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Insight On Love


Today "Love" is commonly mistaken as good sex....Sex is a part of Love , but only a part. So many people nowadays come into heat, find someone they think they really love because he or she are really good in bed, get married, have children, then the first time they hit between a rock and a hard place, it's all over. Usually some poor little children have to suffer their parents ignorance.

"Love" is a very complex emotion, but real Love has the same basics to it. First of all you can't love anyone if you are full of insecurities, you just latch on to a security blanket because of your own weaknesses. That is known as Co-Dependency, not Love!!!

You have to feel good about yourself. You must Love yourself before you can Love anyone else... I don't mean get up on a high horse, just be happy with who and what you are. Accept your limitations, flaws and faults. If you can't accept your own, how can you accept anyone else's, or expect them to accept yours?

There are no partnerships, 50/50, or any such nonsense in Real Love . That's holding back fifty percent!! You have to give your all, give, give and never stop giving! There's no take to it! You both should be giving your all. You admire and adore each other. You're faithful and affectionate. Your mate will have bad days just as you will, but you both must accept that fact.

Blindness of one another's faults is often misunderstood. I don't believe in bringing up something that your mate is ashamed of, or that is embarrassing, such as scars, deformities, an unsightly past, etc......

Nothing like that should ever be thrown up to someone that you "Love" , If you really do "Love" them. That's like taking a club and beating them into submission. If someone does that it is because of their own insecurities. They are incapable of real Love . On the other hand though, don't be afraid to use a little constructive criticism, because if there is something that can be helped, then it sure isn't a fault, only a bad habit!

I believe that mutual Caring, Respect, and Trust are basics also. Trust is often misunderstood. When you really trust someone, you won't be a jealous fool. That will wreck any relationship. How can you say you trust someone, when you are so insecure you worry that your mate may find someone more appealing than you?

Another form of jealousy that I can understand in a relationship, but still isn't healthy, is the kind where you are angered by someone else undressing your mate with their eyes. It's much better to say "Eat Your Heart Out", but most are angered by it.

Your time together, you should feel is quality time. If you can have Togetherness with Happiness, then you have some more of the basics. Two people truly in Love , become as one. Very few ever experience this kind of Love , because they just never let go together and truly fall in Love!!! There is always one or both holding back...Oh, if they only knew what they are missing!!!

"True Love" is the most beautiful thing on this Earth, that's why God created it. God is Love . Out of 10,000 couples you would be hard pressed to find two that are truly in Love , Real Love that is! There should never be any secrets between you. You must share your every thought, your every breath, you should become as one in mind, body, and soul. Trust your mate as much, or more than you trust yourself.

Honor and Worship are some more basics. Honor is Self explanatory, but there is some grey area on worship. You must have God in your lives. Don't be Bible thumpers, or fanatics about it, you don't even have to go to church, but God is Love, and real Love will overcome anything. You should also have a form of worship for your mate, cherish your mate as the dearest thing on this Earth to you.

Sympathy and Mercy are two more basics that shouldn't need any explanation, so I will move on to the last of my feeble attempt to explain God's greatest Creation. Last but not least, the frequently mistaken for True Love part of Love: SEX!!!

Two people truly in Love will have the best kind of sexual relationship, because they will do anything and everything for one another to keep each other sexually satisfied. There's no reason not to act on each other's desires and fantasies in this area, because you are as one. You belong to each other!!! So do it!!!

True Love grows through hard times, if you really got it you remain inseparable when the road gets rocky. As I said before, a lot of marriages break when times get a little rough, but they never really loved each other. One may have been giving, the other not, but more often than not it was just mutual infatuation.

You must remain ready and willing to go through anything this cruel society can dish out to you. It may really be frustrating at times, but look at the bright side. You always will have the one you Love at your side holding your hand. So be strong, fight temptation, stay true, struggle the hard times through, for there is no greater thing on Earth or in Heaven, than Pure True Love !!!

You could have all the material wealth this society has to offer, but sooner than later your synthetic happiness would run out and without Love , life would be meaningless. There is no goal in life greater or harder to achieve than a "Pure True Loving Marriage" So I rest my case, and end my sermon by saying "SEEK-and-YE-SHALL-FIND"...

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