Earthwork in Stockholm, Sweden, January 2001
In the past few years I have visited Stockholm a few times but never done any earthwork until last Friday. I was attending a conference on Lower limb ischemia and we were invited to the City Hall. The house was build in 1911-1923, a brilliant arcitectur.

Each year the annual Noble prize winners come there to receive their awards. This happens in the main hall or blue hall. When I arrived there I thought I should see how the energy was. To my amazement ( or maybe not so much) I felt nothing, zero energy flowing.

So since I am Das´s "sister" I could not resist on doing something about it. Although I do know that Das sometimes resists he is a rebellion some times :)

I must tell you that part of the interior are stars of David carved in the ceiling around the hall. There is a lot of sacred geometry in the structure there.

I found a place on a bench near the organ that one of the surgeons was playing on. The music set up the atmosphere while I was working.

I called in the team and just as the player started playing a March I saw the angels coming in their wagons. As always I connected with the keeper of the place and got green light. There was a lot of cleansing done and I activated a 12 pointed mandala around the house.

I spent 2 hours in there and know I was working energetically all the time although not always focusing on it. I also connected this vortex with the grid and thought well, that this was it..........

It is not wise to think that at all times.

In the past year we have experienced that there are layers to clean and only part of the job is done on spot.

Well it was as well so in this case.

The second night after the activation I woke up in the middle of the night and knew I had uninvited guests. Since I was very tired and not ready to take on a work at that hour of the day I just secured my space and energy field by calling on some helpers and went back to sleep.

When I woke up again I could sense the archangels standing in every corner of the room. It was very nice feeling.

I knew I had not completed my work in Stockholm´s city hall. So yesterday I talked to Bjork and we decided to work on it. We did not have time then so it was not until today that we finished our work there.

In the meantime the visitors managed to find their way into Björk´s energy field.

Well, this is not the way we want to work is it, doing a good deed and end up with some unwanted visitors.

Fortunately there is a way and Carol Hathor teaches a good way to go around this dilemma.

Today we started by connecting with our Godselves. Then through that we asked the Galaxy being to send us some holograms and holodynes so that the energy signals could not be traced back to us. Björk immediately saw a lot of light coming around us, to protect.

Then we called in the rest of the team plus Gaia, Pan and many more.

Björk had seen these two beings that had visited us, they had been holding down the energy of the vortex in the city hall and did not want to leave. We asked the Galaxy being to help us and that was done. After a while these beings left into the light. We had thought in the start that helping them into the light would be the end of it but this was only the start.

When we work on the earth we use combination of shamballa symbols with a lot of love and intention. We also use our essences more and more etherically.

The first essence that came to me this afternoon was the Earthquake. It was to help the beings make space from the situation they had been in so they could move to new reality. After that we used Hon sha she shu nen and Sei He Ki to release contracts and karma that they hold to this plane.

Next we wanted to close all wormholes associated with them. We called in more beings to help us and in a moment the Hathors were there along with the others. They brought a vacuum cleaner :) and all kinds of beings were "sucked" out of the wormhole. Those beings went through some sort of light tunnel and got the same treatment as the first.

Now we were told that we could clean the whole city, there were a lot of beings in the underground. We were also told that there had been done a clearing there before but some beings had come back and new as well. Hathors also told us that there are beings under every city so we can call on them any time we need their help with this.

We will know when we can do it our selves and when it is out of our league.

Next we used Amsui on the area. There were also other things we cleared. Like a lot of discarnates from all over the city, some very old.

We were then directed to focus on a small town north of Stockholm. There had once been a castle there, a church and a graveyard. We prepared a 12 pointed mandala and activated it in the place and vow what difference it made for our energy.

We had been running enormous amount of energy through our bodies during the session and now it was a sudden relief. We connected the vortices to each other and then to the rest of the grids. We also sprinkled some rescue essence over the city after this sudden and major cleaning.

Bjork saw many beings that were helping in all this process and at one time it looked like the whole city was in flames.

The gratitude and love that we got from Hathors and the keepers and beings of Stockholm was over whelming. You should have seen me sitting by the computer crying like a baby. When we had settled again Bjork channelled message to us the trinity as we now call us, from the Hathors.

Every day we learn something new and putting it into work is so very rewarding. I have to mention that although Elli was not on line with us today he did his part of the work from home. He did the same when I sat in Stockholm and called his Godself to help. This is a team work and every single one in the team is as important.

Mahatma love to you all Lilja, Elli and Björk the trinity.

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