temple glacier

Iceland is situated on the Atlantic ridge between two continents. This is important both for the planet and for humanity.

Hofsjokull (1760m) is a round shaped icecap in the centre of the country, with an area of about 900 km˛. The landscape under the ice is the great mountain massif of a central volcano with a vast, ice filled caldera. This volcano was first known in 1980.

Great volume of water runs from this glacier on the surface.
The glacier is the least visited  large icecap in Iceland.

This has a significant meaning for the vortex and its clear energy.

The vortex in Temple glacier is very important just like the vortices in Giza, Glastonbury, Kalish, Machu Pichu and Armageddon are.  These vortices hold the energy for the main energy grid work of the Earth. The grid work is made up of energy lines that nourish Mother Earth with life just like the meridians of our human body does for us. Temple glacier and the inner earth beings that live there in the fifth dimension, the Ice people, have been holding the energies there for a long time without any interference. In the past 3 years the energy level there has been raised a few octaves. The importance of that for the whole earth is huge since from this glacier many connections run both to Europe and America through Gaia´s body. This vortex holds a few of the codes that are accelerating speed of evolution on our planet.

How does this affect the Earth and humanity?
While the energy gridwork of Earth is now working in more harmony and balance a large part of the grid now has 6-7 active fields instead of 4-5 a few years back. This is not only because of reactivation of the vortex in Temple glacier but because of all the hard work many lightworkers and groups have done in the past few years.

This means that all of humanity will have all the chakra´s of the body active from the root to the crown. This changes much for everyone and the ascension process, that is the merging of soul/consciousness and physical body becomes much easier when so many are working through their emotional stuff.

Written by
Haridas Melchizedek and edited by Lilja Petra Asgeirsdottir

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