Guarantee of Quality
Waterfall flower essences are made from organically grown flowers or those gathered from the wild nature of Iceland.  They are made in conjunction with Nature, the devas, nature spirits, ascended masters, angels, archangels and other starry brothers and sisters. Most of the flowers come from Mosfellsbær but some come from other places in our country. We use tab water that comes from a natural well in Heiðmörk, Reykjavik. It is clear without any added substances and purified by nature. They are preserved in brandy as all our essences. All our essences are potenized and purified in a crystal mandala (pillar of light) for a period of time and charged with the energy of Shamballa MD healing energy.
No medical claims are made for these products.
What are vibrational essences
Everything in nature has its own vibration. A flower growing in harmony emits its own healthy, vital vibration. These vibrations can be captured in water and "set"by exposing the water to full sunlight for a few hours.

Each organ, each cell of our own bodies has its own healthy vibrational pattern. When we become ill or distressed we "fall out of balance" and these vibrations are disturbed.

Flower essences, gem elexirs, cosmic and environment essences can be used to help us regain balance in body, mind emotions and spirit. They can also help us on our evolutionary spiral to hold higher frequency of light within our body physical and build our lightbodies. These preparations are similar to homeo pathic remedies in that a little goes a long way. Homeopathic remedies mimic the vibration of a disease in order to amplify it and make it unstable so that it can no longer reside in the body. Vibrational essences however emit healty vibrations (through entrainment), thus overcoming the disease vibrations and expelling them. Homeopathic remedies work more on the physical body, vibrational essences more on the etheric bodies surrounding the physical body (where disease vibration originate). Vibrational essences are not substitute for necessary medical care; they can enhance other treatments, howeve.

Certain substances can interfere with the absorption of vibrational essences into your body. Avoid taking them within 20 minutes of using coffee, tobacco, mint, menthol, camphor, garlic or any synthetic perfumes.  It is also best to ingest them at least 20 minutes away from eating or drinking (except water).

Normal dose is 1-3 drops under the tongue or in a glass of pure water 2-3 times per day. However it is best to check for dosage through some dowsing technique if possible.  If the pipette touches your mouth or anything else, wash it with soap and water and rinse well before returning it to the bottle.

How do I know which essences to take?

There are many methods of choosing which essence you need at a given time. As you read the definitions of each essence, intuitively you may feel drawn by this or that one. Or you may hold each one in your hand, being aware of any which make your hand feel different (warm or tingly, perhaps). You may be attracted to certain essences just by looking at them. Pass your hand over the essences slowly; do any speak to you in any way?

Dowsing is a simple way of getting a yes/no answer. This method uses the electric system of your body to help your higher self communicate with you.  You may dowse using a pendulum. An easy way to make one is by tying a metal washer to a string. Practice with your pendulum, finding out what is "yes" and "no" for you. Usually "yes" will be forward and back while "no" will be sideways movement or circle. When you understand your method and are comfortable with it hold pendulum over the essences one at a time and ask, "Do I need this now?"

Another way of dowsing is by using kinesiology (muscle testing). Hold your little finger against the thumb of the same hand (left, if you are right-handed). Hold the index finger and thumb of your other hand together, like tweezers. You will use these fingers to try to press apart the little finger and thumb on the opposite hand. If you are able to, the answer is "no"; if not, the answer is "yes". Use a steady pressure. It takes some practice to get the pressures right and to feel comfortable with this method but after a few days you should begin to trust it. Once learned its the easiest, since you always have your hands with you!

If you are able to hear spiritual guidance ask your guides or your inner voice or your higher self or whatever usually speaks to you.

After finding out which essences to take, ask how many times a day you should take them and for how many days. Normal dosage is 1-3 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water, but it is best to test. Shake bottle before taking your drops, to activate the remedy.

Trust what you receive, whatever method you use.(the text of this page is mostly taken from the booklet "Taliloquay" by Phyllis Brooks, shamballa master. She makes many wonderful essences and sprays.)

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