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Hello...I am NatureSpirit #1, some of you have already met me in cyberspace....Please bear with us on the creation of this site, we are doing it with a computer that doesn't quite fulfill the needs of creating anything...*S*

Now for my insight Spirituality, is a very controversial subject with most people today. I have a few questions that you should all answer truthfully. "Have you ever seen, or thought you saw a spirit "Ghost"? "Have you ever seen unexplained colors, that flash in front of you, or in your peripheral vision?" "Have you ever seen objects with no material presence, but they're in front of you, you can see through them, you can describe their shapes or images, but you can not touch them?" "Have you seen flashes out of the corner of your eyes that you knew someone was there...but there wasn't?"

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then odds are you have had a spiritual experience. In other words you have seen a spirit. Be it a ghost, an angel, a demon, or just a friendly spirit that is here to help this planet, or in some cases what are called "tricky" spirits that just want to play games with you getting you to believe that you are something that you are not, or that they are...

Spirits can appear to humans in many ways. Sometimes they appear as animals, that happens in many cases. Sometimes these spirits are here to help us, and other times they are here to hinder, or harm us. There are many spirits roaming this planet, many good ones, and of course there are plenty that are not so good. Everyone has spirits around them. It all depends on how well tuned in you are rather or not you will see them, or establish communication. All of us have one or more spirit guides, or "Guardian Angels" that try to keep us on the straight and narrow, but most of us stray from that path....

I for example, am tuned in to the spiritual realm. I owe my life many times over to these spirits. I can be driving and know exactly where I am going and what I am going to do...for no reason at all...I will take a different route I have never been down before. The results of the strange detours have saved my family and I from terrible accidents...We would get where we were going and people would be amazed that we made it, because they knew where we should have been. Coincidence? No...Once maybe, twice possibly...but this has happened many times.

Some would say we are very fortunate, or blessed to have taken different routes. We are not dedicated church goers, you seen on the "Love & Life" page where our church is "The Waterfall" God does care for and protect his children, he does this by sending our guides, and other good spirits to help us.

Everyone controls their own destiny. We were created with free will, which is what gets us into so much trouble. We choose a path of light, or of darkness, or we just go through life totally unaware...that is our decision. The spiritual realm does not, and will not interfere with that decision. No one should judge anothers life, or religion...there is but one judge in the universe, and that is "GOD", the supreme intelligence, the creator, or whatever your beliefs may call him. Think about it for awhile, if spirits, angels, ghosts, or any other entities were not supposed to be around us, they wouldn't be...

Spirits are here, all around us everyday of our lives...Be it a few moments, or 24 hours a day, they are here. If one were to make contact with their higher self, then one could see many things. Most of the spirits that are around us are here to help us evolve from these flesh existences.

I am a firm believer in life after death. Why else would people see angels, or many other entities that have been documented. These flesh bodies that we inhabit, holds our true selves within. Our souls are trapped inside these bodies. Our spirits cry to get out and back closer to God, but some of our paths take us off the straight and narrow. God loves all his children, no matter what each religion, or individual refers to him as...He is still the same one we all believe in. God gives his children many chances to get out of this plane of existence. After all he is a loving, and all knowing one. God would not damn his children unless there was not even a spark of goodness left in them.

I believe when we get in touch with ourselves, our true selves, we grow as God wishes. The spirits, and the angels are here to help us make transitions in our existence. we all follow our own path, be it good or evil, and in the end we will all be judged for these acts we have done in these lives. With luck many won't have to come back, but others will. This brings up another belief.

I do believe in reincarnation. You hear people talk of past lives all the time, once maybe an Indian, another a soldier, or doctor...Who knows what all we have really been or done in previous lives...except God. Some people that connect with their higher self can remember parts of their previous incarnations...I know there are many people in the world that do not believe in reincarnation, but if you stop and really think about everything that happens around you, you may change your mind...There are many people that are gifted in certain fields or areas which some lay it off to being a genius or something of the sort. We are often reincarnated bringing with us special traits from a past life experience. God loves all his children...thats why He gives us chance after chance to get things right...

What are the rewards for evolving from this flesh??? I really don't know how to explain this to you...but I have seen many spirits. If you look at the trees, plants, or flowers...all of Nature's beauty, you can see her can see it radiate from all around the trees, plants and everything. These spirits show up in many forms, from showing up as a person, to showing up as a flower, or an animal...Spirits can show up in any form they wish to. Some evolved spirits choose to help Nature...I.E.-Nature Spirits, others wish to help humankind, thus Angels, and spiritguides, and then some just wish to roam the universe. So you see our rewards for evolving from these flesh bodies the way God intends for us to, will be truly wonderful...Pure Heaven...We can all be free, to roam the universe, and see all of God's creations, or to help in whatever way we desire...some of us may even have the honor to come back as angels to help people in a certain way, or even perform miracles.....with God's permission of course....

Some of us could come back back as what I call Nature Spirits. I'll explain; Nature Spirits are the spirits around us that help with Nature herself. They work with the trees, rivers, the air, and the innocent beauty that Nature holds all to herself. These spirits are known as Nature Spirits, and they are the first spirits that I saw and first came into contact with. You see I love it the woods, lakes, rivers, or the wildlife itself, I love it all...

I will tell you a short, but true story. Not too long ago a tornado came through our town, and destoyed quite a bit of property all around us. The neighbor had a tree through the roof. We lost four big pretty trees, two behind the house went down, a big Oak beside the house, and a medium size tree came down very gently and leaned against the roof...It didn't damage anything. My son and I watched through the window as this happened. It was as though a hand reached out and laid it very gently on the roof. The branches should have came crashing through the window, but they didn't. It didn't leave a mark on the roof or the house at all. I believe the Nature Spirits done this, helping us through the tornado.

You see there is life after death, once we all evolve to where we are supposed to be in God's kingdom, then we can choose what we want to do, rather it be Angels or Nature Spirits, or just being free to roam the universe...But first we must learn, and evolve from this lowly flesh existance...

Before I close let me give you another thought...Dejavu...This is where something happens to you, but you know that you have seen it before, and you know exactly what will happen next. Take for example you are in a big mall looking at clothes or whatnots, who knows, but all of a sudden you see yourself doing something you know you have already done, but really haven't...and say for example your with someone, and you told them this has happened before...They look at you really strange, so then you tell them what the next person that walks through the door will be wearing, and it happens...they freak, and wonder whats going on...Its really simply that you just had a glimpse into the future, which is called Dejavu....

So I leave you all with a few words for thought. Remember everytime you think that you have seen something...odds are that you have. But don't get paranoid or anything, because thats a very good sign that you are growing...It could be your Guardian Angel that you saw watching over you, because we all have one. Love, Light, and Peace to all.

"NatureSpirit #1"

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