In April 2000 we facilitated a crystal and earthworking course in Borgarfjordur, Iceland with HariDas Melchizedek/John Armitage. On Easter Sunday we went to a sacred site called Paradise to ground the energy of Mahatma and work with the spirits of the land. HariDas then channeled a message from the keeper of the site.

This work was done by the pond that you see on attached picture. You can see Das standing between the
two vortices but they are connected running water.

Since we could not work in the middle of the vortices in the middle of the pond the keepers of the vortices agreed to move the energy over for us and built a line to transmit it to us.

They asked us to ground out the energies that we had been working with earlier in the workshop in
accordance with divine will.

The Mahatma energy was then grounded there in a very powerful way. Since these vortices is connected to the planetary grid this love vibration spread all over the surface of Gaia with the clarity of the water running through these vortices.

While doing this the keepers communicated with Das and the following channelling was done.

I am the male keeper of these  vortices, there are two of us, one male and one female.  I am the male and the keeper of this vortex of the water. My female counterpart is the keeper of the vortex in the rock circle.  Very easy to understand why each of us have our places and why we were given these places.
The place enclosed with rocks is a shrine to the goddess. We have been keepers of this place for many thousands of your years. For many thousands of your years we never saw any human being.  In Lemurian  times we were the keepers of these vortices. We saw at that time many etheric beings and many beings of light.  As you became denser and there was the division of
the sexes for understand you were all androgynous.  Then we did not see humans for a long, long time.

We were charged with the grid Creators the job of holding these vortices stable.  Notice that I did not
say guarding these vortices for vortex keepers are not there to guard.  They are there to hold the energy
in balance if we possibly can.  Sometimes of course this is not always possible.  We just hold these vortices  in balance so that beings of the light and beings that you will term as beings of the dark can use these vortices to transport themselves between dimensions.

Yes, it might surprise you that many of these  vortices are interdimensional gateways.  Many beings
that use merkaba ships use these vortices to transport themselves, deep, deep within the earth.
Many of the beings that live inside the earth use these vortices to bring their living light merkaba ships from deep inside the earth to far, far out in the sky to the Universe.

Both my female aspect and I are very, very pleased and happy that you have arrived here this day.  For although these  vortices  which form a vesica picies are very harmonious and balanced they are sometimes disturbed by the presence of human visitors.  For more humans have started to visit this place now for they do feel the peace and tranquillity here.  So what is your presence then doing for us? Well you should know by now that you have been connected through the cylinder of light to the Source and you are bringing this clean, clear, harmonious Source energy through you.  And as you are grounding it to where you are sitting it allows us to utilize this energy to further open these vortices.

Why  would we want to further open them?  Simple, simple my human friends. It is so, we can bring this harmonious energy of the Source into the body of the mother into the energy meridians or grids of
the mother.  This of course will help to harmonize and balance her energy.

One of the beings that this channel has channelled in the last few days has told you that mother earth does not need saving and that is a complete correct statement, but she is willing to accept healing from
people, or beings that are working in accordance with divine will.  And we do have a connection with divine will.  We understand what a divine will is.

Divine will is wholeness within the body of the mother, harmony within the body of the mother.

When the mother is living in harmony and wholeness her children can also be whole.  This is the plan of
divine will.  And there has been or never will be a deviation from it.  Just sit each and every one of you for a few more moments and allow this energy to further flow through you, just feel it.

You will see after I finish speaking through this one that the water will be clearer and brighter, there
will be different colour hues within it, those are the signs that your work is real and true, that you have
more then imaginary effect.

You humans are Gods and Goddesses incarnate so it is therefore important to remember that you can create harmony and balance where ever you are, think about this. Think about the possibilities of it and start to put the possibilities into practice.

I thank you and I love you although I do not know you. I bless you for I am also a creator.  The creator
within me salutes the creator within you.

I thank you for your focus and your attention. There is not many words that I will speak for at this time I
am not used to communicating with humans. We have a tendency to keep our selves hidden and out
of the attention focus of humans, for the energies of the humans adversely affects us when they see us, many would be afraid of us.  So I thank you for not being afraid.

That is the end of my communication.

After this beautiful channelling the tears were falling down cheeks of many.

This energy was very soft and loving, very much different from all the other channelling over the past
days. I say this since as a translator I also channel these energies and mark the difference.

All of us saw the change in the sparkling water and the sign they had told us about.

After sitting for a while longer I went into the second vortex within the rock circle to the goddess
shrine and communicated with the female keeper of this place.  That was a very emotional moment where two goddesses met and exchanged energies.

(translated to Icelandic on the spot by Lilja Petra and transcribed by her on 27th April 2000)

Later that spring Björk retrieved the names of the keepers. The male keepers name is Hakon ( a king) and the female is Bergrós (rocky rose).

This very special place is one of our favorite sites here in Iceland. The tranquility and peace that you find just by being there is unique.

After one of our visists there I made an
essence with the energies and we use it a lot in our healing work and daily life.

We were again gathered in Paradise with Hari Das and number of other lightworkers in October 2000.
Das then again channeled the keeper of this sacred place.

Hákon the keeper of Paradis through Hari Das in October 2000

This channel has been somewhat resistent for me to be speaking through him. But I only have a few brief words to say.

A few brief words of encouragement. Some of know that I am the keeper of this place and have been the keeper of this place for many, many thousands of your years. For many thousands of your years I saw no human being. No humans came past here. They were not drawn and felt they had no reason to be. But for a number of years now there have been more and more human visitors.

It has been my practice to keep my self well hidden from them, not to communicate with them in any way. But over the last 11/2 or 2 years I have decided that it is possible that I and humans have much to share. Humans to share with me and I to share with humans.

If I were to share everything I know with you it would take a long time. I do not think in this moment that it is appropriate that I share everything I know with you. So it is encouragement I come to give you. Encouragement to allow the Goddess to integrate within you. I myself have achieved a Goddes initiation at the same time as you have. And it is something that I have waited for, for many aeons of your time. For as you know many or almost all became separated from the Goddess energy.

Because of male energetic domination within this Universe.

Times have changed.

That's right times have changed.

Many are again starting to receive knowledge of the goddess. Many have volunteered to receive the energy of the goddes and carry that out into the world. So that it may be transferred to others as you walk among them.

So my message to you again: allow, allow your selves to integrate this energies and do not try and stifle or deny the goddess within each and everyone of you.

At this time my friends this is the end of my transmission to you by this medium of voice. I will transfer to each and everyone of you the portion of the energies that I hold within this pool, within this pond so that it may help each and everyone of you to accept who and what you really are. Peace be with you.

Transcribed Dec 17th 2000 by Lilja Petra Asgeirsdóttir shamballa master

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