Devic and cosmic
F25 Full moon 11-11-00 This brings about transformation. It clears all cellular memories and subconscious mind.

F26 Spring equinox 2001 This brings us the feminine aspect of the Christ consciousness.

F27 Snaefellsjokull.
Activation of the crystalline lightbody and connection to the christ consciousness grid.

This essence is made with vibrations from the October intensive 2000 with Hari Das and therefore I include parts of his channeling to explain what it does for you.
Also the Ice diamond or Diamond king as I like to call him has worked with us from the beginning of the essence making but this is the first time he has his own essence and when I connected with him when I made it, he sent me waves of love and gratitude so the tears were running and my body shaking.

Hari Das / John Artmitage channeling the Ice diamond, keeper of this sacred place.

We were sitting in the snow at the bottom of the glacier, Snaefellsjokull which is a very sacred site of our country. (known from Jules Verne story).

Wow.........this keeper of this vortex here, what an energy…So greetings brothers and sisters. As the keeper of this glacier I am a being who's body is composed of ice. Ice of course is crystal. So in many ways my body is not much different from yours because your bodies are also crystals. The first part of the meditation will be to further activate
you and the second part of the meditation will be to activate this glacier and the volcanic aspect of this glacier, fire and ice. So please now at this time start taking notice of your breath. I know that you have all worked with this technique of breath on many occasions before. So now start to as you breath in feel the light which is shining around you starting to flow into the crystalline structures of your bodies. And as you breath in feel the light flowing in to the crystalline nature of your bodies. So of course this light is flowing in to you into every aspect of your crystal. And as
this light flows into you just allow or imagine, see or feel the fire that was activated within you yesterday starting to burn again in a more powerful way. Feel, see this fire burning in your solar plexus. And as you are taking your breaths in see your fire becoming stronger, becoming stronger.

And as this fire becomes stronger, see it now starting to flow throughout your body physical. And as it flows through your body physical feel it flowing down into your earth star chakra. And as it flows into your earth star chakras. Start to feel your selves connecting with the volcanic aspect or the fire aspect of this glacier.

So let your attention go downwards, downwards, downwards, downwards and really connect very strongly with this volcano beneath you.

And now as you are connected to this fire, feel, your selves connecting with the ice and the snow, feel your selves spreading outwards all around you in a 360°. It is like you are in the middle of a doughnut of energy.
And as you feel yourselves spreading outwards, and outwards and outwards and connecting with this ice and this snow. Just start seeing in your mind all the crystals that compose this snow of the ice each individual piece, each unique piece of sacred geometry.

And as you start connecting with these crystals just see, feel, allow, imagine these crystals activating the crystals within your body and within your lightbody and spiritual bodies.

Just see and feel these crystals activating the crystals within your blood, just see and feel the crystals activating the water within your body the liquid crystal. Just see, feel these crystals activating the bone, the crystals within your bones. And as all these crystals within your bodies
activate let us now connect you to the 12th dimension, the Christ consciousness grid.

We are going to connect you through your crystalline lightbody to this Christ consciousness grid. Now as you see, feel, allow or imagine your crystalline lightbody becoming activated with the energy of the ice, fire and the snow. And as we connect with this Christ consciousness grid feel
the unconditional love, the amore unconditional....and just allow this unconditional love to flow through this fire, to flow through this ice to flow through this water to flow through this snow into the crystals which are activating your lightbody and physical bodies.

And the lightbodies of each and everyone of you is expanding very quickly.
Your lightbodies are expanding way out into the Universe around you. At this time let us consciously focus on the expansion of our lightbodies with this energy from the Christ consciousness grid from this unconditional love this Christedness. Now feel your selves, expanding, expanding and expanding more and more. And as you expand you take this energy of fire, ice, snow, water to all the other beings that your lightbodies surrounds. Beings in
other worlds, beings in other dimensions. And as your lightbodies fill with this unconditional love. This Christed love from the grid your lightbodies pass on this unconditional love. Your light bodies pass on this Christedness to all the beings that your lightbody surrounds and touches.

I the keeper of this place the ice diamond leave you in my love. Namaste.

F28 Grábrók (volcanic crater)

Clears toxins in the body. Good for the thyroid and the pancreas. Very good for patients with Diabetis mellitus, clears the body after vaccination. When used it is good to use Thingvellir after this one. Purifies everything within your body that does not serve your highest good.
I include parts of Das´s channeling from Grábrók to explain what this essence does.
It also holds energies from Ashtar command of light.
Channeling through Hari Das, October 2000. The guardian or the keeper or the deva of Grábrók.

First I would say it is always gladness in my heart when people come and visit my vortex. I have been the keeper of this place from the times which it was formed and I speak not only of the formation of this hill within which you sit. I speak about the energy vortex in general in this place. This energy vortex is what you would call an interdimensional gateway. In other words it is a place through which many multidimensional beings can pass. They can pass into your dimensional reality to the third or fourth dimension or they can pass straight down into the earth to meet with the people that live inside the body of mother earth.

If you could see me, if you could see my form, I am in many ways like fire, like flame. This flame is maybe one of your meters around and one and a half or one and three quarters of your meters high. This is the form of my body because when this place had molten rock and flame and fire flowing from it and blowing from it my energy body was transmuted into this kind of fire energy.  The work is for you as individuals to activate the fire within you but not only activate this fire of these flames of strength and clarity but also Germain is here to transmute my flame into the silver violet flame of transformation also. But not only are we going to do that, I am going to take you into the fire in the body of mother earth. So that your energy bodies may be purified also by this fire. And as your energy bodies and your lightbodies are purified in this fire, this fire will transfer into your physical body and further cleansing and activation's will take place within you, as well as the flame of Germain this fire will activate your kundalini energy. This does not mean that your kundalini energy will in each case shoot to the top of your head and your head will lift up like this (demonstration and laughter:)).

Like a volcano.

We are working with you in accordance with the will of your I am presence. You already have fire in your bodies. This fire is the energy that makes your digestion work so that you can digest your food. It also has other purposes within your body.  Fire has a contract with the Creator that it will purify all things that it consumes. It will purify and transmute. So let us now enter this fiery space with our bodies of fire, the silver violet flame and the redness of my energy, let us enter the fire, enter this place of molten rock. And just feel that molten rock, the energies of the fire flowing through you like pure, warm honey. And as this pure warm honey flows through you just allow it to take everything that is not serving your highest good in this moment. Everything that you have been holding in fear in unworthiness, in unsureness, And as it takes away these blockages, as it takes away these self imposed limitations see your self becoming silver violet light, silver violet fire. Silver violet fire, the purity that God desires.

You are God and Goddess in this moment, whole, pure, harmonised and balanced.


F29 Thingvellir- The place of our parlament 1000 years ago. It urges you to stand in your power. Also a very powerful deva comes with this one. He is the overlightening deva of south Iceland

F30 Breidafjord islands Activations of your higher chakras. These special rocks that are compressed and have a very special geometrical form have balanced their inner structure while the ocean is in motion around them. For people that have phyusical discomfort like car sickness or sea sickness can benefit from this essence.

F31 Víđgelmir

Víđgelmir is the largest lava cave in Iceland moren then 1500m long. In October 2000 a group of lightworkers received cosmic alignment in there (with the help of Hari Das Melchizedek) where no energies from man-made tools or instruments were able to enter the cave where we were and interfere with the work.
So this essence brings you Cosmic alignment and expansion of your Adam Kadmon body, body of light. The cosmic rays of unconditional love. The codes of Melchizedek cosmic dead see scrolls. The Cosmic aspect of the Mahatma. This cosmic
unconditional love from the cosmic presence of I am of Source.

Clears all fears.

F32 Hraunfossar or lava waterfalls works on all the acupunctures of the body and as well of mother earth.

F33 Sheendra-the sheendra beings come from far part of our Universe and they help us she the overview of a situation or see the higher aspect of issues or events. Very helpful ability. They are also protecting and keep away any unwanted energies.

F34 Yahweh
Love of the father. Energies from the constellation Orion.

F35 Quan Yin
Quan Yin the Chineese Mary brings forward this essence. With her she brings white energy that transforms into all the colors of the Universe. For me this indicates that in this essence is the whole spectrum of LOVE and energies from the Shamballa diamond and the Lords and ladies of Shamballa, with all their rays and different angle of the Love spectrum. In other words. All the beings of the White Brotherhood have given their energy and love to this essence so that each person can benefit as needed.
When our friend Björk tuned into this esence she found her self in space in another galaxy within this Universe. The solarsystem she saw had three large planets that formed a triangle, the holy symbol. There was very powerful energy there.

She then went down to the first planet of these three and met very small beings much like fairies (flower fairies). Only one of them came forward since they were very shy. There was a lot of plants and flowers, very beautiful but unlike anything she has seen on earth. These beings live in perfect harmony. They send with them joy, balance and harmony. Germain had talked to them about being part of this and they were very grateful for the opportunity to aid humanity on their path to enlightenment because we (humanity) will later live like them in perfect harmony.

Then Björk went to the second planet. There she found her self on a beach looking out on a calm ocean and a sunset. A very tranquil place. One being came to her. A small humanoid being that reached her to the waist with short arms and legs and yellow skin. She was wearing golden overall. Their planet connects with peace, and tranquility. The three planets form a perfect triangle.

Then Björk was off to the third planet where she at first felt power. Power of a wind and further away from her she saw a huge, powerful waterfall and even further there was an erupting volcano. It was as if everything was mixed together in one place. A being that she could hardly see,looking like all the energies there said that they had the power to uplift(enhance) the harmony and tranquility of the other planets.

She invited us for visit in our meditations to get to know this world better. She said that they had a lot in common with us Icelanders. Each country has special energy and ours (Iceland) is much like their. They call them selves Artoons. They would like to help out in meditations and healing. They have not been in connection with earth since the time of Creation of Earth. All the beings Björk saw on the planets were nature beings.

F36 Buddha. Empowerment through enlightenment. Good for hyperactive and indigo children. Helps them be centered. Calms the caos within their head.

F37 New Merkabah. Codes of the new Merkabah, helps clear memories of ancestors, helps the blueprint to release to create another life. helps balance the masculine and feminine energies and all contraries. Helps the cellular structure to be totally balanced cell by cell. Helps be connected with the whole universe because the NM is connected to the heavenly host.

It also holds the keycodes of Enoch, the Melchizedek dead see scrolls, the hebrew alphabet and all the energies of the Ancient ones.

F 38 The golden one. Golden energy to transmute elementals, the dark beings of inner earth. Very important for earthworkers to help clean their energy fields and also to aid in their earthwork.

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