Now almost 6 weeks after I started making essences from the energy or vibration of our Palestine trip I am able to send out first description.
As with all of our essences this is only a base or a skeleton of what each essence can do or how it works. Each individual has its uniqueness and each needs different approach.

But the goal is always wholeness and freedom.

This essence is made with energies/vibrations from the Sphinx.

Its core is respect through humbleness. To be true to one self and gain your own self-respect and mutual respect through humbleness towards life, towards your fellow beings and all there is.
It is a building block for our life, the rock to build our temple on.

You could as well say that if we put aside the ego and stand in the love (unconditional) we have found the ultimate way home.

Lets take a better look at the abilities of this. The sphinx is a lion with a human or kingís head. The lion is the king of the animals. It is strong. It is respected. It does not kill for joy only in need of survival. It is true to its nature.

The man first came here as Gaiaís guardian. We were in close contact with the creation and had earned respect of other kingdoms that walked this planet and those on higher dimensions.

We have gone a long way since then, fallen in grace if you might say so. Now we are working our way back towards unity. Part of it is acknowledging the role of other beings, other kingdoms (animal etc) that walk the earth with us. Respecting them and thus gain their respect back.

Where do we start?

As always we need to start looking into our hearts and minds and begin the work at home.

By doing so we are building the font, the building blocks to firmly stand on.

I came across a chapter in one of my books while working with this essence. I donít have it in English but I know it can be found and maybe some of you got that book and can find this chapter and send it to me in English.

This book is thought to be written by Akenathon (Amenthotep IV). it is called "Unto Thee I Grant" and was found in Tibet in 1740.

The Rosicrucian Order published this book. The chapter I was shown is chapter II in book IV, "Father"

It talks about the duty of the parent, how to raise the child so it will be a good person.

When I read this chapter this evening I felt this was also a guideline for each of us how we should teach our own personality or ego. To learn the virtues because if we follow them we gain the respect not only for our selves because we know that we are following the love in our heart but also others.

It does not matter if we become known for this in the media or in the world or if only the closest family does, or if we as world teachers get the acknowledgement from a huge crowd. We have been true to our selves and to the creator.

Joshua David Stone talks in his book Cosmic ascension about Misconception about initiations and ascension, page 132-134.

You see my friend we do not need to be psychic or world teachers to go through the initiations. We can be a quiet mother or father that devotes her/his life to the family. What we need to do is always be true and stay in the love. Love each other and be whole.

That is just what shamballa is about to be whole through LOVE.

Going back to the essence itself. As always there are other beings pitching in with their energies.
This time it is a very loving being. A Creator God from another Universe.

The love and the humbleness and respect that we all felt were enormous.

This being works closely with nature and the creation as it is a creator this is no wonder.

As I get to know more of the new essences I will tell you.

With all my love and humbleness.

I am pesioliel Ray-el

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