Island or Iceland as English speaking people call our beautiful land has a rich saga. Only our saga after the vikings settled here has been written.

What happened here before they came and what kind of energy draws people to this island in the north Atlantic ocean?

According to an article published in the local newspaper recently the name Island (pronounced Easeland) was given to the land in the year 548 AC.  Before that time our land was called Thule and was known by many great sailing nations.

The people that lived here before the vikings came were Irish.  Many monks (papas)settled here for shorter or longer stay, as well as other peaceful and religious people that were seeking serenity and connection with the Creator. In 548 AC St. Brendan came here  and met the Irish monk Pol .

Brendan fell on his knees and claimed this land sacred and gave it the name Island after the being he  most regarded, Jesus, which in Gelic is Isu.

According to our sagas(Landnama)  the name Iceland (Island) was given to the land by  the viking Flóki Vilgerdarson after he had lived here for a short while.

On this page you will find links to various articles about our land and the energies here as well as links to many websites with informations about Iceland and photos.

Workshop with Hari Babba/John Armitage in August 2003

Workshop in 2005. Breathing in the energies of Iceland. Sacred sites, Gaia, elements, waterfall essences.

Our experience of the land and the spirits of it.
Aurora borealis-The Northern lights
Grábrók, a volcanic crater
Travelling with Hari Das in April 1999
Reykjavík, city of light
Travelling with a group of fiddlers August 2000
Paradise, Borgarfjordur
Temple glacier-energy vortex
Adventure with John Armitage/Hari Babba  and a group of lightworkers October 2000
June workshop 2002
Westfjords 2002

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Breidamerkurlón and Örćfajökull plus cosmic energy (photo:Hari Babba(Hari Das) 2001)
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