February 7th. 2003
News from  The French Congo. 

It's hot and humid, on the equator.  There are few people, armed police are everywhere and the Congalese attack the Congalese.  Two days ago a policeman who is on the workshop was late, because before the workshop he was working and it "took a while to clear up the bodies".  Yesterday a woman from a neighbouring village finally arrived at the workshop 2 days late.  She had arrived in Brazzeville not knowing where the workshop was, and nobody could tell her.  She had walked around the town for 2 days until she found them!

Baba and Elli and Lilian, along with (so far) 2 of the workshopees who have only just done their 1 and 2 Shamballa, went yesterday to one of the refugee - or as Baba puts it "displaced people" camps to do some healings.  The camp is run by nuns (The Congo is primarily Christian), and when Lilian approached them to see if the group could visit, they welcomed them with open arms.  So first of all they lined up the children, then the people with real problems that need healing and they did 200 hands-on healings in 2.5 hours.  Then they did a mass healing with another 300 people!  What an initiation for the new Shamballans!  Brilliant work.

I asked Baba yesterday what he felt our work in The Gambia had done for the work in The Congo, because I knew before we went there, and it was confirmed frequently while we were there, that it was partly preparatory work.  The earth work we did in Gambia felt really important, and I could see the lines being carried down the country.  We worked on a sacred site with many vortices, so it makes sense that each of those corresponded with one further down line.  Anyway, what he told me was that Lilian (who is Congolese and arranged the trip with Elli) had said she felt that the people had all been prepared to receive this energy in some way.  Interesting.

The camp they visited yesterday is a small one, and they have bigger ones to visit now.  The work continues.  Watch this space!  SHAMBALLA ON! for The French Congo.

8th February 2003
It's now the end of the first week and altogether they've done over 1000 yes 1000 personal healings and many more mass healings.  Today there were 11 healers on the ground, or rather in the church at one of the refugee camps.  The healers, apart from Baba, Elli and Lilian, are all brand new.  They've only had a few hours training, and already they're out there working with it, without denial or questions, just working.  They've been lining people up in front of benches, and worked solidly for hours at a time, one person after another.

The people in the church are very suspicious of Shamballa and the workshop folk, and say they're trying to steal the locals' souls!  The locals are queuing for healing though.  When Baba asked one older lady today why she came, she said because she knew she was going to receive a blessing of some kind!  The Secret Service are also on their case.  They visited Lilian's home to find out who these people are and why they're there.  Lilian told them they are there on a humanitarian mission, so they left them alone. 

They've been giving homeopathic remedies too, in large quantities.  The children have all been vaccinated and are showing all the immune system weaknesses associated with it, so the vaccine remedy is one of the most used out there.

Tomorrow they have a day off and they're going to do some driving, then take the 4 wheel drive on to a boat on the river, and have a picnic!  Great idea!  Well deserved rest.

Hi Folks, another update from Baba.  He had his first day off on Saturday, and the group went to an island in the middle of the river, a beautiful spot where they just chilled out. 

He spend yesterday recovering as he was sick (a reaction to the immune system stuff he's taking, although on the whole he seems MUCH better (much to my relief!).

Yesterday, the group were supposed to be visiting more refugee camps, but several of the people live outside the city of Brazzaville and they couldn't travel because there was a lot of people-massacring happening.  He's not sure yet whether they'll be able to get there today, but I'll know a bit later on today how the land lies.

He and Elli are staying at the French Ambassador's residence in Brazzaville - VIP treatment.  The Ambassador tells them that the Congolese are fighting each other, and in the South the war is still on.  Yesterday they heard low-flying aircraft heading south, presumably part of the war mission.  Life is cheap there.  The Christian and Catholic community is suspicious of the Shamballa group, and the police tried to stop them en-route on Saturday, but they ran the gauntlet and got away.  Often the police shoot to kill before asking questions.  The people who have killed others often cut off the male's penises and eat them because they think it gives them strength.  Raw.  The police take away women from the camps to have sex with them.  No choice.

They've also distributed over 1000 gallons of homeopathic remedies in water containers and put them in wells.  The report back from the first remedy drop is that the diseases are passing through much quicker than usual.

The new healers are doing fantastic work and are holding up OK.  Let's keep them all in our hearts and hold them in a peaceful space of SHAMBALLA LOVE.

Baba is back in England and here comes his story.

HI YA Folks here is a little story about my last trip to Congo with Elli.

Before we left Elli had said to me she wondered if I might have to go to Paris to get my visa, I had already tracked down the office in London who issued the visas and had been to get one, it was easy getting the visa just pay and chat to the consul, he was very friendly and gave me a multiple entry one for 30 days.

Yep that was the easy part of the trip for sure.

I flew from Bristol to Paris the day before we left and was met by Elli and her boyfriend Serge, they took me home and we had a good nights sleep.

Up early in the morning and away to the airport again for the flight to Congo.

All went well and away we flew, air France good airline with good food and lots of leg room.

We got to Congo the French part late in the day it was dark. Off the plane and into the heat, yep 6 30 in the evening or so and still hot, me I left England and it was snowing at the airport.

Hot and humid for sure we walked to the airport building and went in side, humid and hot is all I can say started sweating and joined the queue for passport checks ect, it was so disorganised it was amazing how anything got done, we stood in the queue and moved slowly forward, me not speaking French I could not understand the signs and what was going on around me, just stand and relax, roll a cigarette Germain said all is arranged for you.

OK this is Africa I say to myself who will care if I light up? nobody I reckon so do it, as I stand and smoke I look around a notice a policeman looking at me, ah I wonder should I put out my cigarette or smile, just smile Germain says.

OK so I do look him in the eyes and smile, a flicker of a smile crosses his face, right I think  no need to put out my smoke.

A few seconds later he comes over to me and say's something in French, me I reply I don't understand (in French)  with no expression on his face he takes my passport from my hand and starts to look at it, after a few moments he beckons me to give him the passports of Lillian and Elli, Lillian had met us in Paris but lives in the Congo with her husband and children,  ok here they are I say, he takes them and has a good look and I wonder what will happen now.

Being a seasoned traveller I know anything can happen in these queue and you don't need to be in Africa to get hassle it can happen anyplace on earth, (once I was grabbed at Seattle airport in America and held for 7 hours and given the 3d degree by men and women with guns and not friendly looks on their faces was let go in the end to finish my journey or in Florida was met by the CIA who told me they were not happy with me because I had been talking about the ufo's and the American government involvement with et's)

After a few more minutes he beckoned me again to go with him, oh well I thought be calm and shamballa on lets see what the next adventure is.

He took me to the front of the queue and put the passports on the table said something to the man and stood there, the man took the passports and flipped thorough them, in a few moments he asked where you stay, with the French consul I replied, stamp stamp stamp and the passports handed back to the police man.

This is good I think to myself the fast track treatment or maybe not a part of me say's!!!

Don't worry Germain tells me just relax and al will be well, ok come with me he beckons again through the next check and no search and the next check no search so the fast track it is I recon by now.

He asks for luggage slips and away he goes after telling the customs men to let us out, we walk through the door and are met by Lillian's husband smiling.  We sit in a little room and I wonder here he is and where is our luggage and passports, the time ticks by and still wonder in the back of mind what is going on, still have another smoke and see.

Hurrah here is our man with our luggage on a trolley looks like we made it.

Out we go and load it up and drive away, taken to a restaurant and fed with beer and food and away to see our rooms at the French consuls residence, as we drove through the city I could see we were in a rough place the buildings were full of rocket holes and bullet holes and there was hardly anybody on the streets, solders with guns, police with guns, and police in black uniforms with guns not just hand guns but machine guns and rifles.

The house was surrounded with razor wire and guards on the gate, the razor wire was later electrified during our stay not much was said about it but I reckon the war will flare up again soon.

The consul is a nice man with a beard and lives alone he looked like Father xmas really and made me chuckle a bit, was offered more drinks and were shown our rooms, I took the first one I was shown and thought at last bed, turned on the ac and it blew hot air oh well you will get used to the heat and humidity soon I thought.

Next morning I was awakened by Elli and told breakfast was ready for us.
Great I thought food, till I say it on the teable, French breakfast!  not the best thing to make an Englishman happy but anyway at least its food and look there is a tea pot so don't moan Germain say's.

After we were picked up by Lillian and away we went on our first trip of many out and about, a whistle stop tour of a camp or two just to see the conditions we would work in for the next few week, I must admit that Gambia was a paradise compared, nothing really could have prepared me for it, I know the first place we went I had tears in my eyes and felt very helpless.

Still as usual things started to happen and we worked out our plan.

So more later I must go now and do a few things LOVEBaba

Another email from Baba

Hi Ya Folks here is a bit more of the travel and Congo work story.

We started the 13 d workshop and had 11 people I think ( my mind don't retain numbers to well! )   Guess who was in workshop the police man from the airport!!1

One day he was very late, he arrived looking a bit shaky I asked what was wrong with him, he said sorry I am late but we had a shoot out and many were killed so I had to work overtime with it all.

we worked in the training in the afternoons and went healing in the mornings,  after the first afternoon we went to a camp  a crew of us and started work, we did 250 or more personal healings between us and a mass healing and clearance as well for many people,

It was amazing for sure the people had only got the first 4 activations the day before remember we only workshoped for the afternoon so there was no time for mind stuff just clearances and the activations, they worked as though they had been doing it all their lives, what a crew we are myself Elli from Paris Lillian and the others a doctor a Baptist pastor and others I have no idea what they did.

Hands on and Shamballa on and wow, we sat people in a row on seats and worked a healing production line many were healed and we were happy as well as them.

On the second day of the workshoping, there was still one person missing from the group, and Indian sister from Kerlala India who lives and works in the Congo in a village around 60 kms from Brazzaville we wondered where she was but thought this is Africa so who knows.

She was great her bishop cam eto see me as well during our stay, he was nice as well and asked us to keep up the good work.

Nice to have visits from bishops as well as the secret service!!

We were having a break and I was outside smoking of course and the lady arrived looking hot and bothered, she had been looking for us for two days she said, God had told her to come so she did, she was guided not to give up the search.

We welcomed her and I gave her the activations she had missed to catch up with us.

Remember no information just activations and hand, on Shamballa on so easy for her to catch up in the workshop.

Every morning we went out to work on our travels we passed many buildings wrecked in the war I guess and saw allot of army and Militia people but so far so good no problems with them,

till one morning we were driving along a road if you can call it that and a soldier stepped out in front of us and waved us down, oh well here we go I thought.

Lillian stopped the 4 wheel drive and just sat there, the others in the car went silent.

The soldiers just walked around the vehicle looking in the windows and being sullen saying nothing, the doctor in the back said a few words which I understood to be we were on humanitarian work, no reply from them.

One was looking through my rolled down window and checking me out, I looked him in the eyes and said shamballa on, within seconds he was around the front of the car waving us away.

We all laughed in relief I reckon and we got louder and louder.

After a bit the Indian sister said Hari Baba I think you chased him away he was scared of Shamballa for sure we all laughed more.

You never know what will happen there kidnap rape and so on are common even by the army so never think you are safe with them.

I was also told dont call the police they shoot first and ask anybody thaat is still alive what is going on.

Another day we were in the car in Brazzaville with Lillian and she did a minor traffic offence, oh dear the police see her and pull us over, again car goes silent, she gives her drivers licence to him, a french one, he don't like it, starts to speak loudly and I understand he he not happy about it and he is telling her why have you not changed it for a Congo one, we can all be taken away now I think and that means no dinner at least.

I am in the front and he takes me for her husband I think, he starts to speak to me, I ma about to say no speak French English and Germain tells me in no uncertain terms to shut my mouth!!!

Ok keep quiet and look him in the eye and nod now and again.

Shamballa on you can feel it come down he feels it as well, stands aside and away we go hurrah hurrah we shout and laugh shouting shamballa on as we drive off, funny the man did not know I did not have a clue what he is saying and I am told his last words to me were I leave all this to your wisdom.

Every day was a round of miracles for sure we gave out over 1000 gallons of homeopathic remedies in water along with a special combination for famine situations to help the body get the best from small amounts of food.

Believe me some needed it as the children were living on one high protein biscuit a day only, had worms tape and pin hanging from their bottoms. We also gave remedies for that as well.

Some are better off then others staying in compounds run by churches and have more food and medical supplies, I can tell you though most bathroom cabinet's in the west have more drugs in them I reckon.

At times we came up against pressure not to do our work those that ran the camps did not want their power threatened, I was amazed really and started to see why many of these people were still in camps, really the government has money for guns and stuff but do nothing for the people.

Fuel was short and half the time or more there was no fuel in the gas stations, just lines and lines of cars waiting for days sometimes.

Even no jet fuel often so planes have to wait as well if the president don't sell them some form his personal stash!!

This is a lovely country wrecked by power struggles and war, aids is here big and although I don't know how many people are supposed to have it, I know the in Zaire the next country around 75% of people are infected with HIV.

WE told them how to cure aids with blood remedies, take blood samples and use the remedy maker to make remedies from it, each person has to have their own remedy so allot of blood samples are needed. WOW.

I took my personal remedy maker with me and of course came home without it so another one donated by me personally. All the work and workshops were free and fun was had by all.

Theyhave the remedy maker now so can keep on with the work and the family there will keep up the healing visits.

In all we did over 2000 personal sessions and thousands of mass healings and clearings.

Thanks for the energy you sent us and well lets keep shamballa on the road and the energy moving.

I grounded the energy up to the 19 dimension there into the grids so it will be spreading around the earth.

I did some nice channelling from the sponsor of the country of Africa a being known as Afra
he was very glad of our work and we also reactivated the earth keeper diamond in the middle of the continent.

So lets keep our thoughts in their direction and shamballa on.

Lots more to tell but I reckon I will call it the end.

LOVE baba
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