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Earthwork in Bulgaria
This work was done September 19th 2004 using online communication

As we, me and Elli are preparing a shamballa workshop in Bulgaria in the spring of 2005 part of it is working with the energies over there and with the facilitator of the workshop.

This has been a fascinating ride and we are looking very much forward to the event it self.

I would like to tell you about the work me and Georgi did a week ago. The day before I had done an auric clearing on him ( we do this for all our students before a shamballa workshop) so we were in a gear to expand the clearing work.

Georgi and his friends had already done a few cleansing session for Sofia and the sessions ended with thunderstorm that cleansed the air but still there was some dark grey cover over it or layer high in the sky.
As always when we do earthwork we connected with the deva of the area. The Deva of Sofia is like gold blue being, stormy but gentle and very powerful.

These nature angels are always happy to work with lightworkers, some may not have been spoken to for eons of time and they may be low in energy or vibration due to many reasons.

Well we gave Sofia a good bath of Earthworker essence which is a gift from nature it self and the Source and very cleansing. We asked that this would clean the whole city from the Christ consciousness grid into the center of Earth, added with a bit of mahatma flush to clean a web of dark thoughts that were around. Then there was a big flush of Auric clearing essence to clean more thought forms and energies related to them.

At this time Georgi was feeling the energy waves coming in from all direction as he was in the city of Sofia.

Now to expand on this work we tuned into the over lightening deva of Bulgaria. It was clear from the start that he had not been called upon for a very long time and he was deep in the earth. It took awhile to get the contact and his vibrations were very low and he looked dark. I called on all the devas that are in my team (there are quite many of them) to aid me in getting through to the deva of Bulgaria. It worked.  He then took his time to check us out as we assured him we came in unconditional LOVE. This I have experienced before so it did not surprise me. We offered him love and light and asked if he would hold those energies and spread them out in his country. This he was ready to do.

At the same time Georgi pointed out to me 4 blood red portals of dark energy which was in every corner of the country blocking incoming energies. The energies from the portals were affecting the deva.

Again we started with earth worker flush and then auric clearing flush, a splash of mahatma, shamballa and the 10th and 11th ray. This was not enough so a good bath of Dead see essence came next. 
The reason that the essences were not fully working was a portal that extended into the earth where the deva was and this portal was sucking all the energies down.

So we worked specifically on the portal to neutralize it working with Gaia from inside and out at the same time as working with the archangels from outside in plus some auric clearing technique. This had the expected effect.

The deva started to wake up and come alive.

It was time to flush the whole of Bulgaria with mahatma light and love from Source to earth and then back up again through large tube or channel.

Again we met some obstacles. It looked as if there were some beings counter reacting our work.
Possibly magicians from before year 1000 that put a spell on the country. They were seen as tiny shadows, old and confused like old programs from the past.

Now with a bit more mahatma a white gold fountains were now spreading from the surface.
This was a good time to take the energies up to a whole new level so we tuned up our energies to be able to channel higher vibration to the earth.

Again we felt there was some blockage, this time in one of 7 sacred lakes in Bulgaria. In there was a crystal which was radiating dark energies and used by ET as there was a lot of UFO activity there.

This was a red crystal full of aggression and harm.

We cleared the crystal and reprogrammed it as we do with our own small crystals so it could channel the unconditional love of Source and be self cleansing.

Golden green ripples came from it with strong violet. There were rippling effects throughout the lake and ETs on the run, flying away since there was not space for them there anymore.
Metatron enhanced the light and love flowing down now.

Again we flushed the land with Earth worker. The deva was gaining in strength and light and could now aid us in the process of cleaning the land and holding the energies.

Now as Georgi scanned the land he saw black threads of energy coming in from the east, through the Black see. It was karmic ties from the USSR or Soviet Union from times when they felt they owned Bulgaria as if it was their baby brother.
With these ties gone, the black see was buzzing with light and joy.  The deva was now expanding its energies and becoming more love and light.

We decided it was again time to expand on this earthwork now by calling on and tuning into the over lightening devas of the surrounding countries. Most of which have experienced a lot of suppression and in some cases war in the past decades.

There was very active congress or communication going on between the devas and they were eager to receive these energies of love and light and cleansing.

Since it had already been a long session we sent a collective flush of earth worker and mahatma to all the surrounding countries. We then saw the devas as one united being and again flushed and channeled more love energy and earth worker to the countries.
Our own bodies were buzzing with energy, every cell vibrating as we brought these energies through from the I am of Source.

There was nice platinum gold energy like a lightning flash.

We now sensed huge blockage over Bucharest in Romania and went to work on that. Like a power plot from last century. AA Michael showed Georgi event in the 70s. One very metal and claustrophobic net of energy implanted near the earth surface. This was in the time of Ceausescu. There were energies of programs for poverty, suppression, lack of initiative. Poverty of humanity, living like animals.

This time we used the essence Thingvellir (standing in your power and freedom) plus asked the elements to come and aid us. Also there was a crystal there that we cleansed and reprogrammed like the one in Bulgaria.
Showed up as one metal thing/crystal in the sky’s, surrounded by red and pale yellow lights
After the reprogramming a white column went through the crystal.

Now the whole area changed to platinum gold.

The Earth was now growing and expanding in these energies so the next thing to do was to
connect the whole earth to the galactic core, where all of us are just one being.

There was strong feeling of unity like being in some temple and a  very strong feeling of Divine Presence. Also tunnels of white light and violet space coming.

There was much of the 9th  ray around Georgi and he saw the earth like dressing herself with this ray. There was something like dark image falling out of the earth.

The feeling was quite amazing we were full of microtron and mahatma energy, every cell vibrating and electrical and geometrical shapes around us. Our DNA´s were activated in a new way.
The energies were the  white Source, the gold Source and the platinum gold Source with whole new specter of rays like spheres one in another. A whole new  levels of presences.
We grounded these energies into the Earth.

We had connected 3 levels of existence, variants of reality.

Holding the whole galaxy within the cosmic heart.

The city of Sofia and country of Bulgaria looked now alive, no fogs, no dirt, deep feeling of sacredness, very much star energies, feeling of ancient times.
The words : "the original reality is here now" came to Georgi.

Our work was complete for the time being.

It took a while to get back into the physical body after this highly electrical event.

In the days that have gone by the work has gone on that is more and more is cleansed, the deva of Bulgaria has gained more strength and love and people in Sofia have started to sense more patriotic energy in them selves without knowing what we did a week ago.

In another session with Georgi we sent mahatma and shamballa to the heart of Gaia for her to distribute it to the places no and in earth that need it most.

Written September 27th 2004

Lilja Petra Ásgeirsdóttir, the Universal Polar bear.
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