Reykjavik-city of light
In June 1999 during a crystal workshop with HariDas Melchizedek and Kathleen Murrey, Reykjavik was activated as a city of light.

There were 8 people that worked on the activation in the center of Reykjavik. The vortex that was activated extends around the pond down town into the backyard of the parlament. Engulfing both the cityhall and the parlament buildings.

So what is this activation all about and why these cities of light?

Wel, who does not want to live in a city where love reigns and the light and dark is balanced? Of course all of us would like our children to have the best possibilities of life both materially and spiritually.

We often think that our thoughts and actions have no effects what so ever on those who do not see us or hear us. Is this so simple?

The reality is that all our thoughts, good or bad, flow into the Universe faster then you can imagine. Every thought is like a drop in an ocean, all the thoughts come together and affect all that is.

Through ages peoples thoughts have gone into space all around us at the same time as the earth has worked as a filter and in some places much accumlated discordant energy is blocking earths energies.

Thoughts and emotions are energies and this energy is gathered in its original place. We sometimes sense this when we come into a house where people have been arguing. This is because of the energy that has been released with angry words or bad thoughts. Greed, fear and much more have the same effects. This dark energy blocks the light and the love so it becomes more difficult to experience the beauty and love that is really surronding us all.

All around the planet is a gridwork of energy that nourishes the planet and all life on and in it. Many places these energy lines meet and form a vortex or energy point where there is a connection to higher realms and to the Source or the Creator. Nourishing love and light floods into the gridwork in these places.

Big cities are usually build on major energy vortices. The founders had some inner knowledge of where it would be best to settle down.

Such places have much attraction where the positive effects of the energy are multiple.

The place becomes a center of buisness and merchent. Capital cities are also the seat of the countries government and they utilise the energy.

With time a certain change often happens so that instead of the government serving the best interest of the many they start to control the citizens. They become puppies for the shadow government or world management teams.  Because of this the energy vortex starts to clot up with dark energies and discordant ones affecting everyone with in the energy of the vortex. The vortex fills up with energy of confusion and lack of love.

Now is the time to stand in our own power each and everyone. To stand in the power of love and union and become our own masters. Mastering our emotional and spiritual bodies and become whole and free.
Clearing the major energy points and activating big cities as cities of light is a step forward towards freedom for everyone. A step forward in the the ascension process.

Following is a channeling from the workshop where Sheendra, a being from far part of our Universe informed us of their view of cities of light and their importance for humanity.

Channeling through John Armitage 27.June 1999 in Mosfellsbær, Iceland

Cities of light.

I am Sheendra.  Greetings earthbeings of love and light.  This is the second time that I have spoken through this one. Because it is only the second time sometimes it has taken few moments for the impressions to come through the brain.  We will all be able to merge easier as we move through.

I Sheendra greatly apreciate been given the opportunity to speak to you. To speak with you on the subject of the activation of  the city of Reykjavík. I will also speak a few words on the planetary impact of the activation the galactic and universal impact.  Many have asked , what is the reasons for activating cities as cities of light.

For I Sheendra I see that the main reason and the main benefit of these acitvations on  the planetary. For yes it is true that the activations do bring a great benefit to the city and the country and the people of the country. These benefits have been spoken of by others.  The more?  dimensional benefits are becoming well known. Multidimensional benefits are not as yet usually known about or appreciated by humans.  So it is these multidimensional benefits that I will speak of.  When these vortexes, these gateways of light are brought into harmony and balance, they connect with the heart of the earth mother.  Through the crystalline gridworks , through  the molten, rocks and the waters that lie in the earth, to connect with the heart crystal mother.

And as we go into higher vibrational realities, when I use the words higher vibrational I mean the vibrational frequency that is higher then the vibrational frequency below it.  Not that it is higher because it is more important, more spiritual or more holy.  As the energy of the vortex spreads, for vortexes are in the shape of a cone, this cone manifests itself into other dimensional realities.  The cone is like this inverted (shows it with his hands)

The energy of the cone keeps going outwards, and outwards and outwards and upwards through the dimensions.  The first major connection that these cone makes is with the Christ consciousness grid.  It is the first Christ consciousness grid of which I speak which is in that part of your atmosphere which you would call the  ionesphere.  It is not a great distance from the surface of the planet.   Surely many know what this Christ consciousnes grid does.  It holds the christed energies not the energy of Jesus the Christ but christed energies.  These christed energies are available for all humans to utilise so they may become aware of their Christ self.  Again do not make the mistake that of thinking that realising your Christ self has anything to do with  Jesus the Christ.  He was very famous in biblical times.

The vortex then spreads upwards into the next Christ consciousness grid.  Understand  there is a Christ consciousness grids for every dimensional level of reality.  These  are crystalline grids.  Not like your solid quarz and iron crystals never the less a crystal. You must be starting to form in your minds now a concept of how this energy flows through the multidimensional grids.

Through the cones and into the heart of the planet.  The time is now.  You humans hear from many sources that what could be called the finest hour of a human being is approaching fast.  I would interprate your finest hour the realisation that you are galactic beings, multidimensional galactic beings.  Energies have been put into motions through the creators to activate your codings now.  When I say through the creators although the creators had a concept of the completeness of the creation were capable of achieving, only the Source was in posession of the whole of the knowledge of the glory of these creations.  The creators minds were not capable of understanding what they  had created in totality. 

As beings bloom and grow into love they stand as glorious beings of light. Many glorious beings of light now stand upon your earth. Through the activation of the vortexes, more and more and more achieve this knowledge of the glory that they really are.  You now may understand why there is only a small number of you that has been chosen .  You must understand that although there is no discrimination, there is no judgement, many  are called but few are chosen.  The ones that are chosen are chosen because of their capability to bring  high frequency energy through them, through their bodies physical without dissapearing in flames.  Without having their brains and minds overloaded and therefore blow out circuits.

I would say to each and everyone of you that are present, that now is the time to stand tall and proud and draw deep into your being the understanding that you are special. Not  that you are more special then the rest of beings on  earth.  But you are special because of your dedication. Now is the time to feel good about yourselves.  Now is the time to pat yourselves and each other on the back and congratulate each other for again  I tell you that you are glorious beings of love and light. 

As this time of activation aproaches many, many, many other beings from different dimensional realities, galaxies, planets, universes are gathering to aid you in this work.  Know that at the moment of  activation that split second when it is said now. There will be a permanents change of the gridwork of mother earth.  It will be held steadier, it will  be more harmonious and balanced and there  is also the healing for the goddess Gaia.  You know as human beings that when the mother is sick the children are also sick.  When the mother is out of balance and harmony the children are  out of balance and harmony.  So as mother earth comes into balance, human beings come more into balance for you know that you are all her children.

I will ask all of you now just to spend a few moments, emptying your minds and in  a few moments I will show you the pictures of what is likely to happen during  these activations to mother  earths gridworks and lightbodies. 

Now I activate the similation of this activation.

I now place the pictures in your mind.

I mentioned in my first channeling to the beings of mother earth that my race passes on the knowledge that you gain in your quadrant of creation to the beings of the next quadrant of creation.  They will greatly benefit from this knowledge of how to activate and balance the planets.

It may sound like I Sheendra know a lot about these activations as I speak through this one.  Until this moment I did not hold  knowledge of it. It is through my creation, it is through my connection with the Source of all that I have been able to pass on to you these information. 

Brothers and sisters of earth. I Sheendra advice if there is anybody interesting in taking my advice that all cities upon your planet that have not been activated are activated. Not only the cities but towns and villages. For it will make a huge difference to the way the people feel . It will make a huge difference to the way that people can love, it will aid people to love them selves and to lay down the guilt . If you would like to put it into terms that are very earthly. You will make it possible for each and everyone to forgive them selves of their sins. You must understand that there is no sin.  There is nothing to forgive yourself for.  It is part of the earthly illusion, planted in your minds by the controllers that you are guilty and sinful. 

So here is what I see, it is the overview of this work you are about to embark upon.  I Sheendra and my race look forward to the time that you activate this vortex. Seeing the multidimensional christ consciousness grids light up  with pure unconditional love is always a thrill for us. So friends, I finish this tranmission with one more peace of advice. 

Be glorious. For loving yourself unconditionally, the glory of your christ self manifest within your being.  I pass to you from the collective consciousness of my race all our love blessings and support.  Blessings brothers and sisters.

We love you.

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