Earthwork and an initiation
This work was done on 06-03-03 during a phone conversation between Mosfellsbær and Hnifsdalur.

Today I phoned up Bjork as I do almost every day.  After the daily chat
about what has been happening since our last chat she told me a woman had
called and asked for help.

We get this kind of request from time to time. Her grandchild with Downs
syndrom was unable to stay in her apartment and she thought it might be
related to a being that other members of the family have seen in the house.

Well we tuned in and what an adventure we had.

First of all B. was seeing a man in black cloak. I sensed that this might
be linked to an object inside the house, something old or from foreign
place. We asked to be shown more before we started to clear the space so
that we could get down to the root of the "problem"  (there is never really
a problem just something to be done).

So on we went on this inner journey, we sensed more then one object linked
and then B. was shown a large group of beings in black cloaks walking down
from a hill into a valley where they met hundreds or thousands of others to
do some ritual.

Both of us have read books called "Icepeople" which is written about occult
and paranormal issues and both of us thought about the same kind of beings
when we sensed this part.

We called them "myrarfolk" or in english translation it might be the bogmen.

It was as if we were shown through time and space, an event or rather
series of events going on in different times.

We asked for clarification and were told these beings had been on earth and
had worshipped or rather called on to help them lower density beings or
lower freq. beings and then become part of them.

Now they were ready to join the light to raise their vibrations again and
were asking for our help to do so.

Ofcourse we were game :))

So called on the team, our Godself of course and others and asked the group
consciousness of these beings if this was truly their wish. A clear yes was
the answer and the work started.

We bathed them in Mahatma and shamballa and it was as if the mahatma energy
had turned into a vacuum cleaner, we sensed thousands of beings drawn into
the light. Our bodies were shaking, transmitting more love to them. We then
sensed that there was much more to be done so called on reinforcement and
extension of our energy fields.

We could clearly feel it.

Now it was time to check out the earth that had held this energy, the
places that these rituals had taken place. Together we saw multiple places
so decided to bath all of them in the Earthworker essence, a shower of
transmutational energy and love went down and wow...... what an amazing
sensation.  Not only was the earth cleansed but suddenly we were sensing
trapped spirits and beings flying out of the earth into the light, thanking
us, these were not a handful but rather thousands.

So yet again we thought, lets engulf the earth in love so we held hands
with our soulmates and saw our selves big enough to surround the earth with
our energy fields all around it.

Also we called on more power from Source or this Cosmic day and as we did
we also sensed that there was more, we were connected to even higher energy
above that one and also to other cosmic days or other Sources or other

We saw all of this connected. our bodies were trembling with energy as it
ran through us.

More souls or spirits were released from the  earth and above it.

We were then invited to come "up" to our Source, we held hends and woops up
we went with speed of thought.
Again our bodies were shaking from all the energy. B. channeled message to
us , as usual a wonderful one. We then got a huge blast of energy
initiation, leaving our bodies on fire, I could sense my body as being
radioactive or something , shining and all the cells transmuting into more
light. A wonderful experience and knowing that this is just a step into
more changes that will happen in coming months.

Then again we knew there was more work to be done and the energy that we
had been initiated into at this time was to be grounded on earth and shared
with all of you and our fellow travellers on earth

so again we went with the speed of thought, linked up with our soulmates
and wow, what an explosion of energy we had, blasting all of you :)

Still we had not worked on the house we had been asked to clear so went
working on that.
B. seeing  a lightship using cosmic fire to clear the house and its objects.

As we were talking about this adventure afterwards and the message we got,
B. said she was missing the feeling of love streaming so that the tears
were running and her heart bursting.

I told her that was easy to receive as well, just send out our gratitude,
wash all the beings that were aiding us with love and woops as we did we
received the same. Aha............ tears streaming down the chin. Heart
bursting with love.


and the message is my dear ones. You can all do the same.

you are all masters of energy, use it, allow it to flow and be open when the
heavens open up for you
simple request as cleaning a house of a ghoast may be your opening.

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