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Devic and cosmic essences 2
Paradise, Iceland
F6. Mahatma. Mahatma is the I AM presence of our Creator.  The most magnificent and profound love energy that is available for us on earth at this time. It is caring, loving and transformational. It can not only be used for personal use but is very important for earth work.  It can be put into lakes, rivers and oceans and they will carry the energy further thereby helping all those that come in touch with the water. Very powerful before meditation or healing.

"So how are we going to help mother earth
facilitate her ascension process. Through spiritualisation, through the spiritualisation of her body and because your are her children through the spiritualisation of your
bodies. How shall we facilitate the spiritualisation? We can facilitate it in a very easy and simple way.  We can work with the energy of the Mahatma. You humans as each
and any one of you open yourself to this Mahatma energy, it flows through you and out of you into the body of your mother earth and this energy that flows through you and
into the body of mother earth will bring about the spiritualisation of her." (from a channeling through Hari Das Melchizedek at Easter time, a message from Brian Grattan)

F7. Glanni. The waterfall Glanni is in Hvítá in Borgarfjordur.  The energy from this waterfall was given to us during an earthwork workshop on Easter Sunday.  The message from the deva was that this essence would break through any emotional blockage or other kind of blockages you have in your subtle bodies.

F8. Paradise. It brings peace, harmony and balance. It is a perfect balance of the male/female energy. Spray it into your aura or energy field and you will feel at peace.
We include in this part of a channeling made while visiting this magic place on Easter Sunday.  The channel is Hari Das Melchizedek.

"I am the male keeper of these vortices, there are two of us, one male and one female.
We have been keepers of this place for many thousands of your years.

We were charged with the grid Creators the job of holding these vortices stable.  Notice that I did not say guarding these vortices for vortex
keepers are not there to guard.  They are there to hold the energy in balance if we possibly can. ..
Yes, it might surprise you that many of these vortices are interdimensional gateways.  Many beings that use merkaba ships use these vortices to
transport  themselves, deep, deep within the earth.
Many of the beings that live inside the earth use these vortices to bring their living light merkaba ships from deep inside the earth to far, far out in
the sky to the Universe.

Both my female aspect and I are very, very pleased and happy that you have arrived here this day.  For although these vortices which form a
vesica picies are very harmonious and balanced they are sometimes disturbed by the presence of human visitors.

We do have a connection with divine will.  We understand what a divine will is.
Divine will is wholeness within the body of the mother, harmony within the body of the mother.  When the mother is living in harmony and
wholeness her children can also be whole.  This is the plan of divine will.  And there has been or never will be a deviation from it. ....
You humans are Gods and Goddesses incarnate so it is there for important to remember that you can create harmony and balance where ever
you are, think about this. Think about the possibilities of it and start to put the possibilities into practice.

I thank you and I love you although I do not know you. I bless you for I am also a creator.  The creator within me salutes the creator within you."

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