Das for first time in Iceland

First visit of Hari Das Melchizedek to Iceland April 1999

What a week we have had. The sun has been shining upon us most of the week until Gary and Das took off. Then we got heavy rain and wind.

I am not sure where to start there has so much happened, but I think I will start with our adventures last Wednesday. The Keflavikairport is some 70 km away from our home. The plane was supposed to land at 15:05. When we had only few km left we could feel the energy rising. Elli looked at his watch and told me that it was 15:06. We thought, Oh well Das and Gary have landed and we are feeling their energies. When we came to the airport this was confirmed on the screen where it said that the plane had landed at 15:06.

We wanted the guys to see as much of the country as possible so we did not go directly to Reykjavik. Our first stop was the Blue lagoon. We only peeked in and then drove to a fishermen’s town named Grindavik. There we could see the fishermen coming in and landing their catch of the day. Loads of fresh fish.

We were going to drive through the wilderness of Reykjanes and take a look at some hot springs and lava. This is a road that is not ploughed in the wintertime. It had a sign saying that it was closed but since we saw a lot of jeep paths we decided to go for it, beside we were driving our 4Wdriver Toyota hiAce. Everything went well until we had only 1-2 km left of this road. In a second the car was stuck in the middle of no where and no traffic at all. The mobile phone was not working.

The sun was shining but the frost was biting as well. We tried a number of things to get the car up, without success. About 3km away we could see a schoolhouse, which is used for Alcoholics rehabilitation. After half an hours trials we decided to walk to the schoolhouse through the snow and leave our guests in the car. It took us half an hour to get to the house and another 20 minutes before we got a jeep that could pull us out of the trouble. Mean while Gary and Das tried to keep them selves warm by putting on some more clothes and drinking some "warming" liquid.

After a good nights sleep, we took off at noon to look at some waterfalls in south of Iceland. One of the guests made a remark that the energy was much like the energy at home, where he and his spouse built up high energies.

As we came closer to the waterfalls the energy started rising. The weather was still at its best although cold in shadow. We stopped for a while at
Seljalandsfoss a beautiful waterfall that one can walk behind in summertime. The energy was magnificent and Das got the information that we should make essence from the energy which would connect the I am presence.

We had good sight to Westman islands. Then we went further and the energy started to escalate. (We later found out that we were really heading towards one of two major energy vortexes on the island) When we came to Skogar we visited the folk museum and got the feeling of how the Icelanders used to live until this century in great connection with nature. We got private guiding around the museum and as the old man that had started it all got to know that we had some psychic ones with us he asked some questions regarding his work. Of course he got confirmation that his work was much appreciated. After visiting the museum we took a look at the magnificent waterfall Skogarfoss. By that time it had got very cold so we only stopped for a few moments there before we ran back to the car and headed back to Reykjavik.


We took the brothers of light on a short trip to Hvalfjordur, which is near Reykjavik. Lilja had learned there was an energy vortex in the bottom where the highest waterfall in Iceland, Glymur is and we went there. On the way we stopped to take some pictures. The mountain scene was magnificent, the sun was shining. The brothers went out to take the pictures and did not come back for some time. They were lost like children playing with new tool. The rocks and small stones had got to them and they were on a hunt for
jasper, serpentine, opal etc. When we came to Botnsdalur we got out of the car. It was too cold to go for a long walk so the Didgeridoo was taken out and Das started to blow. There were some energy vortexes up on the mountain and the energy line went down the valley on the other side. Soon the aboriginal were there and Wotannas he always comes when Das is earth working. It was a nice time we spent there.

Hollow earth in Iceland
During the workshop the day after, Das announced that we had been invited to Ayers rock in Australia and to visit the underground dwellers in Iceland resided in Hofsjökull which means temple glacier. So we did have our own Telos right under our nose. We first went to Ayers rock and met with the aborigine’s. Lilja learned to breath into the didgeridoo. One of the aborigines came back with us to
Temple glacier with a huge crystal with him. This crystal was then activated in the city of ice and is now radiating energy through out the planet. The glacier is also one of the major energy vortexes on earth the ice people are Lemurians around a million people and connected with Telos. We invited the telosians to come with us to visit.


We went to a valley just 5 km from our home. We wanted to go to another stone mine we knew of but the road was closed with snow. Das spotted some jaspers by the side of the road on the way so while driving back again he was sitting with open door and peering out to look for red stones. Chang was his eyes. Gary looked the other side. We were maybe going 20-km/ hour. Every time they spotted something they would go wow and Elli stopped the car. Das was looking for some really big ones to put in our garden. Gary was more into opal. He wanted opal and he got it. We hit the jackpot and found a variety of all sizes of opal just by the road. Next stop was
Tingvellir were the America plate and Europe plate (tectonic plates) go away from each other and where our parliament was founded. After leaving Gary back at the B&B we headed off to Thingvellir. We had great time, we were all alone there, and Das saw an energy vortex in the middle of the lake with six-pointed star around. Some lightships were hovering over the mountains. The clouds lifted and we could see all the mountain peaks. We went to see Öxararfoss and then walked to Logberg where the first parliament was. As we sat there Das cleaned the vortex right under us and filled it with the Mahatma energy. No wonder they put up their parliament there. We spent an hour or so just listening to the silence and bathing in the energy, plus we had a nice talk. We were always learning something new. We came back to Reykjavik at nine in the evening; one more great day was behind us.

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Hari Das in Iceland April 1999
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