Monday 23-10-2000

Meeting with M.C..  Long talk about the essences.

Return home, impossible to sleep before 3h in the morning, my brain was really working overtime.  I received lots of messages and teachings that night.

Tuesday 24-10-2000

My father is very ill.  He has an infection in the stomach area (hernia).

He needs an operation.  He can't walk and he is very distressed.  I started a distant healing as usual.  The energy started to go through my father's body and at the same time (to my surprise), the essences were also coming through without me asking for them.  Some of the essences were mention the night before while talking with MC but were not part of the essences I bought and I couldn't even remember their components.

The healing was done in all the bodies and all the dimensions.  The name Sheendra appear in front of my eyes and I just said OK.  And my father's auras were cleansed like wipers cleaning a windscreen.  All that was done in a gentle way.  His bodies were becoming clear, bright and light.

Not only I had a complete vision of the part of the body that was infected (lower left part of the stomach) but I also had the arteries that were going up to the heart, the left carotid, the left eye and the left part of the brain. 

The name Holy Cross Mt appeared, I said OK and the crown Chakra got cleared and lightened.

The elements came.  I said OK.  Rehydration of the tighten mucus and harden tissues of the brain.

I received a message : "blow in the didgeridoo".  I blew in the carotid as if I was blowing in a didgeridoo and the energy regenerate the left part of the brain.  The rest of the infection that was in the lower part of the stomach came up and out through the crown chakra.

During the work I could smell the essences and the odour of the infection.  I could also feel the wind, the ice, and the fire. 

I also noticed that his leg was completely blocked up and very heavy.  

Amsui came.  I said OK.  And I blew from the base of the foot upwards as if I was blowing in a small balloon, and the vein got unblocked.

The auras were also cleared.  The pranique tube opened up and the energy was going up and down harmoniously.

I have to mention that the essences were working alone.

All this different activities happening at the same time look like a big orchestra with a Maestro directing the show in a perfect way.

The healing lasted 1.30 h, and I wasn't tired.  I was happy, because at the same time it cleared my infections.

I think the essences allow me to integrate the spirit of the elements contains in each bottle.

I didn't have to think about the amount of drops I had to use, all that was done naturally before the next bottle came along when needed.

All the healing was done with unconditional love and light.

I called my father the following day, he didn't understand what happened, he felt young, in a perfect shape and he even decided to go to the restaurant with my mother because he felt like celebrating.

Love  from Graziella.

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Unusual healing with essences
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