Aurora borealis
The northern lights (aurora borealis).

Yesterday evening , when I went to my room to meditate, I looked out of  the window and there............ in the clear, dark-blue sky was the most magnificent  sight of all.

Just imagine all the stars in the sky twinkling and then covering about one third of the sky is a huge vortex of greenish light, varying in brightness and ever changing.

Going from a huge angel to a  bright flower in just a second.

You could also imagine a huge light green ribbon moving in the wind covering a part of the sky from east to west, from earth to heaven and moving so fast, but at the same time so graciously that you are filled with love and peace and gratefulness to the Creator .

I imagine the love and light we send, when we do our lightwork could look like this seen from higher realms.

I was so entranced when I saw the lights moving around in the sky and so full of Love that I just stayed where I was. Only one thought outside of the Love came to mind. I had to share the feeling and the sight with all of you.

What a magnificent place we live in.

There is always something that trigger the love inside of us and the feeling of oneness with everything there is, just if we look for it or listen for it.

With this I send the love of the "Icelandic" Northern lights into your live.

With much Mahatma love and light

Lilja Petra Ásgeirsdóttir, 1998
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