Dawn of New Millenium

Ehyeh, Asher, Ehyeh


The bridge between heaven and Earth.
God's words to Moses when he asked what he should tell the people when they
asked about his name reverberate in my head.

They not only mean one thing
but all, in their simplicity and harmony they hold everything there is.
But why isn´t everything in life as simple as this,
why are all these difficulties, fears, sorrows, disasters and dis-eases
happening, that the majority of mankind is experiencing?

Is it because mankind has made it complex and difficult or do they not see
the simplicity and perfection in the Creators plan?
Surely things can be complex in their simplicity.

The message that Mother/Father God gave you is simple: it is "I AM--and what
does that mean? What is him/her?

He/she is LOVE.

Love is the key, the only word.
It is energy.
It is the energy that can transform.
It is the energy that can heal.
It is the energy that can make you free.
Free from sorrows.
Free from poverty.
Freedom of wholeness.
Wholeness of body and spirit.

"It is easy to say something like this, but I cannot see how this can help me!"
you might say.

The weight of loans on my shoulders is heavy, the bills are piling up
My back is breaking under the strain. Disease is all
around, and hopelessness everywhere.”

We are going to lead you into the adventurous world of love and freedom,
accompanied by angels and other loving beings that are as much a part of
Mother/Father God as you and I are.

I am Vywamus.

Chapter One

The Adventure Begins

It was gloomy this morning that my story begins.
Dark clouds filled the sky and the rain pattered on the window as if it wanted to come in.
Far away I heard thunder, and from time to time lightening lit
up the apartment.

The news man on the radio told about yet another flood in South America. This
time only 100 people had drowned and thousands lost their homes. At the
same time there was a forest fire in California that raged through the
expensive houses of the jet-setter community in LA.
Russians were at war, and there was famine in Africa.

There seemed to be no positive news this morning.

I should maybe introduce myself first. My name is Valentine and I am 40
years old, divorced father of 4 children. They are between the ages of 4-20
years and live with their mother not far from here.
Baldur is the youngest, with bright eyes and blond hair, a charming sunray that I miss not seeing more of.
Dagrun is 10 years old, a funny and cheerful girl. Then there is Oddur,
16 year old, an intelligent boy but stubborn. Lastly there is Freyja,
a young woman that is ready to stand on her own two feet.

I opened the cooler. There wasn´t much selection. I put the last drops of
milk into my coffee and saw it clot on the surface. The coffee ended in the
sink. Oh, well this wouldn´t be the first time I went to work with an empty
stomach. My mind wondered back to the time when I was married. Then things
had been different, although there had been difficulties.

There was no use in dwelling upon that.
Everything had been going downhill in my life during this
last year. It was difficult to see any light in the darkness.
But, there was something nagging at the back of my head, someone trying to tell me otherwise, but I did not listen although I wanted to.

This morning there was something different though that I could not put a finger on.

I looked at the clock on the stove. Its glass was broken, and greasy too,
after the frying yesterday. I had overlooked it when I was cleaning after the cooking.
But I could see that I was late for work.
Now I would be stuck in all the traffic and be even later.
I put on my jacket and shoes in haste and ran
out into the rain. Although the car wasn´t far away my clothes were
dripping by the time I reached it. I started it but it was dead.
I looked around and saw that I had forgotten to turn off the headlights yesterday, so
now the battery was shot.
My hands fell into my lap. I was lucky to have starter cables in my car, and a neighbor of mine came out just when I needed the help.
He was the only one in the block that I had come to know
after I moved there.
He was in a hurry but gave me a start.

It was still pouring rain when the engine eventually caught. I was soaking wet so there
was no sense in going to work in these clothes. I ran inside and found dry
ones. It was nine o´clock when I finally got to work. This meant I would
have to work late this evening to finish up the pile I had on my desk.
That was not quite what I wanted, since my kids were coming over this evening and
I had to go shopping for some food first.
As the day went by I felt worse and worse. I started to sweat and there was a
heavy pain over my eyes.

It looked like I was getting sick.

In some unexplainable way I managed to finish my chores and get home.
I even managed to stop by the grocery man on the corner and buy some milk and coffee.
I couldn't handle all the people at the mall.
My head was bursting.
I found Perkodine in the medicine cabinet and lay down on the sofa. After a few
minutes I fell asleep and dreamt a weird dream.

I felt like I was floating in the air, light as a feather and without any worries. It was warm and bright all around me. In the distance I saw a
shining blue, beautiful light that moved towards me and grew bigger. I was filled
with well being; it was as if I knew this light and had always done.
When the light was just by me, I saw where a Native Indian in full regalia walked out of the light and came to me.
He had a graceful, tall figure.
In his hand he had a spear.
His eagle nose and high cheekbones were imposing.
His look was soft and yet distinct.

"Come with me".

I took his hand as a small child that follows his father and we were swept
into the light that he came from.
It was as if we went through a tunnel of
rainbow light. Suddenly the tunnel ended and in front of me opened up a
wondrous world. I felt like Alice in wonderland except this was even more
wondrous than anything I had ever seen or read about.

Everything was bathed in brilliant light. We stood in front of a huge,
golden building, from which a sacred power emanated. Shining beings were
constantly going in and out.
The Indian led me into a big conference hall inside.
It was filled with people.
One could see that these people came from all over the world, and from
everyone radiated light and colors, with different brightness.
The Indian pointed me to a seat.

I sat down next to a young woman.
She was small and had dark, curly hair and incredibly beautiful eyes.
A violet light radiated from her.

Before I could introduce my self to her the conference hall suddenly filled
with brilliantly bright light.
The most magnificent being I had ever laid my eyes on floated into the hall.
You could hardly see the human figure through all the light.
This being went straight to the stage and addressed the group.

"Welcome, dear beloved earth-beings, my light brothers and sisters, to this
school of spiritual wisdom and love. I am Vywamus ....
and I have been waiting for a long time to get the opportunity to address
you in this way. Some of you are consciously aware of this and others not
since this school happens while your physical body rests.

"You have now reached the point in your evolution that you are able to start
a new chapter , and that is why you are all here.

"Only few of you may know my name. I, Vywamus, am a higher aspect of Sanat
Kumara, the one you sometimes call the heavenly father. He is not God or the
Creator but what is called the planetary logos.

"It has only been a few years since I was
asked to come and work with you human beings to prepare for the golden age.
But I have had much pleasure working here and have seen incredible progress in
a short time.

"I am going to start by telling you about the unconditional love energy that
call 'MAHATMA'. Mahatma is the I am presence of mother/father Creator of this
Universe. We call it Mahatma because it is a word that is easy for most
people to remember whichever language you speak. And because you humans need to put
everything in boxes.
"The Mahatma energy has been available for humans since 1987 when it was
first anchored on Earth. Because it has never been misused on Earth your
physical bodies has no resistance towards it. It can not harm you since it is
your soul/higher self that controls the power that comes into your body.

"This love energy is transforming, healing, nourishing and it is simple to
use. I ask all of you that are here to go within and ask your higher self if
you have permission to work with this energy.

"Ask now..."

I closed my eyes as if in a trance and asked my self if I might work with
this energy. Joy surged through my body and a "yes" reverberated in my

Vywamus went on: "Now that all of you have got an answer we can go on. Repeat
after me: 'I am the Mahatma.... I am that I am....LOVE!' Affirm three times."

The affirmation echoed in the hall when the group repeated it after Vywamus.
A golden, silver light with hint of violet filled the conference hall and I
saw where it went in through the head of everyone in there. At the same time
I was filled with a joyous feeling and hope. My eyes filled with tears as
my heart filled to bursting with love.

There was complete silence.

"Dear friends, you can use this energy where ever you are and when ever you
need it.
You can heal your selves and others and you can heal the Earth with the
Mahatma energy. When you go home tonight, I want you to remember this.

"But first we are going to work further with this new energy. Relax, and
breath deeply.
Know that it is very important to breath deeply and regularly when you are
in physical body."

I could hear the deep breath of the girl beside me and felt a warm air on
my neck from the respectful gentleman behind me.

The enchanting, soft voice of Vywamus went on: "Now I want you to beat your
breast as Tarzan did and wake up your thymus gland which is your real heart
chakra. ... Now, let out your inner child and howl like Tarzan at the same
time as you beat your breast."

It was like we were in the middle of the jungle where hundreds of gorillas had decided to
howl all at the same time!

The crowd burst into laughter.

The atmosphere that had been full of anticipation, curiosity and wonderment was now filled
with joy and laughter.

"This is better", Vywamus said. "Now the Mahtama energy can run unhindered
through you.

"Your heartcenter has now been activated. It is through this that you
experience pure, unconditional love. Along with the love comes joy. These
are two undifferentiated things.


"Those who work with and in the love of mother/father God need not be grave.
They should let the joy and laughter be their followers as well."

There was smile on everyone's face in the hall, even the right reverend
bishop of the catholic church that was there.

I noticed that the colors and light around the group changed and got

"Now. lets fill the heart chakra of Mahatma energy. Inhale and see the
golden, silver, violet energy fill your heart chakra. See it glow like gold.
This is your heart palace...Your sacred place.

"When you exhale, let go of all anxiety that are part of your 3D life...All
anger, fear and sorrow. Let it all out, for there are beings here that will
transmute that energy into light."

I saw a pillar of light come down into everyone's crown chakra, and as we
exhaled I saw a gray cloud of energy go up into the ceiling as if there was
a huge vacuum cleaner hanging there, where light beings used some sort of
laser beams to transmute this dark energy into white light.

We kept on breathing in the Mahatma and exhaling all the gray energy. The
colors in the room kept changing and now it looked like everyone was made
out of shining gold or the clearest silver.

"Whooooo, this was incredible," I thought. "In just a matter of minutes
was as if we were transmuted from raw ore into
precious jewelry."

"Now, let the Mahatma energy flow into every cell of your being, fill up

every single atom with this golden, silver, violet energy," Vywamus

I sensed how my body jerked as all this energy flowed through it.

My hands which had been cold all the time I had been there, were now
throbbing with heat,
as if they were being held over an open fire, and I could feel how they
expanded as if they were exploding from all the energy.

At the same time Vywamus said:" Let the energy flow out through your
and feet."

The energy and the light shot out of the skin and the pressure that I
felt diminished.

"Now lets practice on each other. Get together two by two and put your
hands on each other wherever it is needed."

I turned to the young girl beside me and asked if she wanted to be my
partner. She nodded.

Far away I heard a bell ringing. I thought to myself that this was like
primary school where they rang the bell for a break. But this bell did
stop ringing. Little by little my head cleared and I realized that this
was my doorbell
ringing.I tried to open my eyes but they were heavy. My clothes were
stained with my

The bell was still ringing, I would have to go to the door. I looked
at the clock. It had only been 15 minutes since I came home but it felt
like hours. I dragged my self to the feet and went to the door. Dagrun
and Baldur stood
there wet and cold. They looked at me with wonder in their eyes.

"What is wrong dad" said Dagrun, "you look so pale?"
"Oh, I am not feeling very well, but come on in and I will give you some
When we had all sat down at the kitchen table Baldur said: "Dad... what
is this that stands there by the cooler and keeps an eye on us?"
"What do you mean, Baldur? I cannot see anyone."
"Yes, dad he has got a lot of feathers like Indians do."
"I do not know any Indians."

Suddenly I remembered a bright, blue light that an Indian had come out
Could it be that there was something more to that memory than just a

I stayed in bed for the next couple of days with bone aches and fever. I
not remember any more dreams. But I thought a lot about the one I had
the night I had gotten ill.
This happening with Vywamus.
When I got on my feet again I did a search on the internet to see if I
find any information about these matters.
At first I went into the Icelandic search machine but came up with
about Vywamus. Then I tried "Ask Jeeves" and a whole lot more popped
One link was to Amazon.com bookstore. There had obviously been books
written by
or about this Vywamus.
When I checked further I found books written by Janet McClure and
Burns with channeled information from Vywamus.
I did not have much faith in this ..channeling things, but my curiosity
was aroused, so
I decided to order one of the books and check it out.

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