The Shamballa MDH foundation
The Shamballa Foundation for Multi-Dimensional Healing Zwolle, Nederlands

The Shamballa Foundation funds healing clinics all around the world, in 2003  alone we donated 6 remedy makers to third world countries, funded by donations and from the proceeds from workshops around the world facilitated by the Founder of The Shamballa Foundation, John Armitage. 

Philosophy and aim of Shamballa foundation for MD healing

•Selfempowerment for all people
•Bring Shamballa MD to every part of the globe.
•Finance of charitable activities around the world.
• Shamballa trainings
• Set up remedy clinics or healing and remedy clinics all over the world.

"With this Shamballa foundation John wants, together with the staff, to work on projects in the rest of the world (Asia, Africa) for free, for those who need it. Also with the help of others he wants to spread this help, this work of love and freedom to those who ask for it and need it most."

Fund raising is an essential part of making this happen. Soon we will have for sale CD´s with meditations, special essence and much more where all profit will go the the fund.

Africa projects



Indonesian projects

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East Europe projects

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