dawn of new millenium 2

A few weeks had gone by and there had been no major changes in my life.
I had still not started to read the book I had ordered from Amazon. I
had no energy left to read. I was always so tired. When I came home from work
I managed to grab a bite and then watch the news on TV before I dozed off.
Any other weekend my kids, Baldur and Dagrun came over and slept a night.
It was wonderful to have someone to hug and find warmth from another human
being again. Baldur was in the habit of putting his hands around my
neck when he was going to sleep, and his love and softness went to the depths of my
heart. He often spoke of the Indian, but I did not know what to think of it; after
all he was only 4 years old. Dagrun curled up on my lap while watching the
family movie and eating some popcorn. These were my best moments. Oddur
was usually busy training or meeting his friends, so I did not see him
often. His mother called a few times to complain of him staying out too late
and not adhering to her prompting of coming home on time. I promised to talk to
him about it. We had often had loud arguments about this while we were still
married. There had been the same problem with Freyja
when she was younger. Probably one of the reasons for our divorce was
that we could never agree about the best way to raise our kids.
I missed not coming home to a house full of life after work. Although I
could now do whatever I liked with my time off. Like going out with
friends. But that was no consolation since all my friends had been mutual friends
and I was not in the mood to talk about the divorce to anyone.
I was rather lazy doing the housecleaning, and more often then not
Dagrun and Freyja vacuumed and cleaned the apartment. They were shocked at how messy it was. Before it had been me telling them to clean their room. Funny
how quickly people can reverse roles. It was Freyja who pointed out to me an advertisement from "Come andDance" about a dance evening. She had come to get her brother and sister, as
she had already almost moved in with her fiancée.
"Dad, why don't you just go to the dance. It will be good for you to get
out of the house and have some fun, plus you have always dreamt of learning how
to dance better." I had been in a dance school when I was a small boy, but
that was a long time ago. Gudny had never been a keen dancer, so we had never
gone to a dance school together.
"Oh, I don't know Freyja, I am much too tired to go now."
"What nonsense Dad, this will be good for you."
I gave in to this thoughtful daughter of mine. Surely I had always
wanted to dance.
I stiffened and my heart beat more quickly when I first saw her. She
was in the front row in the middle of the dance floor dancing a line dance.
Even my little friend felt aroused. I hadn't felt like this since high school
when I first met Gudny, who later became my wife. Our eyes met and again a
current went up my spine. I had seen those eyes before but couldn't recall
where. She didn't look a day over twenty, smiling with shining light blue
eyes. Her hair was pulled back into a knot at the nape of her neck,
dark brown and curly. A few locks had fallen out of the knot and wreathed her
rosy-cheeked face.  I stood by the wall and watched the people
dance. When the dance ended she came up to me and asked if I would
like to dance, this one was so easy. I followed her absent mindedly. The
evening went by as in a dream. One dance after another. I was a little bit ashamed
at my ignorance of many of the steps, but my new friend assured me that
it did not matter. The only thing that mattered was that I enjoy it. I
was a good learner. She also told me of a workshop the next weekend where she would be one of the
teachers. I didn't have to think long about that! Before I went home I registered
for the workshop. It was a long time since I had had such a good time. I lay
down on my pillow that night in ecstasy and had a dream about the Indian
coming back for me to take me to the school.

This time he spoke to me on the way. He told me that his name was Great
Bear. He said that we had worked together for a long time. It had been
him who had whispered advice to me when I had had to make difficult
decisions. It had also been him who had made sure that I did not go in a car when I
was a teenager, a car that later that evening was involved in an accident.
This decision had created some upset among my friends, but they had gone anyway and
gotten hurt.

I echoed his words. "Was it you who stopped me that day? I never
understood why I couldn't get into the car that night, I just knew I wasn't
supposed to go. Thank you my friend, I am very grateful."
"Thank yourself Valentinus.  I am going to show you something before we
go to the school."  We flew at the speed of light up into the sky, and suddenly we wer overlooking a
prairie. Far away I could see a stud. We were heading towards it. "I know that you
have often wondered what a stallion is thinking when it is cantering across
the prairie?" Great bear said. "Now you will find out."
A moment later I had merged with a shining black colt that was going
through its paces. I could feel the whistling wind stroking my body, activating all my
senses. What an extraordinary freedom! "I wonder how the canter is." I
had not finished the thought when the horse started to canter and we floated in the air. Wow..it was as if his feet didn't touch the ground. The coordination was in perfect harmony. I
enjoyed my merging with the colt for a while, pacing over the prairie along with
a group of magnificent horses. I didn't want to go when Great Bear said it
was time. The experience was much more then I could ever had envisioned.

I was again swept into the air and we went through the same tunnel of
light as the last time. We came out in front of the sacred building. There
was a lot of activity and many beings floating in and out.
I found a seat in the auditorium. I couldn't see my lady friend from
last time anywhere. Instead I sat down beside a young Asian man. We chatted a
little. I asked him if he had been there many times before. It turned out that
he was a newcomer, the same as I.  Suddenly the auditorium filled up with balloons in all the colors of the rainbow.
A deep voice sounded at the back. "Take a balloon, sit on it and see
what happens." Many hands went up into the air to grab a balloon. Then it
sounded like a gunfire when more and more balloons blew up with a bang.
"There your dream blew up" thundered the voice "or what you thought was
only a dream! Gone-- and the rest is just an unreal hologram...or what? You
all thought that what you experienced here last time had just been a product
of your vivid imagination, but still you are here again. Where is your faith? Is it
built on sand or something more solid? Look, this place is just as real as
your home on Earth. Realize that! This is not a dream, this is reality. The
reality of your consciousness." I started. How could he know what I had
been thinking? I could see that others were startled as well. "Life is
only a hologram. You think that you know everything that there is to
know about creation, but in reality you only know a fragment of the great
truth." What was this being trying to say? I thought.
"You think that you are the only intelligent beings there are. You think that the Earth is
so unique that nowhere else in the whole of the Creation is there life
similar to what you have here. I say to you: there is highly evolved
life on many planets in many Universes, and many of these beings are here in
your solar system now to watch you and learn from you as well as to assist
you and teach.'How may that be,' I hear you say. 'The astrologers have not
reported any spaceships in our solarsystem?' Ah, I know what you are thinking. 'There is no proof
of this.' Have you ever seen raido waves with your own eyes?" I saw where
many shake their heads. "No! But you have heard them through
your radios. Your senses could not detect the signals until they had
been transformed. In the same manner your instruments do not detect our
existence. Where we have been detected the knowledge is either kept hidden or the person is believed to be crazy. Others keep the knowledge to themselves. Then there are the light and
love workers who have learned to keep an open mind for all this knowledge
and trust the messages they get, but these are only few, although the group
expands all the time. Look..... to deny that there is life on other planets
is just the same as if Icelanders who live on a small island out in the
Atlantic ocean would believe that there was no life outside the island.
Because there were no ships or flights coming to the land and because
they had never seen other humans that lived outside the island. You all know
better, don't you? Open your eyes! In the house of God there are many
mansions and there are no limits to the creation of mother/father God."

Blended with the great conviction in the voice of the being that had not
yet showed herself was a beautiful loving energy. The colors in the room
were pink and golden. Every cell within my body had been awakened and was
vibrating in ecstasy. I waited to see what would happen next. The voice
was now much softer as the being started speaking again. "Dear friends of
the Earth. Everything that you have experienced, whether waking or in sleep
is.. Believe it. All that Vywamus has told you and taught you is. Don't
underestimate your self. You are magnificent beings and I am only one of
many beings that are here to see you evolve and assist you. Now stand up
and stretch your body." There were sounds of wonderment when the balloons we
had sat on went again into the air as if they had never burst.
"Look! Your dream wasn't after all just an airfilled balloon that
exploded. It was and is real!"

Great laughter filled the room as the being finished its lesson.

I Sheendra love you all and will see you later.

There was a pause. I mingled with the group and we talked about
Sheendra's words. There were many meanings. Most of us thought that this might be
true, but there were still those that were not convinced. We have grown up in
a world where we have been told that we were the chosen ones, the only
ones. That UFO´s were only fiction. The logical mind needed proof!

Then the hall filled with an entirely different energy and we recognized
Vywamus again. "Well my friends. How are you all feeling? A little
bewildered? A little scared? Do I detect fear in some of you? You know,
my friends, there is nothing to fear except the fear itself. If you stay in
the love no fear can override it . Love and fear are opposites. Now let's
talk a little bit more about love, and the Mahtama energy, which is
love. I am going to show you how we can heal your heart with love.
So just relax and breath deeply, and as you breath in see, feel,
imagine, visualize the mahatma energy come down through your soul star which is about a hands length above your head, into your heart chakra. Remember where the heart chakra is, in the thymus area. And as you exhale let go of all fears about aliens or all that is unknown to you.
Breath in................See, feel, imagine the golden, silver energy flow into your heart palace.
breath out................. let go of all negative thoughts and feelings

Keep on breathing, always filling up the heart chakra with the mahatma,
and affirm, 'I am that I am the Mahatma in love.'"
We kept on breathing for awhile, and I could feel the love energy expand with each breath.
"Now see the energy flow down through your feet and into the earth star which is about a hand length beneath your feet, and then onwards into the heart of mother Earth. See, feel, imagine,
visualize the Mahatma coming down through your being into the earth and going up
again into your heart. Keep on visualizing this for a few moments.

"Now, let's go further and extend the channel of light and love that are
now running through you up all the 352 levels back to Source. See, feel,
imagine a golden tube of light going upwards and connecting with the I
am presence of Mother/father God."

I could see all the tubes going up through the roof of the hall into
eternity, and then golden, silver, violet colors started running down
through them as if a valve had been opened. The energy surged into my body and then I could
feel it go into my feet and out into the Earth. Now it was running
fluently up and down through the channel of everyone in the gathering.

"Now let's see the energy run down through your hands." As last time my
hands were throbbing with all this energy and then I could see the radiant
gold flow out as if my hand were a sun shining brilliantly.

"Affirm once more, 'I am that I am the Mahatma in love.'
Put your hands on the heart chakra and let's heal your heart.
See the Mahatma flow out through your hands and transform the lack of
love for yourself. Love your self.
You are perfect, have always been and will always be.

" Affirm, 'I am that I am the Mahatma in love.'

"See the child within that is in your heartcenter."
I could see a small boy lying and weeping on the floor. This was certainly a
sad child. I could feel tears in my eyes as well.

"Take it in your arms and hug it."
I took the boy up and hugged him. He stopped crying.

"Love it as God loves you."
My heart went out to the boy in my arms. It was as if I was holding
Baldur. I was shivering and I felt the energy go up and down my spine.

"Tell it that you love it and that you forgive it all that it thinks it has
done wrong or when it did not heed you. Or when it had negative thoughts towards others..... or said words that it would rather not have voiced.
Talk to this child. This is your inner child.
This is part of you. Know that if these things would not have happened you would not be what
you are today."

I sat down within my heartcenter and put the boy in my lap and talked to
him. I told him how much I loved him. How I had not known how badly he
felt, and that from here on he could always come to me for comfort. My breast
was burning where my hands lay, the Mahatma was flowing intensely into my
heart and into this young boy..... that was really me.
"Certainly you are here to learn and experience or remember.
It is all right to fall on the ice. Your bruise will heal if you love yourselves.
You are perfect." The child had now calmed down and had jumped up out of my lap, and was
playing around.

"See how the child is joyful? It runs back into your arms and says, 'Thank
you, thank you, this is what I needed!' and kisses you and then puts its head
by your neck. It is feeling so good."
I could really feel this dear child in my arms and the joy and the love
that we had for each other.

"You can always go within and hug your inner child. And please do if you
feel blue. And even when you are not feeling blue you can do it anyway.

"Now come back and we thank all the beings that have been with us here
and send them love as they have sent us love during our time here."

I looked around and noticed millions of lightspheres all over the hall
that I had not seen before. They were of all sizes and colors. Some
were brighter than others. It was as if they were joyfully playing around.
One came right at me and went through me without hesitation, and I felt a
current of energy go up and down my body.
Pinkish colored love energy went out from the humans to the many
spheres, and then I saw the spheres change and explode. The greatest fireworks
and the sparkles hit me, and such was the strength of the energy that my
body jerked as if I had been electricuted. But it was such a wonderful,
loving feeling, tears ran down my cheeks.

I had never in my whole life felt so much love.

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Dawn of New Millenium
chapter 2
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