I woke up early the next morning.  It was only 6 o´clock so I could lie in the bed for a while.  I wrapped my hands around my pillow and felt a wonderful wellbeing.  My mind wondered to the night before and the sound of the Hredavatns waltz sounded in my head. Unnur Dis had made sure that I did not sit down much yesterday. She was very musical and it was easy to stear her in the dance and where I had been unsure she had taken over and led me with lightly around the dancefloor. Her smile was always as bright and smile  around her eyes. It was obvious that the dance was her heart desire. Everything became so easy with her in my arms. It hadn´t been as easy when dancing the “cook” ( a dance where the men make one circle and the women another and they go in opposite direction and at the end of the melody they stop and you meet a new partner to dance the next dance with at the end of that dance the men make a new circle as well as the women and again they go around in two directions and end up with yet another partner). One was that I did not know all the dances and needed to trust in my partner I got and sometimes I stood without a partner while others were off dancing fast polka or sweet tango.  Not all the ladies were as easy to steer either or as musical as Unnur Dis. 
I was looking forward to the next morning when the Swing course was going to be. I didn´t know if it was more because I would meet Unnur Dis or learn to dance more.
In my mind I also saw a glimpse of a young boy cuddling up in my lap with his hands around my neck. I squeezed my pillow harder.  I wished that I always felt this way. Just if I didn´t need to go out of bed.

I must have dozed off since I woke again when the alarm clock went off. It was seven.  The floor was ice cold when I put my feet down and the thermometer showed –5°C outside. It had snowed and lit up the environment in the short days we had.  November had been wet and dark outside but now it had all changed. I didn´t think that this snow would last until Christmas though.  There were still 4 weeks to go before the Celebrations. I put on some warm clothes and made sure to go early so that I could scrape the ice off the window screen.  The new battery that I bought last month secured that the car started immeditately. On my way to work I wondered if Unnur was engaged or married but at the same time another voice told me not to have any hopes.  It would be better for me to get over the devorce first plus I had no money to start some kind of love afair with all that was connected to such things. But the other voice kept telling me that the happiness came first and what did a few kronas matter.
My thougts were disturbed by a carhorn. I hadn´t taken notice of the green traffic light.

Freyja called me at work after lunch. “Hi dad, how was yesterday?”
“Just O.K. didn´t you meet some lady?”
I hesitated before answering. “As a matter of fact, yes...”
“When will you go again?” It was enthusiasm in her voice.
“I registered for a course this weekend”
“Yibbie.... “echoed from the other end of the line...”I knew you would have fun dancing and meeting someone that could make you smile.” “ What is this, do you think you are a futureteller or what?”
“If you want to call this that.  What´s her name?  How old is she? How is she?” “Wait a minute young lady no rush.” I couldnt help but smile of her enthusiasm.  She had always been straight forward, being a saggitarius. “We will let time show if there is going to be any more then just a friendship out of this.”
“O.k. dad have fun in the weekend.”
We said good bye and her words kept repeating them selves in my mind.  I was no less curious then the daughter.

My heart was pondering as I got closer to the dancehouse. I had difficulties handling my emotions and I was on the verge of turning back and dropping the whole thing. But I managed to assemple enough courage to park the car and walk into the house where the workshop was being held.
She stood by the door, talking to an elderly couple that was obviously there for the same reason I was. She looked up and smiled to me as she heard the door open up. Our eyes met and as before a sisseling feeling went through me as if we had always known each other. This was a peculiar feeling. I knew that we had never met before in this lifetime and even though I had heard about reincarnation i had not thought much about it and hardly believed it.  You are born, live and die. Simple.  Lately, my believes had started to crack a bit.
The weekend went by in one swift movement. There were 20 people in the workshop and two teachers. Luckily the number of male and female were equal. My dancepartner this weekend was a young highschool girl. She told me that she had not managed to drag her boyfriend with her so she came alone. I had hoped to get a chance to dance with Unnur but she was tireless helping everyone and teaching the art of dancing so that everyone could enjoy her assistance. I had great time nontheless.
There was great sense of joy over the leaders that was transmitted to the whole group.  When the workshop ended on sunday Unnur asked me if I was coming to the next exercise on thursday. Then we could have more cahnce to dance together and practise what I had learned this weekend.  “You know what Valentinus; I am sure we have known each other before and worked together on other levels”. I didn´t quite understand what she meant but her words sounded likely.

As soon as I came home I had the water running for my bathtub.  I put some oil in the water as all my muscles were starting to ache after being stretched  as possible all weekend. It was difficult to go to sleep that evening. On the end I decided to peak at the book I had bought from Amazon. It was “Channeling”. The first page sounded like hebrew to me. There were a lot of words and idés that I had never seen or heard before. What I understood though and came as a total surprice to me was the statement of Vywamus that everyone was a channeler.  In my mind a channeler meant someone that said he was in connection with the world of the dead ones and brought  messages from them.  I had never seen or heard anything from dead relatives or others and here Vywamus came and said that everybody was a channeler.  Energy channelers, somekind of adaptor.  Adaptors for wisdom, informations, energy and love from higher sources into our reality.  Where were those higher levels? Who were there? What kind of informations and energy was that? How could I that had always been so earthbound be a channeler. There were many questions that were evoked but few answeres that I got.  It was from these thoughts that I at last fell a sleep.

Great Bear was waiting for me. “To night  we will go to a new place!” “Where is that?” “It is a city called Shamballa and is over the Gobi dessert in the northern part of China and southern part of Mongolia. This is an etheric city which means that it cannot be seen with human eyes since it is in another dimension.  Shamballa is a meeting place for all the ascended masters that have lived on earth and they build the planetary heirarchy. One of them has invited you to come and meet him for a privat session to answere your questions. I am also going to let you enjoy the view on our way just as if you were in a plane except this time we will travel in the fifth dimension that will give everything a new color and more depth.  We flew over the land.  It was as if all the colors were exaggerated.  The light was incredible.  I saw the glowing lava through the rocks and deep in the earth there was a magnificent crystal.  “This is the heart of Mother Earth, lady Gaia that is a living being just like you and me.  It really matters and makes difference how the man walks on the earth and treats the it.  The humans are the guardians of mother earth. They task is to watch over the earth and hold the energy balance.  Sadly enough they have long forgotten this except for a few ones. In the latter part of this century the imbalance had become so huge that Lady Gaia thought of retreating her consciousness from earth.  That would have meant that all lifeforce on Earth had been shut down and all life on Earth would have gone the same way. Many great prophets of earlier times had predicted this.  Luckily this has now been turned around. There have been many beings that have helped out here including the planetary heirarchy that has been working nonstop on informing and educating the humans about the Love and the connection to Mother/Father God.
Many man have opened up their eyes to who they really are, the lightbeings and guardians of the Earth and they work on healing it.  Now the earth is moving fast towards ascension towards higher frequency and lady Gaia has decided not to give up on humans.
On her way she needs to release a lot of stress and clean large areas of accumulated discordant energy that has been released by wars and misuse through the ages. Where this is worst nothing less then the elements, earth, air, fire and water can help clean this. That is one of the explaination for all the big floods, fires and earth?? of last few years. In order to minimize the effect and need of great catastrophes thousands of people are now activating their merkabas on a daily basis and many more have opened up their hearts and rainbow bridge to the unconditional love of mother/father God and the Mahatma and let it flow into the very heart of mother Earth.Look!”
I saw many connection to the crystal in the center of the earth that reachedout like golden threads into eternity.  Near the surface there were glittery dots as if the earth was covered with precious stones. Some were larger then others and brighter. 
“This is how we see the humans from higher dimensions.  The brightness and light quotient depends on how far in the evolution the being has come, how much love and light they can hold in their bodies.  Most of them have worked on this through many lifetimes and now they are close to reeping the harvest.”
We were far above the earth and I could see that some places there was much light and other places less.
“Distribution of love and light workers around the earth is uneven.  Some places they are still sleeping and have not awakened to the role they accepted coming to earth. The reasons can be many among other politicians holding  down any attempts of the public to stand in their own power.  This is not all, now take a look at the earth.”
I saw a tightweaved net surrounding earth.  Some places there was a gap where mashes were missing and other places they were very thin.  It looked as if it was made of twinkling gold and silver. There seemed to be much movement there. In a few areas it looked much denser and brighter and there the gridwork went into the center of the earth.
“This is earth´s energy gridwork. Where you see the connection into the heart there are chakra´s. Most of these sites have been known as sacred sites as Glastonbury in England, Giza pyramid in Egypt, Mt Shasta in California , Machu Pichu in Peru etc. The earths energy gridwork had become blocked because of man´s words, thoughts and deeds. Another reason is that after the fall of  Atlantis large portions of the gridwork was closed down to prevent the misuse of it from the dark side.
Last decade a huge effort has been made to clean the net and open up the chakras.  This has exceeded all hopes.”
We were now over Asia and far away I could see a enormous diamond emanating magnificent light.
“This is the Shamballa diamond that is really the groupconsciousness of all the masters. Shamballa is not only a city as we know  but a state of consciousness.  All that these beings have learned and attributed about love and life in the Creation.”
I had difficulties looking into the light but bit by bit I got used to it. We glided into the diamond and then I saw that we were in a beautiful city. The streets were covered in gold and crystals decorating the invironment. We walked towards a temple.  Great Bear directed me to walk in there.

I came into a huge hall. It was rounded with a dome high above my head.  There I could see the stars shining far away but they were so bright. Twelve windows were around the hall and through each of them a clear and bright color emanated, each with a new color. In the middle of the hall there was a huge crystal where all the rays met.  I looked at this sight of light and colors in awe.
“This is beautiful aint it?” came from a soft voice beside me.
When I looked around I met eyes that I will never forget.
“Welcome to Shamballa Valentinus.  I am Djwahl Kuhl, the tibetian as many call me. It is an honor to have you hear today.”
I wondered why it was an honor for him to meet me an ordinary guy from Iceland.
“Dont underestimate yourself Valentinus.  You chose to be born and work on earth without any memories of who you really are.  For that you needed courage. The same applies to all men.

******more to come*******
Dawn of New Millenium
chapter 3
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