Grábrók is a volcanic crater in Norđurárdalur, Borgarfjordur. It erupted 3600-4000 years ago.
During past 10 years we have taken many of our guests to Grábrók for a short walk and all of them have been fascinated by it.

It was also here that we first experienced communication with a deva or nature spirit.
This was in the early summer of 1998. We were on a tour with our exchange student and had stopped by as usual. When we came to the top I felt dizziness and thought:"what is going on here, why am I feeling like this". This went on so I started talking about this with Elli and he said he was feeling veird as well. So we stopped and asked within. We felt like this was a cry for help so we did the best we could to clear the space.

Fterwards we sensed the gratitude and love from the diva and we promished to come back.

As I walked down again I told Elli that what I really wanted was to learn how to find energy lines (lay lines) and work on clearing them. Little did I know that I would learn exactly that only a few months later.

In 1999 we went there a few times. One was with a group of lightworkers and
Hari Das after the acitvation of Reykjavik as city of light. It was a bit windy but that is usual. While we were waiting for the rest of the group to come around the crater I sat down on a rock. As I was sitting there my eyes caught a very special lava stone. This one had a calcite filling in it which is highly unusual in such young lava. I felt that this was a gift from the deva for the work we had done for him and I thanked him from my heart.

The next year we visited Grabrók in May with two friends from the States and did an activation of the fire with a special Native American ritual.

We were again gathered in Grábrok in October 2000 with Hari Das and 9 other lightworkers to activate the fire within each of us. Below is a transcription of the meditation and channeling Das gave there.

Activation of the fire in Grabrok, October 2000.

The keeper of Grabrok

Channelled through
Hari Das.

We spend some time in the middle of a volcano, Grabrok, working with the fire energy. All of us were sitting on the rough lava rocks on this beautiful but cold autumn day.

The first energy that I have is the guardian or the keeper or the deva of this place. I often seem to have a bit of trouble with these Icelandic names. I'll try and get it....
But anyway no, I don't have the name but the name is not important.

So my friends from both Iceland and the continent of Europe and also I realize from the off shore islands of Europe. First I would say it always gladness my heart when people come and visit my vortex. I have been the keeper of this place from the times which it was formed and I speak not only of the formation of this hill within which you sit. I speak about the energy vortex in general in this place. This energy vortex is what you would call an interdimensional gateway. In other words it is a place through which many multidimensional beings can pass. They can pass into your dimensional reality to the third or fourth dimension or they can pass straight down into the earth to meet with the people that live inside the body of mother earth.

If you could see me, if you could see my form, I am in many ways like fire, like flame. This flame is maybe one of your meters around and one and a half or one and three quarters of your meters high. This is the form of my body because when this place had molten rock and flame and fire flowing from it and blowing from it my energy body was transmuted into this kind of fire energy. Well I have been awaiting your arrival for a long time now.
These beings with which you travel and this channeler that speaks with you came here a number of your months ago and informed me that at a later time they would return with a larger group of people to work. So what is the work I can hear you thinking, the work is twofold. The work is for you as individuals to activate the fire within you but not only activate this fire of these flames of strength and clarity but also Germain is here to transmute my flame into the silver violet flame of transformation also. But not only are we going to do that, I am going to take you into the fire in the body of mother earth. So that your energy bodies may be purified also by this fire. And as your energy bodies and your lightbodies are purified in this fire, this fire will transfer into your physical body and further cleansing and activation's will take place within you, as well as the flame of Germain this fire will activate your kundalini energy. This does not mean that your kundalini energy will in each case shoot to the top of your head and your head will lift up like this (demonstration and laughter:)).

Like a volcano.

We wont say that we shall try to avoid that, we will avoid that. We will not give you more fire then your body can safely handle in this moment. We are working with you in accordance with the will of your I am presence and you must understand by now that your I am presence has brought you to this beautiful island for total cleansing and activation.

These elements inside you and also the elements of the island outside you. You already have fire in your bodies. This fire is the energy that makes your digestion work so that you can digest your food. It also has other purposes within your body. So now let us start this work. I would like you to focus on your solar plexus. On this connection from your physical body to your emotional body.
And now in your solarplexus I would like you to see, feel, allow, imagine a fire, starting to burn in this place. With each of the breaths that you take in I would like you to see this fire flaming more, blazing more, becoming stronger, becoming stronger. And as you are taking your in breaths I would like you to hold your breaths for some seconds as long as it is comfortable for you. And during the time that you are holding your breath I would like you to see the fire, I would like you to see the fire get bigger and bigger and stronger. We will spend some short time now doing this.

As you are breathing in this fire and you are visualising this fire I will spread my self to each and every one of you so as you breath in, you are breathing in the energy of me this diva of fire.

And as this fire is building within you just allow, imagine, see or feel that the heat is now building in your solar plexus. You are getting warmer there, you are getting warmer, you are getting warmer and as you breath I will breath more of this fire energy into you.

And now as you are breathing in just see, feel, allow, imagine this fire spreading throughout your body, spreading through your limbs, through your legs, down to your feet, spreading through your arms, spreading all over your shoulders and your back and the way up to the top of your head. And as you breath I shall breath more fire into you.

The fire is building, the fire is building, feel the heat, feel the heat spreading through your body and see, feel, allow, imagine these flames every where inside your body.

Now as these flames spread through your bodies we are going to start integrating with these flames, the silver violet flame of Germain. And as these flames are integrating let us spread this fire into your crystalline lightbodies into your adam kadmon bodies of perfection. At this time you
could see, feel, allow, imagine your selves as a pillar of red, silver violet fire. This fire is now transmuting everything within your physical bodies that it is capable of transmuting, transmuting blockages, transmuting fear, transmuting feelings that no longer serve you in the highest good.
And as you are these flames, let us see, or just allow or imagine your selves going down into the body of mother earth down through the lave of this volcano, down through the hill, downwards through the body of the earth mother, through the crystalline layers, through the crystalline templates, through the water, through the gas and into the fire. Into that place where
the rock is molten, the temperature is very high, there is flames, there is fire, there is purification. Fire has a contract with the Creator that it will purify all things that it consumes. It will purify and transmute so let us now enter this fiery space with our bodies of fire, the silver violet flame and the redness of my energy, let us enter the fire, enter this place of molten rock. And just feel that molten rock, the energies of the fire flowing through you like pure, warm honey. And as this pure warm honey flows through you just allow it to take everything that is not serving your highest good in this moment. Everything that you have been holding in fear in unworthiness, in unsureness, And as it takes away these blockages, as it takes away these self imposed limitations see your self becoming silver violet light, silver violet fire. Silver violet fire, the purity that God desires.

You are God and Goddess in this moment, whole, pure, harmonised and balanced. And now let us go beyond this fire in the earth. And I take you deeper into the body of the earth mother and there let us enter this place that seems to have sky. Which seems to have a sun, it’s a place where the inner beings of the earth dwell. Beings like your selves, humans, some beings of other types. It is here that I have arranged for you to meet some counterparts of your selves. Some aspects of your soul group that are living inside the body of mother earth. Living a life which is different from yours, but in essence the same for they are sons and daughters also of the Creator. The sons and daughters of mother/father Source, God and Goddess.


So now again let us bring our attention to the fire and as we travel up through the layers within mother earth again let us stop in this fiery, hot, molten place. And as we stop here, I connect each and every one of you through your base chakra to this fire. And as I connect your base chakra to this fire mingled with the silver violet flame of Germain I slowly.... and gently..... and lovingly bring this fire to your second chakra, your third chakra, your fourth chakra, your fifth chakra, your sixth chakra, your seventh chakra. Feel this flame of purity flowing through every aspect, every single molecule, every single part of your physical bodies. Cleansing flame. Now is the time to make the affirmation: I allow my self to let go of things that no longer serve me in the highest good. That no longer serve me or serve mother father God, I am that I am.

And now let us bring this fire with our consciousness upwards through the different levels in the body of mother Earth and bring this fire into this volcano. And as we bring this fire here, it balances and harmonises and purifies the vortex. And from this day forward I the keeper of this place decree that only beings that have the highest ideals of the Creator, mother father and the highest thoughts for the progress of humanity into love, harmony and wholeness, they pass through this place. So be it.

For each and every one of you I pray that in my fire, because I have no heart. That my interaction with you have been useful. That my interactions with you are serving you and will continue to serve you into the future for as long as you may need it. When you feel that you have things to clear out of your body, when you feel that you have things to clear out of your memory think of me with the flame, merging with the silver violet of Germain and all will be transmuted into harmony. Blessings upon each one.

Transcribed by Lilja Petra Asgeirsdottir October 27th 2000.

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