Westfjords July 2002
After work on Friday we threw our luggage in the car and drove off to Westfjords to visit the Goddess Bjoerk. Along with us was our Australian friend G. And our son Unnar Freyr.

It was cloudy weather but only occational showers of rain.

Quite a good part of the way is dirty road and mountains so it took us 7 hours to cover these 470 km but it was worth every minute of it. The mountains and the ocean, the beach and the driftwood was part of what we had in view.

We often drove for miles without seeing any farms. The two of us had got an ancestor map a few days ago so I was having fun finding out where  they had lived 2-300 years ago.

We arrived in Hnifsdalur at 10:30pm and went directly to the stables to meet Bjoerk and her family.

G. thought that was where we would be staying over the weekend but luckily enough that was not so. A warm bed was waiting for us in B. House.

After having some hot tea and coffee in Bjoerk´s kitchen the upstairs department made their first entré.
Everytime the three of us meet some adventures are waiting for us and a lot of energy work is done both consciously as well as without our knowing. We call our selves sometimes the Icelandic triad.

We started with a healing on G which had caught sore throat and cold then before I knew I was channeling the Sheendra beings.
The reason was a new skull Bjoerk had got in England carved in fluorite. She had immediately connected with the power of the consciousness coming through it but had not yet got a name. I asked her if this was not the Sheendra energy since they seem to come through most of the fluorite skulls that are around at this time.

So as I was explaining the Sheendrans to G. I suddenly felt a rush of energy coming into me and knew it was my friend from the Sheendrans. I was not holding Bjoerk´s skull but knew that this was my own skull that was in my healing room some 470 km away that was running this energy and connecting with me.


Since it was very late we decided to get to bed (long after midnight) and could hardly wait to see what was waiting for us in the two days to come.

I woke up early. The sun was shining so I went outside while everyone else was a sleep. When the rest of the people were awake we helped with the housework and then we were going to head to Bolungarvik to check  on mandala that we had activated there 3 years ago. But that was not to happen. Bjoerk´s mother showed up and we ended up reading some tarot cards for her and Bjoerk. Not that we do that every day but rather once a year or so.
Both of them got a few messages which could as well have come without the cards but anyway.

I told Bjoerk as well that it was time for her to draw a picture of the deva in the valley to hang on her wall so that she would always be reminded that she was never alone and never forgotten. She made a beautiful picture. Ofcourse.

Next on the agenda was an auric clearing for G. Me and Elli started out and Bjoerk joined us later. Never have we got such a team of helpers for this work. The sky was full of lightships from many solarsystems, some known and others unknown.

Some experience that!!!!!!

Well spiritual life is not just about meditation and healing. It also envolves joy and fun. So the fiddle was tuned and a voice was warmed up as me and Bjoerk took some tunes together. Great fun that was!!

After dinner it was time to meet the horses again and this time we were going to ride them. My last encounter with Icleandic horses was 10-15 years ago and that had ended with me sitting on the ground having almost hit a stone with my head so I wasnt very keen on this part of the adventure but Elli and G. Loved it. This was G.´s first time on horseback but it was as if she was born for this. I also wonder when my husband will have his long time dream come true of having his own horse.
I will consider that for his next big birthday.

Well someone may think that all was done since it was now after 11pm but you know we have bright nights this time of the year and so there is no time to sleep.

At midnight the three of us(triad) went out on the town to see the people and maybe take a dance or two and so we did. We watched the people that were flocking to the sportshall to dance polka, jive, tango, reel etc. and we also walked behind the sportshall.We could hear the music through an open window and took a few steps where there was enough space, unlike what was a reality on the dancefloor.

After some time we were thirsty so we drove to the shop and on the way my eyes caught a house high up in the hills. I knew right away that I had to go there. So after we had eaten a hot dog and coke ( oh, yeah we know what a crap food that is!)we took the hint and went up the hill (in the car). As we came to the old skiing facility we saw a new road that lead us further up the hill so up we went again.

The sky was full of beautiful pink clouds in the shape and form of lightships. The sun was setting (2am in the morning) but there was nothing energetically that called on us there. Again we went to the white house on the hill and as Elli stopped the car we all could feel the energy there. We were on an energy line a powerful one.

As we looked around in that spot we could sense, see, feel what was missing there.
The mountain that the tunnel goes through was disconnected from the gridlines.
We had cleansed the energies inside the mountain 3 years ago but it was still disconnected from the grids. So with the help of our teams and the lightships that had gathered we connected this but there was a hesitation. The deva was not quite ready for this so we asked him to check out our energy and we as well asked our teams to show to him what is happening in the energy of the earth. It took only a few moments before a shot of light went up and woops the grids were whole again.

Our work there was done.

It was difficult to go to bed. The view from the window in Bjoerks house, of the mountains with pink clouds and golden as the sun was rising again at 3am in the morning was keeping us wide awake.

But another day was waiting for us with even more energy work then this one.

Sunday morning I woke first and this time I went for a long walk into the valley. I was all alone with nature and myself. When I came to the turning point I lay down by the creek and prepared for the meditation that we were gonna have later that morning.
When I finally came back everyone was out sunbathing. Since it was already past lunch time we  made our selves comfortable and started the meditation. It was the 10th ray from Mahatma book except this time after the archangels had come into the sacral or sexual chakra, Gabriel brought with him his female aspect and at the same time all the other angels did the same. All was in full harmony and balance.

At the end of the meditation the ball was sent over to the Goddess of Westfjord.
She had a long message to us  all from Parvati Deva the female aspect of Shiva. Beautiful channeling with lots of informations. Great work Bjoerk.

Since we did not want to seperate again so soon, Bjoerk and her family went with us to the waterfall Dynjandi 90km south of her home. There I had the most profound experience of the weekend.

Three years ago as me and Elli drove from Hnifsdalur after visiting Bjoerk to Reykjavik we stopped at the waterfall and we activated a mandala there and got a gift for our essence from all the nature beings there. There are acutally 11 waterfalls there in this short distance, you only have to walk a few steps and you get to the next one.
At the top the most wonderful of all waterfalls is overlooking the area. That is where the deva of the place “lives”.

When we came to the waterfall I started by giving the beings there back the energy of the essence I had made from their gift.
Bjoerk could see the shifts in energy as the lights came on in the waterfalls.

She could as I did sense a lot of different nature beings and lots of elves etc. She could also see the king and queen of the elves.

We were able to have a little shower of the biggest waterfall and by each of the waterfall there was a rainbow.

As I sat down by the top waterfall called “Fjallfoss” I was communicating with the deva. I could sense that he was much brighter and as if his consciousness had expanded in size but also he had higher frequenzy then last time. He told me that this was due to the work we had done there. It really was working and helping the beings of the earth.

He asked me to tell you all dear fellow earth workers and lightworkers that you are making difference and your work is much appreciated. Also that there are still many more places left to experience your wonderful energy. So keep up the good work.

He then sent such a wave of love to me that the tears were running. Thank you thank you.

On our way down me and Bjoerk were talking about the beings and both felt that there were many more beings there now then 3 years ago. The light had attracted elves and other naturebeings from miles away. I told them that they could bring the light back to their home so that more could benefit from it. But they were reluctant to do so.

We then all sat down and worked with them. I called on my earthworker crystal in its etheric form and it came “flying as big as a two story building” (instead of fitting into my palm), then I asked for the earthworker essence on it and woops a lightship sent a good spurt of it down on the crystal. Ofcourse all our working team was with us.

Then we connected all the mountains and valleys and fjords that the beings came from with this mandala so that the light would expand outwards and include the homes that the elves etc had left. This way they would be able to go back home since this felt a bit crowded area.

The only was that we forgot to call on the devas of the mountains that were involved so it all came as a big surprice. The deva in the waterfall told them then what was happening. It was yet another beautiful event.

When we left the area I could sense the first elves starting to go home again.

We said good bye to Bjoerk and her family and headed home.
But still there was more to happen.

We passed the mountain that we worked on 2 years ago with Das and the people in the intensive workshop here. It has a crystal inside plus an “ET” base. As we passed it I could feel heavy energy. G. Told me she did not like that energy and felt it was not of the light so I guess we have more work to do there when the right time arrives.

I will be telling you more of our workshop tour as the week goes on.

We send you lots and lots of mahatma love and greetings from the naturespirits of our country.

Lilja Petra and Elli the universal polarbears

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