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Essences from the ocean
H1 Coral. It brings the balancing of the tides. For the waves of life as each of us have our hights and lows.  Green energy that goes into the artistic part of our selves.
"Helps body use nourishment provided at physical & etheric levels. Aids flow of prana (life force). Stengthens bones. Removes toxins. Balances male/female nature on spiritual levels. Use in bath to relieve arthritic pain. Aids brain and nerve tissues; helps offset senility and mind drifting ; aids concentratin."
H2 Poseidon.The energies of the ocean fills us with freedom of the ocean. It also works on the root chakra and connects the kundalini energy, opens up for clairvoyance. It is very powerful and should not be used of people that are not ready to wake the kundalini.
Good for those that have the chakras in balance.
It is good before meditation and also good for healers before they start giving healing. It works on the kidneys as well.

H3 Dolphins. There is a huge deva over beautiful landscape with mountains, trees and grass coming with this one. He said that Germain had invited him to be part of this. He looked like an old man with white, long, hair and beard in an endless cloak. There was a lot of green and yellow color plus blue violet color. He said he was the overlightening deva of Africa with his home in Kilmanjaro. He takes is role within the essence very seriously and no wonder there has not been many to address him over the past thousands of years until we came along. It is really an honor for us to have all these beings working with us on this project for the benefit of mankind, earth and the whole Universe.
But there are more beings the mermaids and other strange beings of the ocean bring lots of joy and lightness and love. These beings are bluegrean. The ocean then brings calmness from the deep and the power of the ocean god. Poseidon. It clears the soul life completely.
Of course the dolphins also come through this essence with their joyful play, love and harmony.
This essence helps change the DNA, it goes into the essence of our being and affects the original eight cells. It clears the connection to the Source. Like a reverse cosmic flush. Howard the dolphin said that when that clearing is done the beings of the ocean can come in and bring the lightness, joy and love. Since this works with our DNA through eons of time or beginning of humanity on earth it works on the karma as well.

Shamballa MD healing essences
When making  these essences we asked the masters to bring their energies to them as well so they can help with sending the energy where it is most needed.
The guidance I have got is that these should be used by healers, Reiki or shamballa practioners  in healing and to send home with their client to enhance the work that is going on between sessions or after.  They are very good to use with crystals.

S1 Motor Zanon. The symbol to heal viral and bacterial infections. Mother Mary and
Kuthumi brings the message of worthiness.

S2.  Cho Ku Rei. “God is here”  Sanat Kumara .

S3.  Zonar. working with karma. AA Micheal cuts the karmic ties and then AA Gabriel balances the energies.

S4. Antahkarana. A powerful healing symbol that has its own consciousness and connection with the I am presence. Mahatma, Kutumi, Djwal Kuhl and devas. This can be used to give more power to earth healing with crystal mandalas. Put one drop at the base of the crystals.  This will help spread the energy of the mandala outwards and thereby expand the area that is being healed and cleard.

S5. Amsui. A symbol of completion. Cleansing of all the meridians and subtle bodies. Babaji and Ashtar.

S6. Atlantean Dai Ko Myo. The master symbol. It empowers all the other symbols.  It activates  the pineal and pituitary glands and helps clearer soul energy to come through.

S7. Hon She Ze Sho NenDistance healing, Akashic records, past-present-future.
AA Gabriel and AA Zadkiel.

S8. Silver violet flame. Cleanses discordant energy in the subtle bodies and in places. AA Micheal and Germain.

S9.  Tibetian fire serpent. Works on fear of the mind. Helps one let go of deep fear. Also energizing.  Djwal Kuhl.

S10. Palm Master symbol. Connects all the chakras into earth and up to Source.  Sanat Kumara, Lady Nada and Gaia.

S 11. Sei He Ki. Heals mind and emotions. Mahatma, Germain and AA Micheal.

S12 Mer Ka Fa Kalisma. DNA. Mother energy. Many beings from the devic kingdom, naturspirits, Gaia, elements with the angel Solon leading the way. (DNA adjustment team.) Very good when working with genetic dis-ease and other dis-eases that are held in the DNA codes.

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