Good morning folks.

How are you all doing?

Since it is summer in this part of the world, the sun is shining here
and the grass is green and the flowers and trees growing fast so it is
with smile on my face and joy in my heart that I start my writings

I have always loved my country very much and showing it to guests from
other countries gives me special pleasure. That and my huge need to
share the gift of nature and the cosmos was the reason we put together a
workshop exploring the elements of nature, nature spirits and the
essences that we have been so fortunate to bring through in the past few

We put up banner on the spirit web plus sending information to all we
knew and having lots of information on our web.

Well in short we got a few requests from 4 continents for more
information but only two ladies went the whole way and travelled to Iceland for
this adventure. For that we are grateful and know that next time there
will be more. :)

On June the 18th we picked up the European one at my mothers B&B and
headed to the southwest peninsula, called Reykjanes. This was a sideway
to the airport where we were going to pick up our Aussi girl later in the

It was a stormy and rather cold day but at least there was no rain and
even the sun shone down on us part of the day.

Our first stop was by the lake Kleifarvatn.
(  The water level has
been going down ever since the big earthquake in 2000. You can see some
pictures from it at the above web site. And more info at

This place was the first of many to show us Creation at work, what can
happen with a big lake when some earthquakes open up the crust. What
does that mirror to us in our energy bodies?

Could it be that when we are physically, emotionally or mentally shaken
by some event our energy just seeps out through the
crack?...........but what else can happen through that?

Well here in this place areas with hot springs have surfaced.  A
Resource of possibilities and of new energy, that were hidden before. Isnt
that what often happens with us as well, that we need something to shake
us up so that we can see our own abilities in a new light?

After walking on the black sand on the beach of this lake we moved
further to south and came to the clay springs. The air smelled sulphur. For
me the smell is just part of our ever changing land but for others not
used to it, it makes them sick to the stomach. Krysuvik is not as much
visited as Geysir or Namafjall is but for me that is just perfect since
it means that there is fewer disturbances from people around while
connecting with the energies of the place.

We took a round tour viewing the multiple colours and different kind of
springs since somewhere you can see boiling dark grey clay and not far
from it  boiling hot water and many crystallisations of various

The hill is still colored with the grey clay that came up when the
drilling hole in the area exploded two years ago but the vegetation is
slowly beginning to get through it again.

Up in the canyon we sat down on the wooden path. The steam from the
very small hot creek warmed us and in that spot there was no wind. We had
the mountain to shield us from that. That was so much different from
the cold wind on the beach just minutes before. It was beautiful sitting
there and just allow the energies of the place to seep in. Also we
allowed this energy of the sulphur and fire beneath our feet to clear and
burn away the crystallized garbage that was in our energy bodies.

After a while I got the message that now was the time to collect
vibration from this place. We have been there many times in the past few
years but there was never the right time for this. So I went back to the
car to get my earth worker crystal and also the earth worker spray and
light body spray.

I then placed the crystal with the essences on the sulphur crust and
connected with the keeper of this place and the spirits in the
surrounding plus of course my working team. I could sense many consciousnesses
around me on various frequencies. Deep down under our feet there is a
powerful being.

A few tiny raindrops fell on our face but at the same time the sun was
trying to show it self. We listened to the boiling liquid around us.
Gaia was letting us know how very much alive she is.

After a while we got up and headed to the car. I felt that what we had
come here for had been accomplished. The first cleansing and tuning in
was done.

Five minutes later we passed the place where we got stuck in the snow
with Das and Gary 4 years ago. It always makes us smile, thinking of the
two of them waiting in -7C, warming themselves on some sips of wild
turkey while we went over to the alcohol rehabilitation centre to get
some help. :)

We kept on driving through lava and sand until we came to the Blue
Lagoon. Elli and C. went in and washed off in the aqua blue lagoon that
warmly caressed their body while I had hot chocolate inside.

An hour later it was time to get our other attendance to the airport
only 15 minutes away from the lagoon.

As we all joined up we headed east to our original destination
Klaustur. (monastery)

We had rented a chalet for a few days there. The trip there was rather
windy and the air was full of sand coming from the deserts in the
highland. We wondered as we entered the sand in Myrdal if the blinking
lights meant that we would not be able to drive over the desert without
damaging the paint on the car, but it turned out to be ok.

One of the Elements had really shown its power to us that stormy day.
Each year tons of earth is blown out to the ocean.

After we had settled down in the chalet at
Kirkjubaejarklaustur, my essences wanted to get out of the boxes so they got their space
on the table where they stayed for the next 3 days for everyone to use.

We went through the program of the next few days although that was just
a rough plan for the places to be visited, the rest of  the program was
left open to anything to happen.

It was already midnight before we got to sleep although there was
still daylight outside which felt strange for our guests that are not used
to such bright nights.

The morning after when we woke up the sun was shining and it was
beautiful weather. I took the group out for a short hike in the nearest area
of our house (chalet). The chalet is a nice wooden house that can house
12 guests. It is owned by the hospital staff  union and rented out one
week at a time to the members of the union.

It is beautifully situated in an old lava field, that may have run
either 1000-1500 years ago or it may have run as far as 3000 years ago.
What is very special about this lava is that it run over either wetland or
shallow lake and thus created a lot of "fake graters", which are small
or bigger mounds that look like craters but are more like bulges or
bobbles on water made from stone. (forgive me if you dont get what Im
trying to say but if you go to the second page of my photo album you will
see some of these craters on the first picture there.)

As we started our walk a few birds decided to try to stop us so Elli
went back to get our flag. It is a flag our youngest son, Unnar made when
he was in preschool. These birds that we call KRIA always attack the
highest peak so holding it high prevented the birds from picking holes in
our heads.

We were going to visit a few markable craters, the first one was the
singing mound. The story says that when the monks from ykkvabr which was a
monastery some 45km away from us came to visit the sisters in the
monastery in Kirkjubr this mound or crater was the first one, where they
could see towards the monastery and the monks would stand on the crater and
sing. When the sisters heard the singing or saw the monks they would
walk up to a cave in the mountain behind the monastery and sing back.

So we took one Icelandic tune there and tuned into the monks and
sisters that had travelled these tracks so many years ago.

Then we walked on to the next big crater. This one had been used as
shelter for sheep and horses until the middle of last century

There we sat down and I immediately noticed that we were not alone.
right in front of where I stood there was like a door in the rock and I
sensed that this was the home of some elves.

I asked for their permission to work there and invited them to join us
in our work.

You can see a picture from this place on the first page of the album,
the second last, the one picturing me behind some grass :)

We sat down in the lushly green grass and we did a mahatma meditation. I
dont think I have ever been in such perfect spot. It was not too warm,
not too cold, no flies (like in Qumran), soft ground (not like the
glacier or like the volcanic crater Grabrok or all the stones in Paradis),
and the only sound we could hear was the song of some birds. (no cars
or planes or other people). Gaia has for sure many aspects just like we

It was a bit hard to get up again and go further but there was more to
see and experience in this place.

The next crater had hole like a window in it (see the next picture in
the album of Elli on top of it). The legend says that if you go through
the hole you will loose your mind. Well of course Elli had crawled
through the hole before I could even mention this. I guess we are so cracked
anyway that it doesnt matter :) Just like Carmela said some time ago.
We have to be cracked to let the light in.

G. went down to a stream that runs through the field to have a taste of
fresh water. This was so different from her homeland, Australia where
you dont find many clean streams like this and there is more lack of
water then we here in this rather wet country can imagine.

Next crater on our walk was much different. It was called myrkrahylur
or deep-dark-room.  there are many deep holes in the earth, even unto 50
or more  down so one has to be careful where he walks around there. So
we not only had seen windows that mother earth had provided us with to
look to the other side but also some to look within. Of course we looked
down into  a few of those craters seeing some bird bones and a skull of
a sheep.

As I sit here and write this I am wondering what this depicts to us.
When we first try to look within we may se nothing or it is so dark that
you cant see any details but then when we actually manage to get inside
we start to see more and more and the light from above becomes so much
more visible, just like if you were standing deep down in a crater
seeing the sun above shining on you or trying to at least. :)

When we got closer to the chalet again the birds again became
aggressive. They had not been around us while we were on our round tour but just
close to our house.

We then relaxed in the sun while the soup was cooking.

After lunch we went to the memorial chapel of rev.Jon Steingrimsson. He
was a priest in the area when the biggest naturecatastroph that has
happened to our young nation (1200years) happened.

I have provided you with a few links to both pictures of the volcano
and how it even affected weather in the US and Europe in 1783-1784.

The amount of lava that ran that year covers 565 km2 on our land and
9300(25% of all Icelanders) people died from starvation and 80% of all
livestock as well. It was not just the lava running but much more all the
toxic gases and the ash that game out that affected things. (this one has some
English and French translation plus Icelandic) (effects on weather
in US)

7 Flood-basalt volcanism In 1783, the Laki volcano in Iceland erupted,
spitting out three cubic miles of lava. Floods, ash, and fumes wiped
out 9,000 people and 80 percent of the livestock. The ensuing starvation
killed a quarter of Iceland's population. Atmospheric dust caused
winter temperatures to plunge by 9 degrees in the newly independent United
States. And that was just a baby's burp compared with what the Earth can
Well back to the priest Jon (John). On July 12th he gathered his
congregation the small church. People thought this would be their last
chance to listen to the words of God. The whole church shock by the threat
that came from above. The lava stream was close by and the temperature
rose. In the far you could hear the sound of the lava flowing that did
not skip anything. The air was full of mist. thunder and lightening
raised outside so that it glowed in the small turf church. The door to the
church was locked and rev. John raised his voice.
"Lets pray to God that he in his divinity will not destroy us in haste.
Do not fear in your prayer. Each and everyone is ready to die if that is
the divine will. Not us but in your name we give the
divine................." and he went on and on.
Sunnudaginn 20. jl sfnuust aumjkir barnir kirkjuna Kirkjub
til a hla gusor, ef til vill hinsta sinn. ll var kirkjan
hristingu og skjlfta af gnum eim sem a ofan komu. Hraunflaumurinn
nlgaist fluga, hitinn jkst, fjarska mtti greina drunur og bresti
hrauninu sem engu eiri. Lofti var metta mu. Skruggur voru me
eldingum svo miklium a leiftrai inn kirkjuna. Kirkjudyrunum var skellt
ls og Jn Steingrmsson upphf rdd sna:

,,Bijum til Gus rttilegri andakt - a Hann n sinni vilji ei
hasti eyileggja oss. Hver og einn s n tta bijandi. Hver og einn s
reiubinn a lta lfi, ef Honum knast. Ekki oss, heldur nu nafni
gefum vr drina. Sumir eru gulega talandi, a og lta illa en
einnig eir munu vera aumjkir og olgir. Einum Gui, s ra! kalli
Gu og li olinmlega a sem hann leggur. Gu gerir alla hluti
vel og ei rttvslega. Hann veit betur en menn hva eim er gagnlegt.
Gefi Gui drina og prsi Hans hleita nafn.''

Afterwards the group went outside and the priest took them to
systrastapi which is around 10 minutes walk from the church and there they could
see how the lava stream had stopped in the stream of water. This is now
called "eldtangi". This is shown in picture 2 and 3 on the second page
of my album.

Well so what were we doing in this memorial chapel. We were working on
faith and how we can create our own reality.

We sat down in this small chapel and connected with the people that had
gathered that day in July to pray to God.

We then drove to Systrastapi as they had walked and went to see where
the lava stream had stopped.

As I came unto the mound (pic. 3 on page 2) I sensed that this was the
place that Bjoerk had mentioned before she went to England. There see
had seen a huge angel and lots of nature spirits that were waiting for
our arrival.

We sat up as high as possible on the mound facing the lava and I tuned
in. Soon I was channelling this wonderful light being.

After the channelling a group of sheep went passed the mound and all
lined up to walk on the energy lines. (see pick 4 on page 2)

After our encounter with the light being in Systrastapi, it was time to
take a look at the church floor. Some of you that have been here have
seen it. It is a basalt rock formation, forming lots of geometrical

Three years ago Das and Kathleen worked there with the ruby vibration.
So we tuned into that.

Lovely place.

We had had a very nice day and it was time to just relax.

As we woke up on Thursday the weather had changed and it was raining
and rather cold (well Das always seems to get good weather for his
workshops and it had been gloomy weather there in the beginning of June while
we experienced the best summer weather that has been known for a very
long time. Now he was experiencing great weather and it was a bit colder
here and wetter. It all links together.)

We started the morning with a meditation where we tuned into the devas
of Krysuvik and Namufjall . Both places are known for clay springs. So
we had some clay bath and then washed  it off in  the waterfall Dettifoss
and dried up in the beauty of Asbyrgi in the north.  We also worked
with the crystal that is under the clay springs in Namafjall.

Then we invoked the 10th ray and worked with the Archangels.

I had not quite decided what to do but one thing I knew was that some
work needed to be done south in Medalland where the lava had in 1783
changed so much.

So off we were. It is really strange to enter the area, after having
driven through green and reddish old lava (the fake craters) we came into
an area that was almost totally black.

The sand and the lava didnt allow many plants to grow there.

We stopped on some energy lines and I took up the crystals for the
work. C. told us that a friend of her had seen this coming before she went
to Iceland and that it was an important work.

We were clearing old thought forms from all the people that had suffered
either from the volcanic eruption or because of the oceans power. Many
fishermen have lost their lives off shore there so the earth had
filtered a lot of vibrations in this area.

All the elements helped us in this clearing. The wind, the earth, the
water and the fire.

When we left the place I knew next place was going to be the glacier
lagoon. It was time for the boat tour.

It had stopped raining. On our way to the lagoon I got the crazy idea
that I had to phone Das and connect the two groups that were  working at
that time. Since I was driving I did not want to phone until I had
reached the lagoon and of course I was unable to do that since there was no
server over there. Well we connected at least in the etherics. I was
sure he was in Tintagle at that time although I had not seen his program
and it turned out to be correct.

The boat tour was great as always and afterwards we had warm waffles
with cream and warm drinks.

On our way back we stopped by an old graveyard, or that is the first
thing we saw but as well there was a lonely sorbus tree.

So we wanted to see why we were called there.

The tree had a message to us and that is " I am one and I am many"

That is so with us humans as well. This 83-year-old tree stood straight
and happy where ones had been a church and  a farm ever since the first
Vikings came.

Many nature spirits, fairies, elves, devas, gnomes etc. along with the
starry brothers and sisters and angels celebrated with us as we
connected this place again with the energy grid lines.

Our last stop on our way back to the chalet was at Dverghamrar. There
is a folktale about the dwarfs in the rocks and these dwarfs are even
depicted in a sign there. (see my photo album). Their gift to us was joy
and playfulness.

Yet another day was over and tomorrow we would leave the chalet and
head east again.
Iceland workshop part 4

We have come to day 4 of our workshop. We started the day with a meditation where we connected with the icecrystals from the day before. In the meditation we dived into the lagoon and went into the huge icecrystals.

After cleaning the chalet it was time to drive again east towards Skaftafell. Skaftafell is a national park with variety of plants growing between the glaciers. So we drove through the sands (deserts).

We walked up the path from the parking lot to a wonderful waterfall that is called Svartifoss.
We were going to make three new essences there and meditate on the exact moment of the summersolstice. Each of us did what was needed in our own way. As usual we connected with the deva of the waterfall and the surrounding glaciers. I was sitting high up (steep hill) in the hill on a rock, leaning my back to the rocks behind me. With my eyes closed I listened to the sound of the water as it fell down to the deep water below. The sound was not always the same and suddenly I rose up. My hearing that had gotten more sensitive as I lay there sensed a new sound. At the same time Christa felt a sudden wave of sadness go through her but that was only shortlived.

As I was preparing the bottles and water for the essences Elli went as close to the waterfall as possible. He wanted to go behind it but it was too slippery. But as he was there he felt like the water moved towards him so that when he finally went back he was soaked. He also found in that place a stone with icelandic quarz crystal in it that was used as well in the essence making.

Since I did not have any crystal glasses or bowls with me up in the mountain I had bought clear plastic glasses. I brought the prepared water with me on bottles but I had forgotten the labels in the car. The only thing possible in the situation in order to be able to determine which essence was which was to have different amount of water in each bottle and write that down in my book.

When we an hour later or so sensed that we had collected enough energy there we put the water back into the bottles and walked further up the hill to a place where there is magnificent view to the glaciers and the sands and ocean.

Then we walked down to an old farmhouse that was inhabited until 1940. It has turfwalls as well as wooden ones. The sheeps and cows had been kept underneath the bedroom to warm it up in the wintertime. This part of our country was so isolated that there was not even a mouse there until 1960 and it was not until 1974 that bridges were built over the many rivers there to connect that area with the rest of the country.

After a short stop in the parking lot we again took a walk and now to the glacier Skaftafellsjkull. Only G and C went all the way, the two of us (Elli and me) stopped where the path ended and bathed in the sun and listened to the birds.

G. had always wanted to stand on a glacier and now was the time but to her dismay it was covered with dirt and there was not time to take a walk on the glacier it self to get up to the part of it that was actually white.

It was good to end the day in the swimmingpool and the hot tub and relax after an eventful day.

Day five.

It was time to go back west. It was nice weather and we could well see the mountains. We wanted to go and see the puffins but were two days too early for that since the island (Dyrholaey) was closed during nesting.

We passed Vik, Katla and Reynisdrangar ( )

So our first place of work that day was at Skogarfoss.
This waterfall has a strong imprint on my mind and I have worked a lot with the deva there although I have not yet made an essence from it.

We walked all the way to the waterfall where the drizzle from it made us wet but since the sun was shining it also encircled us in rainbow.
What a fantastic experience to not only see a rainbow but be inside a circle of it.

And there was not only one but many. (see pictures in the album).

Then it was time to walk up the hill. It is a rather steep hill but really worth the effort of walking up there. The view is grand in all directions.

I lead the small group towards the glacier and there in the canyon I was drawn to go down to the river by yet another waterfall and do a meditation.

Elli stayed for a while up on the hill while we the girls started a meditation by the river.

What a meditation I experienced. I immediately was connected with the sylphs in the river and played around with them in the water, diving, swimming and having joy. Then I floated down the river to the big waterfall and as I fell down there with the water I stopped and stood still in the center of it, held up by the deva and other beings. It was an extraordinary feeling.

I communicated with the deva and was then invited into the cliff behind. It was the home of the elves and there was a party going on. I was lead into a hall with tables full of gourmt food made from nature. I enjoyed that and then asked for healing and the elves told me the deva could give me that in his quarters which were beside this place.

When I opened my eyes again I spent some time just looking at the river and how the water moved, when I looked back I noticed that Elli had managed somehow to sneak into the group and meditate with us. J

We left this magical place in a blizz just to experience another great waterfall some few km away. The one that was first in the line to communicate with us (Das actually) and give us its vibrations.

This waterfall is named Seljalandsfoss.
What is so special about it is the easy access to behind it. The sun had managed to dry our clothes while we stayed at Skogarfoss but now they got wet again and again we had a circle of a rainbow around us.

Christa mentioned that she felt that she knew this energy and then that it felt like my energy so I guess I have merged with the energies of my friends that have given us their vibrations.

We spent a good time there and then went for our accommodation for the night. There we barbecued some hot dogs and spent the night in the hot tub.

I almost forgot the best part of the evening. After the hot tub we gathered in our tent (me and Elli slept there) with some redwine and tarot cards and did some reading. This was actually the first time I do readings like that and it was more for fun then anything. Elli also did some reading with the help of his russian guide Margret. It was a warm evening.

I woke up in the middle of the night to make a recording of the birdsong.

Day 6

The unexpected part of our journey. Landmannalaugar. It had never been on our agenda to go there but that is also why we always say that we go with the flow. We had met young german couple in the B&B that wanted to go to Landmannalaugar and Spong but the car they had was too small for such journey and they did not have money to take a bus so we in the spur of a moment invited them to join us.

Spong is a viking farm that was dug out of the ash in 1934 and perserved. ( see mor on this plus pictuers at below websites) When we went out of the car there I grabbed with me my bag with the earthworker crystal and my mandala crystals. I didnt know why, just followed my intuition.

When I entered the house I sensed the energies and that here was work to do.  The four of us stood in each of the main direction around the fireplace as our guest from Germany took a look at the whole place. This farm  was on a powerful vortex and the keeper of the place was a powerful male energy. We worked as usual on the energies using the crystals and our earthworker spray. We connected this place with the gridlines of the Earth and the continents. I also explained to the astaunded couple what we were doing and why. They had never before heard of such things.

The final touch was when the six of us dance icelandic vikivaki around the fire place and I sang an Icelandic folksong to further ground the energies in this place. ( you can try to connect your self to the place using the photo on this website )

From Spng we went further passed powerplants and sand to the paradise behind the mountains between the glaciers or in direct line from Hofsjkull (temple glacier) to Myrdalsjkull which both are huge vortexes.
It is difficult to describe this tour so I will let the websites below show you what is there. (interesting tale from young exchange students)

This was the first time since I was 8 years old that I came to Landmannalaugar and the first time Elli came there. We had always thought that it was much more difficult and that the rivers we had to cross were more difficult. We are for sure going to go there again many times from here on.

After a short lunch break we went for a hike in the lava. The lave is almost fully glassed black obsidian actually only two hours walk away there is the real Hrafntinna (crystallized black lava) but that was too far away for us. This obsidian was good enough for us and waiting for our arrival.

In the middle of the lava we sat down and grounded all the energies we had been working on through the workshop. As always there were lots of naturebeings around us and with us.

After having climbed up to the sulphur craters and walked down the green canyon we took a bath in the geothermal heated pool.

Day 7

At last I have come to the last day of our journey exploring the naturspirits, elements and going within.

We woke up in the night hearing the raindrops on our tent. (Me and Elli slept in the tent while G and C were in the hostel)

I prayed that the tent would dry up before the morning so that we would not have to dry it at home after the journey.

I took the morning early while Elli slept and wrote my diary. After having written a few pages I got the nudge to stop and take the tent down, It was almost dry and I could sense more rain on the way. It only took 10-15 minutes to take all down and pack. In the meantime G. and C prepared breakfast for all and as we sat down to enjoy that the first drops fell on the earth.

Lucky us.

Our first destination that day was Gullfoss, yet another wonderful waterfall that many on the shamballa list know from previous tours either through my mails or in person.

We spent a while out on the rock between the first and second fall of the water. Feeling the energies clear and transmute.

Then it was time for the Geysir and Strokkur. Geysir is the old legendary erupting hot spring that actually stopped erupting many years ago but started again after the earthquakes two years ago but it is Strokkur that keeps drawing attention of the tourists with his activity, erupting every 5-10 minutes.

Geysir is a good connector both down to earth and up to Source.

We had nice buffet at the hotel , warming cold hands.

After a long stop at Geysir we drove to Skalholt. A place where our bishop used to sit until the two bishop domes were united ca 150 years ago.

We went into the church and spent some time there in solitude. I connected with all the religious place I had travelled to in the past 2 years both in England, Jordan, Egypt and Israel.

I prayed for peace in the world and between religiouns. It was a peaceful and beautiful moment.

We also went into the cellar and took a look at the pictures of the churches that had been there before and checked out the sarcophagus that one of the bishops had made for him from the mountain close by.

The time down there was also interesting and magnificent in many ways

From Skalholt we went to Kerid, a crater with great acoustic where we had activated a mandala 2 years ago.

we only stopped a few minutes, the rain was now pouring down and it was rather cold.

Our last stop was Thingvellir.

We had intended to spend lots of time there feeling the energies in this most sacred place of Iceland but the weather prohibited that.

But anyway we were able to go to the place of parlament and then we drove towards Basar and at the end of where the two tectonic plates meet we stopped the car and meditated. It was full moon and I had brought along CDs from the crystal workshop Hari Babba and Kathleen held here 3 years ago.

I was guided to play the full moon meditation with Kathleen and Mahasamatman. It was a long time since I had used it but it was a beautiful ending to a weeks workshop. At the end of the meditation I channeled the deva of Thingvellir.

We had enjoyed the week enormously and the elements had been good to us although we had this one very wet day.

We are eager to give our next workshop here in Iceland next year in July.

All of you are ofcourse welcome to come and be with us then.

With mahatma love and light
The universal polarbears/Lilja and Elli

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