Sommer solstice 2001
June 22nd 2001.

Yesterday.......what a fantastic day.......

We woke up early to be online with the shamballa family at 7:30 our time. A few nighthawks from USA were online plus the Manchester family and two others.

Since Hari Das did not make it online I lead the meditation to bring down these energies of the solstice. Our bodies were vibrating from the acitvations that took place. Then we did  a little earthwork using
the new combination essence etherically plus calming all down after wards with Paradise essence.

It was great.

When the meditation finished it was time to get our crystals ready and the essences that we needed for our day tour.

I had put out my earthworker crystal the day before within the sacred space of our garden devas along with the earthworker essence. This was done so I was in no time pressure during the day. (I had intended to be in Ŝingvellir before the eclipse but had a hunch that I would not make it)

Well after finding everything it was time to do some work on the mandala down town in center of Reykjavik. This is the mandala that was activated during crystal workshop with Das and Kathleen two years ago.

Again we used the earthworker. During past weeks, violence has increased down town so there was need to cleans the area.

Elli is the keeper of the vortex there and during the rest of the day he was working heavily energetically (dozing off in our car while I was driving) :)

Next stop was a shop to buy lightening preventer. Our guests from Sweden, USA and Switzerland were very car sick and this was to make sure they would be able to really enjoy the drive in our country.

Then off to mom to get our guests for the day. I will only call them by first letter, T,R and RK.

We drove to Nesjavellir, (the south part of the lake Ŝingvallavatn). There again I tuned into the devas or spirits of the place and did some work using the essence and my earthworker crystal, while the others took pictures of the steam coming up from the ground.

Off we were again and now to see where the parlament once stood where the tectonic plates are most visibly going away from each other.

My direction was to work by the river where people had once been drowned to fulfill their death-sentence.

Three of us, Elli, me and R went together while the two guyes went another direction to do their work.

I put up a 12 pointed mandala with crystals and on each one I sprayed the essence (earthworker). I was then off in meditation to use this essence around the world on energy points and other places and to give this gift back to Gaia since this essence is her gift to us).

R. experienced a lot of clearing and realisations and Elli was off somewhere to work.

When we had finished I could sense the gratitude from the waterspirit there.

Next we drove towards Geysir the hot spring.

On the way I was directed to stop by the church Skálholt which ones was one of three places of power in Iceland (the bishop lived there). This was to clear some past happenings and some backdoor way to start clearing Rome (Vatican).

RK seemed to get similar info at the same time as me and worked with me and Elli on this.

We found a spot outside the church where there had once stood a house or most likely a church.

I used the earthworker crystal and the spray. I told RK this would go through the timeline. He wondered why I said that.

After we had done the work he told me that after I had put down the crystal I had dissapeared. He asked to see where I had gone and found himself and me in this house while it was in use with a lot of people.

This was news to me since I was awear of myself being there in the now (2001) all the time. :))

This was great but Geysir was waiting. We did not do any clearing there, we only gave back to this old fellow what he had given us in the form of the essence by putting a drop on the ground near him.

Last stop was Gullfoss and there I did the same thing but no clearing.

We had wonderful day, came home red in the face (not from the sunshine because it was cloudy all the time but most likely because of thin ozon layer over the country), happy and there was no carsickness during the 350 km we drove.

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