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Devic and cosmic essences 5
Eye of the sea in S-Poland
F21. Eye of the sea: ( Morsko Oko) Balances the right and left brain. Good for much strain, also dyslexia, hyperactivity. Very calming effect.

Eye of the sea and Black Pond (Czarny Staw) are two wonderful lakes in the higher Tatra mountains in Southern Poland.  The legend says that there is an underground tunnel from the Eye of the sea out to the Baltic ocean.  Very powerful place.

F22. Wieliczka: Good for clarity in expression. Works on acupunctures at the back of the head in a very sweat way.  Good for headache and tired eyes. Lessens pressure in the head.

The spirit of the Wielizca saltmine in Poland is happy to assist humanity in this way.

F23. Kosciliska valley: Helps us to express emotions. Also works with flow from solarplexus medial down to the toes.
Kosiliesco Valley in Poland is one of the most beautiful valleys in Poland and a nationalpark.  We spent an evening there walking the 6 km to the rest place in the valley in a moonlight last June and enjoyed the serenity of this place.

F24. Knight of Niedzica: Good for meditation. Works with the pranic energy in a very light and sweat way.  Expands the pranic tube outwards and elevates as well. A feeling of pranic sphere. Building of the prana is one of the corner stones for our spiral evolution according to Hathors.

The knight of Niedzica is the keeper of the vortex at the castle by the river Niedzica near the boarders of Slovakia and Poland.

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