First visit to Gambia

There are 105 children aged up to 5 years old living in extremely deprived conditions at the Sama Kunda Orphanage.  Their diet consists of rice, rice and more rice, when they have enough money to buy it. 
Many of the children and babies are sick.  They cannot afford to go to the hospital, and they cannot afford drugs.

We at the Shamballa Foundation are committed to funding these important projects, and to work with the orphanage on an on-going basis.  We will train the workers to use the machine, supply them with bottles to make the remedies in, and train them to be hands-on healers.

We will be returning to The Gambia at the end of March to take the remedy machine and to train the workers.

The Shamballa Foundation funds healing clinics all around the world, in 2002  alone we donated 6 remedy makers to third world countries, funded by donations and from the proceeds from workshops around the world facilitated by the Founder of The Shamballa Foundation, John Armitage. 


The Shamballa Foundation for Multi-Dimensional Healing

Zwolle, Nederlands

Update 15th February
What has happened since the first visit to Gambia

SHAMBALLA ON for The Gambia and Sama Kunda orphanage!!!!

Dear Baba and J.,
   First and foremost,I would like to send to you my kindest regards and hope only that things are gradually taking shape. Above all, I only think that this letter of mine will meet you in a good condition of health.We are at this juncture with the process of making if not fixing up the tap.Nyima and her entire family are very happy including of course the children about the...SAMBALA FAMIL.Also,the grandfather is well content with the SAMBALA FAMILY. They said that they would not sit and ever forget about the generousity which the SAMBALA FAMILY put up for them. On the contrary, they changed their life and made them to move forward with  the present world and also, I told them that J.  and Baba and with SAMBALA FAMILY, would want to change the roof for the children. When I told them this story ,it was even hard for the grandfather  to believe  in this saying. What made him to have thought of this is due to the simple fact that during the Rainy season, the children normally would find it very difficult to have a sound sleep because of the rain drops through so many holes. In between too, they would  become infected with the Malaria infection.
Each day and night, they would pray to the Almighty for the SAMBALA FAMILY  to live long. Since the day they received the cooking utensils, all the children have had to applaud for the gesture. Lamin himself and Foxy are saying hallo to the SAMBALA FAMILY at large.
Lamina and Foxy

Hi All

Thought you may like an update on the fund-raising for The Gambia.  We have so far raised enough money to buy the cooking pots for the orphanage (200), which Lamin, our new Shamballa brother out there, bought and took to them last week.  They were so happy that they all danced around the pots and then sat and prayed for us!  We have also sent 200 for the water supply!!!!  Lamin is doing the paperwork, and we should know very soon when the work will take place.  Nyima, who works at Sama Kunda, has a husband who works for the water company, so they should be able to pull a few strings to get it sorted quickly. 

Lamin told me on the phone last week that he hoped we may have enough money to put a roof on the orphanage, as the children all get pneumonia in the wet and windy season.  There will be on-going water charges too on a monthly basis. 

Sama Kunda has become a Shamballa village!    We get frequent messages from the children, the workers and "Grandfather", who prays for us regularly.  When we sat together at the orphanage he offered to pray for us, and there were 6 of us sat in a circle with our hands outstretched, and he!  The energy was amazing!  Most definitely a Holy man.

With lots of LOVE, and SHAMBALLA ON!!! for Sama Kunda Orphanage!

At Easter time 2003, J. and Hari Babba again went to Gambia and here is their story of what they did there.
Hi folks we are back from Africa now and what a trip it was, don't know where to start really. But here is a brief account of it all.

We arrived and was met by the 2 shamballa family in Gambia Lamen and Foxy at the airport. 

They were glad to see us and we were all happy to see each other again for sure.

We had a day or so to recover from the journey and then got down to work, they told us that the people who look after the children were happy we had  come back to see them and bring the remedy machine for them.

We did 2 13d workshops during the trip as well one for over 20 people mostly boys off the street that hassle tourists for a living called in Gambia bumsters, it was great to have these  boys and a few girls be interested in Shamballa, since we attuned Lamen and Foxy earlier in the year they had heard about shamballa and had healings and took to it like ducks to water.

Every where you go in Fajara, Backau, and Samakunda people shout greetings on the streets Shamballa on,   the shamballa energy is certainly flowing there I can tell you.

The next 13d was with some kids from the orphanage and some younger street kids around 20 of them again, some as young as 5 years old, they took to it again like they had been in training all their lives for it.

They sat and were quiet and received the energy with joy in their hearts.

We were amazed by them, the cry Shamballa on spread further and further.

The remedy machine is already in use and remedies are being made great stuff.

There is a big problem with malaria, yellow fever, pneumonia, skin problems and fungal stuff and more including worms and such it will be very useful for them.

A new baby had been born to a family that help with the kids and they asked if the baby could be called after me so there is now a hari baba Michael armitage in Gambia as well we had a really good naming ceremony and it was amazing to be with the elders of the town and be in the energy of it.

WE have bought some land there near the sea a very large plot and we intend to build a Shamballa ashram there when we have some more cash the first one in Africa hurrah will be great we will also build some small houses so people can come and stay as well for holidays and workshops. There will be a healing centre and workshop space so we can do workshops there and others can use the space as well for workshops.

Gambia is regarded as the most stable country in Africa the people are very friendly and around 90% are followers of Islam in its true essence of LOVE, tolerance and support for all they are so glad to see white people and to bring our cultures together  for mutual support and merging of the best of the 2 cultures.

they send their LOVE to you, but not only to the people that helped in all this,

but to the whole of the family around the world they send the call of Shamballa on and ask me to remind all of you there is only one God, one heart and one blood, we are all brothers and sisters on earth no matter what colour and creed.

For myself and J.  we both thank you from our hearts as well.

Not forgetting Germain he sends his big thank you and his LOVE to all, he has just said hey what about me. Tell them I am happy about it all as well, he say's a big thank you family and lets keep Shamballa rolling across the world in LOVE.

Shamballa on LOVE baba

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