The first two participants came to the island Sunday October 1st.  Since it was our daughter’s birthday they were invited to the birthday party for dinner and some cakes plus some fiddling afterwards. The only thing clouding the arrival was a missing luggage.  It arrived safely early the next morning at my mothers B&B where they stayed the first two nights.

The day after the rest of the crew arrived all in the same hour so we only needed to go once to the airport that day.  When we went there we thought we were going to get 6 people but it turned out to be 7.  Again there was luggage missing that was to come with the next flight from Paris the next day.

We were sure everything would turn out ok.

Elli just made it to school that evening 30 minutes too late while I prepared a place for our unexpected night guest to sleep plus some fish to fill up the stomachs of our brother Das and other guest plus family.

Early Tuesday morning Elli went to get the minibus and the group took off to exchange money and get some food to eat during the 9 days we were going to stay in the chalets in Borgarfjordur.
The temperature was close to zero Centigrade and since not all had enough warm clothes with them we also made a stop in a shop selling warm clothes at a discount rate.

When we finally were able to get out of town the clock was showing 3 pm. We had arranged to make the first stop down at the beach in Hvalfjordur to pick up some red jasper and milky quartz.  The timing was perfect for the tides and a lot of stones were picked plus some shells as well.

After an hour breathing in the fresh air of the sea with only very few cars driving by in the far away distance we drove back to the highway.  But to our amazement we did not get far.  Someone had decided to close the gate to the beach with a chain while we were down there and there was no way for the car to get around it.

We were stuck.  Fortunately we had both phone and a phonebook in the car so we were able to phone up the owner of the land to free us. But it took some time.  While waiting we were wondering why this had happened and as we
looked up to the mountain above we got the explanation.

Das told us that on top of the mountain there was an energy vortex and in this mountain there were many beings.  Some were from earth but also extra terrestrials. They all wanted an invitation to our workshop.  And they got it.

Our liberator arrived and we could go on to Borgarfjordur.  Further on the way we invited some more beings. It seemed to be a lot of excitement going on in the inner worlds of our beautiful Earth around this workshop.

We had rented 5 houses or chalets for the group to stay in for the next 9 days so this group of twelve people were divided into these houses on arrival there.  That meant that there was 2-3 in each house. One house was to be the workshop space plus Dais’s escape from the lot of us.

That first evening we invited everyone to have some fish in our chalet to get to know each other and start building the group energy.  The didgeridoos were brought along and the fiddle was taken out of the box.  We had a lot of fun.

After dinner it was time to make some plan for the rest of the week so the three of us; Elli, Das and me went to the next chalet and put down on paper the skeleton for the workshop. We would be working much outside as well as doing some grounding work in doors.

In the meanwhile the lost luggage was supposed to be on the way to the nearest shop but it never arrived.  You could see the desperation building up in E´s face.  But we assured her that everything would turn out well.  We didn't get any news of the luggage until lunchtime the next day after many phone calls to the airport. It finally arrived in the shop down the road.

Since the sky was clear that first night we expected the Aurora Borealis to play out in the sky later in the evening.

So at 11:30 pm in the evening when Olof told us that now the show had started we went to tell the others about it.  Most of the people had gone to sleep already but in one chalet the lights were on plus one person in another was awake.  All of them rushed out and in the hurry the door were closed.  Aiiiiii, ohhhhhh.  The key was inside and no way of opening up.  We invited them to stay in our chalet that night since we did not want to disturb the grumpy land keeper. What a start of a workshop.
Not all slept well that night.  One woke up at 5 am and got to really see the wondrous aurora borealis, green and violet, ever changing in the night sky.

The landlord was visited early in the morning to get a key so that our new friends could get some clothes and have some breakfast.

    *I forgot yesterday to tell you that while we were in Reykjavik Das took a look at the mandala in the city centre and took the vortex up to the twelfth level.

The morning session started with cleansing meditation to prepare us for the work at hand.  Vywamus and Yaweh came through, not the first time Yahweh gets through Das while in Iceland.  Tears were streaming and the start really promised grand events to happen during the next few days.

After lunch it was time for our first out door session.  We headed to the volcanic crater Grabrok.  Earlier this year Mark, Phyllis and us had worked there to activate the fire there.  Now it was time to activate the fire inside everyone in the group.

We were all alone up on the crater, and could enjoy the view and the silence before settling down in the centre of the crater to meditate.  Not a very comfortable sofa....... One or two in the group thought they needed better grounding when they slid down on their bottom part.

We didn't feel the cold while sitting there and working with this fire blending it with the silver violet flame of Germain.
After quite a while we went to the next place, which was the waterfall Glanni. At first we just sat on some stones in the river just below the waterfall to feel the energies and the cleansing effects.
Then we went up above the waterfall where we could sit on the grass while Das channelled the Goddess energy of this place.

We had got a lot of fresh air this second day of the workshop and it was time to get something to eat and relax.
This night some of us went early to bed while others stayed up chatting into the early morning. This night the ones that had slept last night while the aurora borealis played in the sky were able to see them.

Next morning we decided to do a whole days trip to the glacier Snaefellsjokull.
Snaefellsjokull has for a long time been thought to be one of the main energy points on mother earth with connections to Giza.  There is also the home of the mountain deva or mountain king as we sometimes call him, a magnificent being of light.

We had learned that it would not be possible for us to go to the top of the glacier after all the rain and warm weather the past few weeks.  So we drove up to the mountain as far as possible into the snow.  There we stopped the car and found a place on an energy line to work on.

The channelling and activation that took place there really knocked the socks off Das.

He had not expected the energies to be so powerful there.

Some of the group members had always disliked cold and snow so this was a trial for many sitting there in the snow on the mountain for almost an hour activating the ice crystals within blended with the fire of the volcano below.

Our lower part was very cold and even wet when we at last stood up and headed down towards the coast.

There we relaxed among seagulls and roaring ocean, looking at great rock formations.

We even lay down in the grass and dozed off but were called back when one in the crew thought she had seen a whale or two just off the coast.

One ran off to get Das so that he might be able to channel Howard if this was the truth.
Just before they caught up with us everyone had realized this was only a rock breaking the water.
A big disappointment.

After this adventure we stopped to take a swim in Borgarnes, sliding like young children and relaxing in the hot jacuzzi.
At home we decided to have dinner together where we introduced all to the best meat in the world, Icelandic mountain lamb plus we had fish, vegetables etc, where everyone brought something so it looked like we were in a wedding or something.

Olof had been so kind to bring her massage table with her so when everybody had got enough to eat we invited Das to be the first to receive healing from all of us. Graziella and Evelyn also got their share that night.

This was to become an every night act from that day forward. And looking back on it, maybe one big factor for a very successful workshop with minimal processing and great group energies.
We have come to Friday.  We had 5 extra guests that night.  Our dear sister in the light, Bjork and her three children and husband had driven 400 km over mountains to be able to join us for two days.

They came just after midnight so we did not get much sleep that night.

That morning we had some sharing after the outing the other days to ground the energies.  Christina brought a picture of Das that was taken in Shasta last year where he was playing the didgeridoo.  A very special picture with a spiral of light all around Das.

When Das handed the picture to Bjork and asked her to tell us something about it she was able to tell us about the aborigines that helped him when he was playing and more.

That started Das off with his story of how he came to meet the aborigines in Australia a few years back.

In the afternoon we went to the sacred site of Paradise. We had been there at Easter and done some work but this time we were going to work further with the Goddess energy sitting on hard rocks or even lying on uneven earth in +3°C.

It was a very good meditation we went through there.

The day after it was time to go to Snaefellsnes again and this time we were going on a boat trip.  In the morning I got guidance to take another route then two days earlier and when thinking it through and talking to Das I knew it was so that we could do some earthwork on the way. I have found out that if I dislike or don't like very much certain areas of our country it often turns out to be occupied by brothers and sisters that have chosen another path in their life then we have.

So this time Das got to sit in front and I was behind while Elli was the secure driver all the time.

And certain enough when we were driving over the mountain we started feeling the heavy energies and just after I mentioned it to Das, he decided it was time to stop and get out of the car.

There was a base of some extraterrestrials in the mountain ahead.  After we started the work standing in a circle with Das in the middle the beings saw that there was no way around this.  The time was up and they gave up without any struggle.  In another mountain close by there was a huge extra terrestrial crystal that Das reprogrammed and when it was activated with the love energy all the ships that were hanging around went like fireworks away and disappeared.

We came to Stykkisholmur at noon and had some food at the gas station before going on board.

The plan had been to go see the whales but there are not many of them close to shore at this time of the year so we had taken the choice of going on a gourmet trip around the many islands in Breidafjordur.

The weather was great as it was all of the days, no wind, sun and clear sky.
After tasting fresh shellfish directly from the ocean we went inside and had a marvellous meal, fish, birds, meat and vegetables. Just before the boat had stopped by a very special island with stone in geometric shape.
While eating all of us started to feel our throat chakra or higher chakras pulsating. The activation was taking place while we were enjoying food, music (not all liked the music played on board) and the company of birds plus fresh air. (Even an eagle was spotted by the captain) Das also saw the Vikings around but the Viking Eirikur the red, that later went to Greenland since he was an outlaw here, kept his ships there just before he sailed off to Greenland. His son was Leifur heppni that discovered Vineland or N-America.

To many amazement's no one got seasick on this trip.  It was very smooth and good experience.

On the way back to the chalets Das got the pleasure of driving the minibus, I guess he felt he had to do something that day.

In the evening I brought the essences to chalet 6 to find out what the newest in our series were good for.  Evelyn, Graziella and Marie Christine took the bottles one by one and you should have seen their face and outburst after each one.  It was really something to watch and listen to.
As usual we woke up early this Sunday morning. All the sessions started at 9:30 except when we went on days trip we started at 8:30.

We had morning session and it was time to get to know what had happened the day before.

At first we told about our experiences and then Ha,ha Howard  paid us a visit.  It was really a funny session. Some in the group could see how the dolphin came thoroughly into Das´s body and made fun.
We were all rolling in laughter as we were told about his behaviour.

In the afternoon we went to a cave.  A few in the group had dreaded this day for up to two months or all the time since they had registered for the workshop. Waking up wet with sweat every single night. We were going to have to crawl through a tunnel on ice.

The cave, Vidgelmir that we were going to is the second largest lava cave in the world.  Almost 1600 meters long with ice formation and stone formations.

To get there we needed a guide since it is locked so that it will not be damaged.

Well geared with helmets and lights we were ready to go into the earth.
Everyone in the group decided to at least start the trip into mother earth, Gaia.

We had to go down rather steep path full of loose rocks.
Our guide then secured a ladder in the ice so that we might get down to where the tunnel was.

He went first through to open the gate, the rest of us came crawling on our hands and knees after him.  On the way some stopped in fear but were coached through it all the way.

With wet hands and knees we came through and were able again to stand up. A large cave opened up in front of us.  There the floor was icy so it was as if we were out on skates. The only light came from the small lights we had in our hands and from the bigger light that our guide had.  He told us how this cave was formed in a volcanic eruption when the lave had run through there and left this gap in the lave.

After some 50 meters we came to a blockage in the path, it was full of rocks.  We had to climb over them to get to see more ice formations and we really wanted that.

When we had managed to crawl up and down again over the icy rocks we found a place to sit and do a meditation.

This time it was time to do the cosmic alignment.  New cosmic energy without any disturbing energies that are on the surface of the earth.

For those that could see the lights it was a marvellous lightshow, the energies were once again very high.

After the download the didgeridoos were taken out of their bags and Das and Patrice played for a while in total darkness.

I could sense the beings from the opposite site of the planet playing along with them in their homeland.

So much was accomplished by so many beings. A lot of fear was released and healed on this trip into the earth.

Driving back to the chalets we stopped by the waterfall Hraunfossar which runs from underneath the lave in an area of 1 km.  A time of healing took place.  I am sure this waterfall can act on every acupuncture in your body.
Day 7
Once again we were going for a whole days trip.  This time we headed for the south coast of Iceland.
At first we wanted to go over the mountain but we were unable to buy gasoline for the car and did not want to take any chances in the middle of nowhere.

This was the only day we had some wind blowing and it was good since that was one activation we had not done yet.

Our first stop this day was at Thingvellir.  Where our parliament was established in the year 930.

I am sure it must have been very special for most beings in the group to sit there in this canyon between the two tectonic plates in this very sacred place.

After the meditation we went down to Logberg where Das closed down the vortex and then activated it again up to 12th level.

Next we were off to Geysir.  Of course there were a few photo stops as it was a clear day though the wind was blowing.

Geysir was not in the mood to erupt for us at least not one of his famous eruptions and after spending around an hour going up and down the hot spring area looking at Strokkur blowing the water in to the sky every five minutes we were off to the mountains away from people to work with the wind.

On our way there a car stopped us and asked how far we were going. He had got stuck in snow in the first hill. We told him we were not going very far.

A little bit further up the road when the landscape reminded Das of a desert in Israel we stopped and got out of the car.
Every piece of cloths was taken out and put on.  This would be windy and cold.  In far we could see towards Temple glacier.  We were only half a day’s journey from it or less.  Far in the south we could see Hekla the famous volcano and to north we could see the glacier Langjokull. There were no flowers only stones not even grass around.

As usual we sat down on an energy line and Das started the session.  We were sitting back to back or in each other’s arms trying to be as comfortable as possible.  But it was fresh, energizing and a good feeling.

After the wind activation and channelling we were off to Gullfoss a waterfall that has been likened to the Niagara falls.  It is the most visited and most famous waterfall in the country where busloads of tourists come everyday during the summer.

We were now getting short of daylight time so we only had 15 minutes there before we headed for the origin of the big earthquake this summer.

At first I thought we would have to go to the town that was worst affected but when we drove down the road towards the main road and as I looked at the map I saw that we might be able to do the same work just by the road we were driving instead of adding some 60 km.

When we came to this place we went to a church and Das found the energy line to work on. (Outside the church)

We had all been feeling the uneasy energy after we left the waterfall, results of the earthquake. I wonder how people are feeling that live there, if there are more arguments, more discordant energies around, more disharmony or not.

When Das tuned in he could see that the energy grid was all scattered there so he was guided to take down an etheric 12 pointed mandala that would take over 175 km 2.

Every single crystal was to be as big as 50kg quartz.

This was to help realign the grids there and rebuild the energy lines.

It was done in a few minutes.

Now we could just relax and drive home.  Since it was getting dark we decided to take the highway (one lane only) through Reykjavik and make a pit stop at our home. But first we had dinner in Selfoss.

The day after was to be an easy day.  Everyone was tired after the long days we had had before.  So this day we spent grounding the energies from the two days before and then we had time off.  Some went for a walk others went to sleep and yet others took the chance of going back to the outdoor swimming pool in Borgarnes to rest and relax in the hot jacuzzi and play in the slide like small children or just swim with the view of mountains and ocean.

In the evening we barbecued some lamb chops and I baked Icelandic pancakes, which were served with whipped cream, jam and ice cream. There was also fish, veggies and more as always.  We had been having feast of food everyday for a whole week.

The last day we did a grand meditation with last activation of all the energies we had worked with and then we were off to Reykjavik.

10 days of adventure were over and time for all to go home. (Except for three that had an extra day to see more places)

One participant said afterwards that for the first time in her life she was happy in her body.  She felt like she had been reborn.

It surely had been a time of transforming adventures.

Written in November 2000
Lilja Petra Asgeirsdottir

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