I am gonna "read" for you a small fairytale. Well at least it could be one if it was not for the fact that it is actually our reality.

You see there is an excellant Norvegian clairvoyant writer that has written about similar things as I am gonna tell you about now. Her name is Margit Sandemoe.

The books I refer to are called the Icepeople (Isfolket) and others with the same persons.

Well here goes my story.

The events started three days ago when I woke up at dawn. The rest of the family was asleep so I sneaked out of bed and took our hostess´s bike down to the
lake. This lake is in the middle of Sweden and is called Orsasjö and is linked to Siljan which according to one source is a major and important vortex in Scandinavia, linking together Norway and Sweden.

Well the sun was coming up, there was a little bit fog hovering over the lake. The water lay still on the surface and the frostroses and crystals were all over on the ground. It was such a magical moment and the silence was only broken by occasional bird.

I had grabbed my camera with me and as I rode the bike along the beach I often stopped to take pictures to freeze this magical energy so I could later recall this moment.

I felt as if I had stepped into  a fairytale such was the magicical effects.

On my way back to the house I stopped for while and started talking to the spirits of the lake as well as the naturespirits. i called upon the overlightening deva of Siljan and i worked for a while with the energies, channeling mahatma and Shamballa into this world i had stepped into.

We have been to this area before around summer solstice but I had not yet made an essence from there. I now know it is because there was a part missing. The part I experienced that morning.

The new essence will work with the artistic intuition. There are so many musicians, painters and other artistic people living around these lakes so no wonder. It will bring eveyone into a fairytale into a magical world of the creation.

I promised to come back to this place with Elli and maybe more people to ground the energies further.

Well the day after the sun was shining so I called up a friend that has been working on the earth for some time and we also invited our hostess to join us.

We took a walk down to the spot where I had talked to the nature spirits the day before.

They were waiting for us in anticipation.

We found the layline to work on and I put out my crystals in a 6 pointed star of David with a little bit of Earthworking essence on each one. I put another 6 pointed star outside the first one with etheric crystals and then we started working inside the mandala.

When I called on the group/collective consciousness of the pine trees around Siljan there was a big surge of energy running through me.

We also connected with all of the shamballa tribe and with the stargate and Das plus of course our working teams.

It was wonderful. We ended by connecting to the peace seremoni that was held yesterday in Jerusalem and we could sense/see the native americans dancing around in
a peace dance and smoking the pipe.

After an hour or so of just sitting and enjoying the energies we went back to the house for a chat.

That was when we first heard of the "problems" our earthworking friend had in her house and property. She told us that she was unable to grow any plants inside the house they all died.

As she works with kinesiology she had rectified all negative currents that ran through her house but it had no effect on the flowers.

A clairvoyant visitor (he did not come to her house though) told her that there were no naturespirits on her property. They were unable to live there and because there were no flowerfairies the flowers did not grow in her house.

Since we work a lot with the naturespirits we told her we could come and check the place out. We had no idé what would meet us there.

Her house is 100 years old, two stories high, red,wooden building. It stands up in a hill and there are lots of trees around. There is a small creek running through the properity and on the other side of the creek there is a lawn and forest around.

When we came out of our car in front of the house Elli went one way around the house with his living dowsing sticks out and I went the other way. When we met down
in the garden at the back of the house we had both come to the same conclusion.

This properity held a  lot of discordant energy.

It was as if the forest was in  a spell (black magic spell or something). As if time had stopped and the evilness was the only thing around. It was really creepy if you would have let your self feel any fear. But there is only fear if we let it.

I could sense the black alfs as we call them (dont know the right english word) and Elli could see the naturespirits just outside the property waiting to be able to get back to their home that they had given up a long time ago.

Elli had tracked an energy line through the house and it stopped in the middle of the property.

When we went over the creek we could feel the negativity in our solarplexus.

The dark brothers were starting to have fear of what was gonna happen I could feel them try to affect me but told them this was not gonna work since I was in charge.

It was a bit funny standing there not seeing but yet seeing, unreal but yet so real.

Well our next work was to get out the crystals spray some earthworker on them and put a mandala up around us. We could feel when the mandala had been activated
how the peace came over us and all uneasiness was gone.

Now as usual we called on the working teams and started grounding the transmuting mahatma love and the shamballa.

It took a while.

We could sense the events that had happened there. People dying and their souls had not found peace or seen the light until we called on the angels to excort them to their new homes.

Our friend had found out from a lady in the neighbourhood that in the dark ages some whitches had been burned on fire just across the road.

All this energy had accumulated in the ground so it was sick.

We worked our way up from 1km down in the earth to clear what had been filtered there through ages.

We could sense/see the light take place where only darkness had been before.

After we were done in the garden we went inside the house and worked there for a while using our spray.

At the end we activated a huge 12 pointed star of David around the property and the owner was asked to invite the naturespirits to enter her garden again.

The process will take  little bit more time since the nature is about to go to sleep for the winter and the spirits are not in their peak but I am sure that next
summer the property will be full of happy spirits running around in freedom that they have not felt for a long time.

When we talked to Björk last night she could see the same things that we had sensed/seen.

The spell had been broken.

Our step into a fairytale had got a good ending if there is any such thing as ending.

We have learned that often when we do earthwork in a  place it is only a start, there are many layers to work on just as when you peel an onion. The same goes
for any karmic work and healing work, we can always go deeper and deeper.

November 1st. 2001

An addition from our fellow shamballa master Lindamarie in USA

So good to hear about your adventures Lilja!  Welcome back!  There are
places that the elementals have been displaced from and it is time to
them back. The thoughts and emotions of people and events do create the
condtions for these energies to manifest and take hold! 

While in NY, Das and I encountered the gigantic spider web that
radiated out
under Central Park, I was told to sprinkle it with fairy dust (a little
Merlin magic).  It simply dissolved and then the elementals were
allowed to
come back into the area.

You may think they are getting ready to sleep but I see your lovely
elementals dancing for joy!- I see mostly leprechaun type
their heels together!  They love to dance!

I also see the displaced darker beings huddled into a cave like space,
very sad, almost crying! They look confined with bars!  They feel
unwanted and unloved. They would like to experience the love and joy of
others. They are saying,  "we were created from the fear of humans and
now t
hey just want us to disappear! "

I am very tuned into the elemental energies and as I write this the
lephrachan beings are moving to the bars and inviting the dark ones out 
the light.  They are staggerring out and as the light touches them they
transmute and begin to fly.  Wow! here are the missing fairies!  I
why there weren't any fairies! 

There was a spell on the area, and as the fear built the people grew to
the elementals.  The fairies were trapped in the fear and this
them into the dark forms you found!  The leprechaun beings had found
protection as a part of the tree structures, but they were trapped
there as
well.  Oh wow, now there are many other types of elemental beings
coming out
from the places where they had been hiding.  Now that the energy of the
fairies have been released they really feel safe to come back!

The message from these fairies is:
"Please dear humans, don't judge the darkness through your fear.  Many,
us have been trapped in time by your thoughts and emotions and even
fairy stories.  It is time to love all of creation, as it is your
It is time to write new fairy tales of the power of love and learning
honor the light and the dark.  Please remember the light came out of
darkness. Some of you know you came from the void and beyond.  The
cannot exist without the darkness. So walk in balance dear humans
all-loving all.  We thank you for returning us to our original purpose
state, but we do have dark beings in the elemental kingdom whose
purpose is
to work within the dark regions of the earth. Your interpretation and
fear of
them has recreated them as evil. They welcome your love to be granted
permission to return to their original purpose of assisting Great Gaia,
especially at this time.  Some have been saying we are leaving your
plane.  That is because they have sensed that so many of us have been
by misunderstanding and fear.  If anything there will be more of us as
people of humanity awaken to your nature and create more for us to do.
love the reigniting of the Shamballa energies and have asked others to
us to them.  We will return the favor by attuning you to our energies.
Ai iko
maiyo so."

Well dear Shamballa family, I asked what that meant and they said there
no human words for it. It is like a blessing.  I can affirm what was
about the attunement. That was one of the first  things that happened
to me
after Mount Shasta.  So I encourage you to connect with these beings.
will be blown away by the love and joy!  They dance in circles after
attunements and then they attune you to the energy of "all things". You
see animals, plants, elements, minerals-all things! Amaxzing really!

Well this turned out to be more than a congratulations to you Lilja and
Ellie! It is always amazing how things unfold!
In joy,

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