Iceland, Waterfall essences, sacred sites,the elements and gift of nature.
July 9th-15th 2005

Join us breathing in the energies of Iceland

We at Shamballasetrid, are happy to announce a very special tour and workshop in July 2005. It will be limited to 10 people.

We will get to know the Goddess Gaia in a new way by visiting sacred sites, connecting with various nature spirits and working with th
e Waterfall essences which are a gift  from Nature and all of Creation.
We will also teach you how to make your own essences.

If you feel ungrounded or not at home here on Earth, this is an opportunity to get to know the clear, fresh and transmutational energies of our Earth mother.

If you like to get to know a new line of vibrational essences made within the powerful energy of our sacred land, this is your chance.

If you love travelling or like new adventures in your life.
This is it!

Be welcome!

Lilja Petra and Erlendur

July 9th-15th 2005

7 days in the wilderness.

A tour to the center of the country where we can see how magical the creation is.

This is on the middle of the Atlantic ridge where the tectonic plates are diverging.

We will take you on an adventure to discover the essence of your self as well as the power of nature.

We will visit sacred sites, volcanoes, waterfalls, geyser and much more.

We will connect with the elements and the spirits of the land.

See some sacred sites.

Learn about the
Waterfall essences.

Meditate and share our experiences and just BE.

There will be plenty of time for self discovery, sitting out in the beautiful nature of Iceland. Or discovering the elements in any way the Creator makes available to us.

Some of the places we will visit are

Grábrók-the volcanic crater

Paradise – the interdimensional gateway and goddes shrine

3. Hveravellir

4. Kerlingafjöll

5. Geysir

6. Skálholt

7. Ţingvellir

8. Reykjanes

9. Mývatn

Workshop fee is 122222 isl kronas aprox $ 1950 (exchange rate 12/12/04), aprox. 1460 euros.
minimum 6 persons.

Included is accommodation for 9 days ( one day before and after the workshop) light food for 7 days, tour to the wilderness of our country with meditations, essence making etc. Two days will be spent in a B&B but the rest in  chalets with shared rooms.
Insurance is NOT included.

Workshop faciltators are Lilja Petra Asgeirsdottir, Iceland tourist guide, Shamballa 13D teacher, cranio sacral therapist and Erlendur Magnus Magnusson massage therapist, shamballa 13D teacher and busdriver

A payment of 350$ before June 15th 2005 is needed to secure your space

Workshop and guided tour around the center of Iceland.

Registrere before June 1st 2005

Sign up now!

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