Palestinian essences
P1 The Sphinx Its core is respect through humbleness. To be true to one self and gain your own self-respect and mutual respect through humbleness towards life, towards your fellow beings and all there is.
It is a building block for our life, the rock to build our temple on.

You could as well say that if we put aside the ego and stand in the love (unconditional) we have found the ultimate way home.

P2 Timan pillars of Salomon Works with the male energy same as Eagle and Hawk. Eagle-- Illumination, majesty, adeptness, potency, power through knowledge. Hawk-- Awareness, inner truth and contemplation, hidden talents, a watcher . Works with the higher planes of your awareness and consciousness.

P3 Acasic tree  Good for Leukemia, aids the mitoses. Less stress. Good for AIDS and other destructive dis-eases. Purity of life

P4 Petra
going into the womb of the mother, activation of the female energy within

P5 Eilat stone
(from Gurudas, "Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing"):
"Karmic Pattern:  It was commonly used in Atlantis and Lemuria because
  of its general healing properties. This stone has also historically been used
  to integrate the thought processes between individuals in interpersonal
  relationships.  This is partly why the stone is found in the Middle East..."
"Uses for healing and spiritual growth [gem elixir properties]:  Here there is the capacity for complete tissue regeneration, particularly the skeletal tissue. 
All miasmas are alleviated, and assimilation of all nutrients improves. All the subtle bodies are temporarily aligned, which detoxifies the system so that vibrational preparations work better.  This is a powerful elixir.

"Eilat stone enables one to better accept the conditions of life especially when related to one's personal karmic pattern. There is increased inspiration from the higher self.  This elixir is an excellent
antidepressant, and there is a minor impact on the heart chakra.

Eilat stone balances the masculine and feminine properties in people, and the test points are the forehead, medulla oblongata, and the feet.” 
The eilat stone is an exceptional stone formed of a fusion of chrysocolla, turquoise, malachite, azurite and cuprite. The energy of the eilat stone is peace. The eilat stone is a vibrant blue-green and works to help clear the energy of the
thymus and balances the heart energies. It is excellent for detoxifying and
releasing issues of trauma.
The eilat stone is a powerful stone for women’s issues. Author Diane Stein refers to the eilat stone as helpful in healing
issues of abuse and repression for women. She recommends this stone for
healing women’s lack of self-esteem and to develop inner knowing. It is also
said to foster pride in being a women and encourages women’s autonomy.

P6 Negev opal.
All the Arcangels come with the essence with their love, softness source like feeling to your heart and lungs.  If we act through it and put it around us the energy reaches the Universe. It has the energy of the sureness of the Universe . It is  big and powerful as if  you have reached new knowlege, new energy. Couple source energy with this Archangel essence and do our work and the work comes out to be source work

P7 Camel/patience
We always seem to want things to happen NOW but sometimes we have to wait a while. This essence brings about patience and tolerance.

P8 Getsemanee-Olive tree
Tolerance towards people and views that differ from our own-helps understand the essence of Jesus/Christ teaching. (There is a lot more to this essence that will be added as time goes by.)

P9 Tree of lif
e Part of the lightbody spray. Codes for the tree of life.

P10 Keops pyramid-cosmic geometr
y  Part of the lightbody spray. Codes for cosmic geometry,  attunements.

P11 Mt Sinai-Grace
Beautiful and loving energy from Source.

P12 Spring of Mose
Balance of yin and yang within. Sense of freshness.Activation of Thymus and the youth hormones. Rejuvenating. Takes away blockages in the upper left side of neck/chest pinksilver/white color

P13 Qumram
part of the light body acitvation spray. All the Melchizedek codes.

P14 Dead sea
Deep cleansing both of karmic issues and also ET connection and implants.

All the Palestinian essences  are bringing in new higher mahatma energy for the evolution of man in mind helps clean our energy and aids the ascension process  They are all working  togethe

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