant.

Here are a few links to diverse info on the pyramids. found by simple search and just handpicked randomly.

Ok, if you have now browsed through some of these pages do you think you are any closer to the answers of how, when, why, what are they....?

I dont think I am, at least and the same can be told by many more so studies go on and people keep wondering, asking questions in their meditations, reading more books or becoming archeologist that dream of doing studies in Egypt.

Maybe we will just have to wait for the 100% correct answer until we are back in a bit higher dimension and have clearer access to the timezone the pyramids were built in and used in.

Plus what matter does it make. We are here and now, making history, creating new reality. We have all at one time or another been in the Ancient Egypt, creating the reality of life there and then and even long before the times of the pharaoes.

A reality that we can only imagine today.

What we can do though is enjoy the view and by allowing, have some very spectacular activations and initiations in these wondrous sacred geometrical structures that were left here by our forerunners on this special place on earth.

Not only that but we have through our dedication and openess to the unconditional love of Source and being part of the new/true Israel a very special gift to give to this place and all of humanity that radiates out through the energy grids that are connected to Giza. Making more of the silent history that the pyramids have been such a huge part of.

The history of energy on Earth.

But now that my own curiosity has been awakened lets take this search back a little bit.

I guess that through the ages people of all the big nations have found some way or another to link their nation or country to the pyramids.
We all seem to want to be part of this great mystery.

One pyramidologist even linked our little island to the wonders. He not only linked Iceland or the land of ISU to the Giza pyramids but also to the Bibles genesis about the tribes.

The below description is taken from a webpage selling Adam´s book.

“Adam Rutherford's "ICELAND'S GREAT INHERITANCE", traces the Tribe of Benjamin to Iceland. Eleven of the twelve Disciples were from that Tribe.

Adam believes that Iceland is strongly represented by the descendants of the Tribe of Benjamin and presents what he believes to be the Scriptural parallels between the two. His basic scripture passage for his theory is:
"They shall lift up their voice, they shall sing for the majesty of the Lord, they shall cry aloud from the sea. Wherefore glorify ye the Lord in the fires, even the name of the Lord God of Israel in the isles of the sea. From the uttermost part of the earth have we heard songs, even glory to the righteous." (Isaiah 24: 14-16. English Bible)
Adam stipulates that three particulars are given concerning this place from which songs and thanksgiving are to be heard in the midst of a troubled world:
1. The place is insular, for the sons of praise are stated to rise"from the sea", "from the isles of the sea". The Old Testament of course was written in Hebrew, but the Hebrew word for"sea" and for "west" is the same, namely "yom". As there are no islands of any consequence that are not in the sea, the proper translation is , "isles of the west". The only important islands in the west are the British Isles and Iceland, but the following considerations show that one of these islands in particular is referred to in the first place, and ultimately incite the inhabitants of the other isles to sing also.

2. These insular people are described in prophecy as living amidst fires. In our world the only fires of nature that we know of are volcanoes, and Iceland is the only one of these islands that have active volcanoes. Not only so, but in proportion to its size, Iceland contains more volcanoes than any other country in the world. In modern times, the tremendous outpourings of white-hot lava in Iceland are unexampled anywhere else in the world. As comparatively recently as 1783 the great Laki Craters threw out a lava stream about 45 miles in length and 15miles in breadth. Stefan Stefansson in his book on "Iceland" says that this is "by far the greatest on record" and "unparalleled on the earth in historic times." So far as is known this is the biggest fire the world has ever seen since man was upon the earth. The whole country of Iceland was formed by fire; it owes its existence entirely to volcanic action, and the many geysers and hot springs to be found all over the island are connected with the volcanic fires below. Iceland is known to Europeans as "The Land of Fire". Truly the Icelandic nation has lived amidst fires!

3. The prophecy locates this insular country as being in "the uttermost part of the earth" or as the ancients said, the "ultima thule". The statement was at one time applied in a general way to the far north, but later became localised to Iceland. Sir Richard Burton has wri tten a work of two large volumes entitled Ultima Thule: this work is a description of Iceland, which this author calls "The Canaan of the North". Iceland is certainly at "the uttermost part of the earth," for beyond it there is nothing but the ice-bound Polar Sea. The north coast of Iceland touches the Arctic Circle.
Athough a small book, it contains a rich supply of well-researched facts combined with Scriptural passages to help the author prove his point that Iceland is truly one of the remarkable countries in the world. It is the author's conviction that this great destiny of Iceland will prove to be a blessing not only to the Icelanders themselves but also to the kindred Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon and Celtic peoples. .

This Icelandic website has some skecthes of the link between Iceland and Giza and the prophecy of Icelands importants in the beginning of the New age.

Well enough of Iceland and pyramid prophecy.
It was time for these two Icelanders to go and see the Giza wonders. The bus arrived at 9am without the armed guards.
There were not many tourists around so we were able to enter both pyramids for 50 Egyptian pounds plus some extra for bringing in cameras or video recorders.
We left our camera on the bus since we had no flashlight but took the minidisk with us in the hope we might do a meditation in there.
All around us on the plateau were salesmen trying frantically to sell us souvenirs and postcards. I am sure their lifes are hard but did not want to fill my house with things I did not need after just having cleared out so many things from it.
I had expected to crawl a little bit upwards to the kingschamber but it had not occured to me that almost the whole passage is so small that you have to go bent all the way. I think my back has still not quite recovered fully again.
Das had managed to get us some extra time in the chamber. Our guide up there was very nice young man that had often helped spiritually oriented people to enjoy their extra time in the pyramids but he pointed out to Das that the pyramids were bugged and watched and we were not allowed to do any group channeling, prayer or such things.
So we were just asked to sit down and allow.....
Allow energies to enter us or initiate us as well as allowing the energy of the new Israel to enter the earth in this place.
I asked the consciousness of the stones to tell me their knowledge and secret of how they came to be and what had happened there through ages. I will find the answers sometime deep in the core of my being (plus remember we are all things and everything so we must have all the knowledge anyway).
I did not try and record anything in there. We just sat there in silence or what??????'
So what was really happening while we sat there?
What kind of initiation or activation were we getting?
Who was giving us these activations ?
Who was present beside us humans?
Had the same activations or initiations been given before to people that came there or was this somewhat unique?
Had we as individuals or as a group had some initiations there in other timeframe?
Wow lots of questions, I wonder where all of them come from! But I do have a few answers now.

First of all we were for sure not alone in there.
This is evident in a picture that was taken of the whole group inside. It was taken on Perpetue´s digital camera and shows multiple spheres, different in size and brightness. And I am sure it only shows a very little portion of all the beings that were with us that day. I have often seen spheres on pictueres but never so many.
We were getting a very special lightbody activation with cosmic geometrical forms. Forms that our grandmaster had never seen anything like before. And the two times we have imitated or connected with this event in the keops pyramid people that were not there have noted diamond shape and/or Star of David that is not just like the 3D version but much fuller in more dimensions.
This was coming from higher source then Yahweh or higher aspects of Yaweh down through our grandmaster and to all of us.
I doubt very much that anything like that has happened in the pyramids before.
This initiation was made possible by the group energies that had been build up in the past days working together in many different ways.
You may now ask if you that were unable to go to Egypt with us can have this same activation now as well. yes you can. It is now grounded and available to you all. Maybe we will be able to use the tape that was later made with these energies in our New Year wake and online meditation. Plus there are other possibilities of getting this. Just stay open, ask and allow.
After we got out of the pyramid we decided to make a recording of energies in the second pyramid as suggested by Gino.
Again we had to half crawl up to the chamber.
Now we were not as lucky as in the first pyramid. The guides there were a bit more stressed. Das was first up and lay down in the sacrophagus as he had actually done in the first one for a short time.
He then told each of us to lie down there. The first people got some time in there but then things started to get a little stressed around us and Das ordered us in line and each only got a few seconds inside but just enough to get the activation that was there waiting for us.
Me, Elli and Gino were standing at the end of the sacrophagus. We had decided to be the last to go in. We were in no hurry. Plus me and Elli at least were communicating with the energies in there. I asked to get the activation quick and easily. As it turned out we were no able to go in the sacrophagus. Our time had run out. But we had got the activation anyway plus I had recorded the energies on my minidisk. We were all rushed out of the chamber. Gino and Anna were not able either to go in the sacrophagus. For us, me and Elli it was ok. We were happy but we did not pay the guide any money for his allowance to enter the sacrophagus.

Next on our agenda was the
In the temple beside the sphinx was cold and empty energy. For some in the group it was more then just that. Das was not even allowed by the forces there to enter the temple until he had done some work to be able to do so. Others had to escape outside again to get out of the discordant energies there.
After a while sitting, walking around and contemplating while looking at the sphinx all of us gathered silently around Das on the wall by the sphinx.
We managed to do a mostly silent group meditation to clean the energies and restore the harmony and balance of this place.
The former inhabitants had to find themselves a new home, some in more light others ???
When walking back through the temple we could feel a huge change. Well done group.
Our next stop was Cairo perfumerie palace.
After spending an hour or more in there learning about the different perfumes and essential oils we walked out of there with a few bottles of precious lotus oil, rose and more.
Great for my sprays.
Now it was time for yet another lunch buffet, much the same as the past days and then half of us went directly to the hotel to rest and the others went to see how papyrus is prepared and could open up their wallet yet again to strengthen the Egyptian currency flow.
I was instead able to take the sunset pictures by the pyramids.
That evening I had to cleans my room extra using the earthworker crystal and the earthworker essence. Something/someone had not been happy with our work today but we knew it was all in accordance with Divine will and the seed blueprints of creation.

So be it!!

I leave you now and wish you a very nice day or evening.
with Mahatma love and light
the Universal Polarbear

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the french version of my travel to the middle east.
J'ai suis allée à Petra en Jordanie. J'ai visité et suis entrée les pyramides à Caire en Egypt. J'ai pleuré dans l'église à MtSinai où  la légende indique que Mose a recu (sorry dont have this special "c") les 10 commandements. J'ai plongé et ai nagé avec les dauphins. J'ai flotté sur la mer  morte. J'ai visité le musée à Cairo.

Mail 10. December 17th

Good morning –afternoon or evening my friends.

Now after a busy weekend with Christmas preparations and cookie baking I am back to work and back to the computer to tell you more about our adventure.

November 22nd

When we came down to breakfast we met some of those who had used the evening before to visit a Bedouin healer and herbalist.

There were I think 8-10 people that had gone to visit him. Half of them had not been back until 2am or later in the morning.

As often people experience things differently and some had been very happy with the visit and others not so happy. That’s life isnt it?

I was glad we had decided to stay home and get the rest needed although I cant deny I would have liked to go and just observe and learn.

After a nice breakfast we left the hotel for the last time on this trip and our first stop today was Cairo museum. We were gonna see all the many antiques and prescious archeological findings that were there plus work on the energies of the place.

Outside the museum there is a small pond with lotus flowers and papyrus and for me this was the best place in the whole museum.

There are so many large or small statues, sarcophagus´s, jewleries etc in there that I felt cramped. One place we noticed two quardian statues had been placed in different position then they were originally where they had guarded a tomb and we felt that they really were out of alignment there not facing each other as they did ones.

Our group dissipated and lost numbers the further we went into the museum. Our guide had never experienced anything like it. He went in with 30 people and when he came to the entrance again 90 minutes later there was only 1 left.

We were all on our own, standing in our mastery , doing what we were guided to do. All of course in accordance with divine will.

Das opened up a vortex in there and the heavy energies lifted a lot.

I did not want to be caught with my earthworker spray, spraying out through the museum ( with the antrax threat so a life in the mind of all) so had sprayed my crystal that was in my backpack and asked it to work in there. When Das left to do his job I lent him the bag since I felt that was where it needed to be.

When we came out again it was very nice to be able to again sit down and communicate with the lotus flowers.

While waiting for the rest of the group me and Elli went into the shop there, looking at some small souvenirs. Elli was still holding very tight around the wallet and for the first and only time on the trip I lost my temper. It was only a minor revolution against his Scrooge personality, which was actually more of a fear of not being able to pay the bills when we got back home then anything else or not getting job after the tour. It only lasted a few minutes. It was obviously time to look within and check why I got out of balance. This place and city was not having good effect on me to say the least.

We worked out our differences before we even left the area. We had been reminded harsly to watch our thoughts and words by our I am presence and group of spiritual coworkers.

Next stop was in the Mohamed Ali mosk. Although female tourists did not need to cover their head in there, Das asked us anyway to do so and show by that respect for the Muslim faith.

We were able to sit down in the center of this huge mosk right under a large crystal candalier.

There we did a meditation, a channeled one for the first and only time in Egypt. It was incredible to sit there and unite the different churches and religions. The background music was the ohm of the crystals singing as the wind blew through the mosk and moved them.

After a while we started to draw too much attention towards us so we split up and spent a few more minutes either just being tourists in a wonderful mosk or praying, meditating or contemplating further.

Once again it was time to help the guides make money as we were taken to a jewlery shop. I had been able to convince Elli that everything would be perfect and we would have plenty of money and work after we returned so we bought two wonderful copper pictures of the pyramids and life by Nile. One that now overlooks my hall. The other will be wrapped in christmas paper soon and bless someone elses home.

We had noticed on our way to the shop that a police car had come after us. We now had armed guard on our bus and tourist police after us as well.

Our last stop in Cario was the bazar. We had just over an hour to go and spend as much money as we liked or as little. I was not feeling very well and did not care to wander around the streets there so we sat down in silence beside our friend Francoise and just watched the street life of humans and cats.

Surrounding the square was the tourist police not very alertic I must say. More like, really, really bored.

This is to make us the tourists feel more secure or what?

The cats on the streets were many, ambushing any leftovers or even if they got a chance highjacking the chicken that was on the table in front of the costumer.

We did not leave this place though without buying one thing. A woven picture of moonlit pyramids and Nile. A nice peace that Elli had great time of getting the price down from 40 pounds to 15. He was really getting the hang of the bargaining there.

We had at least 6 hours drive a head of us when the bus headed off again. It was a weird ride out of town. We stopped for awhile on crossroads where most in the group went out to buy some fruits for the trip. Most of us had decided not to have lunch buffet again and only a few had had some food at the bazar.

Our good guide left us and we got a new armed guard to go with us.

At last we managed to leave town and head towards Israel.

My head was exploding, my stomach was hurting and my back was aching. I was in bad shape. I was bleeding heavily and hated the thought of no proper WC facility until we reached Israel. My emotional body was trembling as well. I did not know why, what was it that I had experienced in former lifetimes there?

I had no answers this time.

Elli gave me constant healing and other pitched in as well. Thanks a lot people.

We again stopped just after reaching the Sinai so the driver and guards could have something to eat. They had been fasting since sunrise.

It was good to have WC in sight or what?

This time there was no water running in there and the sister before me had digestion problems or the shit!!!!!!

But I needed to use the facility so ………….

Inside the shop I got more healing. This time even Das although very spaced out and tired pitched in, also Lindamarie helped clear the blocked energies from my sexual organs. It all helped.

But. God, how good it felt to at last be back on Israel ground just after midnight. All physical discomforts dissapeared as if they had never been there.

I wish you a nice day.

With mahatma love and light The universal polarbear Mail 11. December 18th

Bokertof my friends

Its time for the bedtime story or wake up story.

First I would like to apologise for all the typos in yesterday story. I must have been too anxious to get the chapter out to all of you.

Well we are back in Israel and western world.

Friday the 23rd

We had the day off! Hurrey!

Me and Elli started it early and went sunbathing out by the pool until the hotel staff decided to put some music on and wow all Israelis must be half deaf judging by the volume of the sound.

We fled down to the beach. I was writing my journal and needed a bit more silence. Plus after all the work we had been doing this body needed stillness not disco. We found a bench down by the dock where few people were around and as I wrote in my book, Elli tried to get as much sun on his body as possible.

The rest of the group was split all over the place. Many went to the Dolphin reef. Some had been having fun in the night club all night and just stayed in bed all day. Others went shopping or for a walk to parts of town they had not come to before.

Saturday 24th.

Time for more work. The Timan park was waiting for us now. Daniel came to pick us up and drove us over to the pillars of king Salomon. There we did our last group meditation, clearing on our lightbodies after the work in Egypt and grounding of all the energies we had been working with. We started the meditation sitting in the sun but after a while we moved to the shadow as some of the people were burning up. Others loved the warmth specially those that had fever and had been shivering for the past days.

More and more people in the group were getting sick.

I love the landscape we were sitting in . The mountains, the desert......... I was home. So much peace, so much joy and happiness filled my every cell.

Das told us what had been happening in the past few days and a few others told what they had realised.

In the meditation I sensed my friends and working team. They told me that I did not grasp but little of what I had accomplished. It was far beyond expectations. Well how is it? Do beings in 5.-10th dimension have expectations??????

What I felt was enormous love and gratitude that left me with tears in my eyes, joy in my heart and fulfilment.

Later in the day me, Viv and Neil walked over the desert towards the pillars again. I felt great having the Holy land under me feet.

Sunday 25th.

It was time again to go swimming with the dolphins. This time we snorkled. There were only half of the dolphins inside the net now but this time I got chance to touch the dolphins. It was great. After we came out of the water I sat on the dock and put my feet down in the water. Twice I was visited by one of the baby’s. He/she nipped at my feet and my heart jumped with joy.

In the afternoon we had last getting together of the group. Going through last information on how to open a vortex etc. Elli was now having fever and not feeling well at all. Again more people were not feeling well.

Monday 26th.

I used the morning to get the last sun bath as I wrote down the rest of my story so I could convey it all to you later as I have been doing in the past two weeks.

Then there was time to get on the plane going through the same ordeal as coming over here.

The head stewardess was a bit stressed and made us laugh and wonder.

It was hard to say good bye to all our friends at the hotel or airport in London. We know we will meet again somewhere, somehow. Thank you all for being there with us. We love you all.

We spent the next two days in Wellington and Taunton with Roberta. Met up with a friend there as well. Did some auric clearing and house cleaning job (energetically) and made a tape of the pyramid energies at Das´s house.

One thing happened that I forgot to tell you though.

On Sunday we got a phone call from our son in Iceland. Our car had been damaged the night before. The evening after our last meditation. Mirrors on both side of the car had been broken. So what did that mean? Well the symbolism applied to both of us first of all with both mirrors broken. There was now no way looking back. We had got a new lightbody, new view of life and there was only the way forward.

And here we are. Elli has been working everyday since we got back home. We have enough money to pay all our bills so there is nothing to fear from that.

We are glad we made this trip and if you are changing the trip from Cambodia to Tibet next year Das I must start to save up for that one. Tibet has been on my wishing list since I was a child. And Israel and Sinai and well since I love to face my fears, Egypt. I am up for it again anytime.

I leave you with our love and the mahatma

Universal polarbears.

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