Travelling with Orsa fiddlers
Dear brothers and sisters

Although we love to travel to other countries we also love to travel around our own especially with guests.

Last week we were  fortunate enough to have  33 Swedish folkmusicians as our guests . Elli was bus driver for the week and I was the guide.

Our crystals definitely wanted to go with us to all the destinations so we decided that these trips would also be earth-working tours.

Our first stop that week was by the Blue Lagoon.  It has been moved to a new site away from the power plant so now there is no noise.This beautiful, warm healing water is much more attractive to visitors then before. We all spent an hour of relaxation and enjoyment in the water  .

We filled our small house with laughing Swedes to fill their stomach before hey went to bed.  Although we could hardly move around in the living room our crystals and essences caught their attention and a lot of questions about them were answered.

This marked the start of an interesting week where I not only told our friends about the things that they saw through the window or outside but also about the energies, elves and nature spirits and how we can work together.

Next day was a tour to
Thingvellir, Gullfoss and Geysir.  This is called theGolden circle.
Our first stop was at Thingvellir. All the fiddles plus the accordion were taken along.  When we came down to Logberg where the parliament had stood 300-1000 years ago I called in the elves king and queen along with all the nature spirits of this sacred site to listen to the concert played in
honour of the place.

One old fiddler told me afterwards that when the singer, Anna-Karin sang her number he had tears running down his cheeks for the first time in his life while also playing the fiddle.  It was so beautiful and touching and I doubt hat you could find a more appropriate place to sing that song.

After Thingvellir we went farther east to Kerid and there both me and Elli started to feel heavy energies.  We did some earth healing on the site and when we came into the bus I asked if someone in the group felt a slight headache or pressure in the head or even down to the throat.  There
were a few that did.

We were coming close to the origin of the big
earthquakes in June. The energy there was very disruptive and in desperate need of balancing.

We worked as we drove towards Geysir.  One of the things that happened to nature after the earthquakes was that this old favourite and world known hot spring has awakened from more then 60 years of sleep.  Oh, well a few times a year or not even so often the overseers had put some soap into the spring to have it erupt but it had not done so on its own for a very long
time.  For the past 2 months it has erupted regularly.  I am not sure howoften but I think at least once a day.

Since we were going to eat our lunch by Geysir I told our group that this was an opportunity to experience the power of thoughts.  We should all askGeysir to erupt for us and he would.

We decided to stop for an hour at this also sacred site of our country.  All the musicians found a seat close to Geysir turning their back on Strokkur, another "Geysir" that has taken on the role of erupting every 5 minutes for visitors.  But even he has changed after the earthquake, erupting more
frequently and higher into the sky.

Around 50 minutes later I heard, deep, powerful sound, twice and then Geysir started spilling its water over the edges.  It had heard our request!!!!!!!!

We got to see spectacular eruption and at some times it was as if Strokkur and Geysir were competing which one was greater.  We had set out a mandala when we came and worked on the energies the whole time.  When Geysir decided to show himself I was deeply touched and thankful to this old spirit. 

We were washed with love and are looking forward to experience his vibration
the essences that will be made from this visit.

What a time!!!!!

When we left the place 25 minutes after the first two sounds, Geysir had still not stopped although he was not sending high strokes of water into the air all the time.

Actually the first mentioning of Geysir is in the 14th century after a huge earthquake had shock the southern part of our country.

We went off to see the waterfall
Gullfoss,that has been likened to the Niagara falls.
One of our nature pearls .
We spent a good time there using the crystals to clean the area and fill it with the Mahatma.  One Swede said this was better then Niagara, here they could move more around and it was more natural around it. You could both see it from above and as well walk out to the edge of the cliff standing
almost in the swirling water, feeling the fine water drops wash your face.

A very refreshing experience.

Two days after the tour to Geysir we went to Borgarfjordur.  Played a few tunes in the church in Reykholt, where Snorri Sturluson who wrote the famous Heimskringla lived.

After a most magnificent concert we went to see Hraunfossar, yet another place of incredible nature.

This was not the time for much work to be done.  It was just a matter of being.

Next day was a full day of driving to Akureyri.  We made an hour stop though at Grabrok, a volcano crater in Borgarfjordur.  This is a place our friendsfrom New England, Phyllis and Mark plus us did some work at, last May. 

A year ago the deva there gave us a gift of a lavastone with calcite filling,which is very unusual.

The day after was the most exciting day of the week.

Our destination was Myvatn as well as Godafoss.  First we came to Godafoss. It is a magnificent waterfall where the saga says that at the start of Christianity one powerful man(Thordur ljosvetningagodi)  had thrown his statues of the old gods into the waterfall.

I spent a quiet time with the deva and the energies at this site.

Myvatn is a unique place with many interesting sites.  Dimmuborgir with its lava formation, Hfi where you can see great lava formation in the lake and not least Nmafjall and its clay springs.

The place is in a highly active volcanic area and only 20-30 years ago there was an eruption close by.

Last time I had stopped by the clay springs was when I was a child. Since then we have just driven by. But now the time had come to experience the energies in a new way.

The whole area is hot meaning the earth you walk on is warm and you have to watch where you go.  There are numbers of springs with boiling grey clay and he smell is terrible.

At first I left the crystals in the bus.  It was as if the deva and spirits of the area needed time to check us out.

Half an hour later I went to get some of the crystals and started working. I called on the
deva or keeper of this place and wow.  This time I really could sense the being. This was the most powerful deva I had ever encountered and made contact with. I offered him the Mahatma energy and
a mandala and got a positive answer.

Later this deva has shown himself to our friend B. and showed her a sacred crystal in the earth  under the springs.  This crystal is connected to two or three others in other countries. This we have had confirmed of Das. The activation of this crystal will mark a new time of awakening for

He also showed himself as the over lightening deva of the northern part of our country, a magnificent, loving being that can be called upon for healing just as any other Master or angel.


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