workshop with waterfall essences
Workshop with Waterfallessences from Iceland
offered throughout the world
We have been asked to make the Waterfall essences known to people around the globe.
In the past few years the selection of these powerful essences have expanded beyond our wildest dreams. As new energies are anchored on our beautiful planet they are  also made available through the essences along with energies of plants, places or beings to aid us to assimiliate and work with these new energies.

We can now offer

Two days workshop and an intro evening

Lilja Petra Asgeirsdóttir og Erlendur Magnús Magnússon Shamballa MD masters from Iceland

A course to help you towards self empowerment and realisation of your true essence.

Learn how to heal your self, others and the nature.
Learn to make your own vibrational essences and to work with the unseen nature spirits that are all around you.
Learn about the vibrational essences and how they can help you towards wholeness and freedom.

• Introduction, our path to vibrational essences
•  Video tape on sacred sites of Iceland to feel  the energies of our country
•  Explanations of the essences
•  How do they work and how do we use them

•  Short meditations to get to know  the energies of individual essences and how differently they affect people.
•  Using essences with crystals to heal
•  Earthwork with the essences
•  Tune into  the essences with your heart chakra, third eye and by putting them in drinking water.
Essence sprays
How to make essences from flowers, stones, sites or the cosmos.

•  Questions and answers
•  Sale of essences
A detailed booklet  in English and French is included in the price of the workshop

We offer as well
Individual consultations with Lilja. She can make you a essenceblend or transmit your special soul-core essence into a bottle. Each consult is 45-60 minutes and costs 40 Euros including translation and one bottle of special essence.

Elli offers individual healing and/or  massage sessions.
Each session is 60-90 minutes and costs 40 Euros

We are looking for workshop facilitators from around the globe
If you are interested in hosting an essence workshop please
contact us for more information
We are also available to teach Shamballa 12D anywhere

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