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Wicca Of the NatureSpirits

Like all other Wiccans, we are a sun, moon, earth, air, water, fire, treehugging, natureloving, circle casting group of Wiccans that perform our rituals, work our magick, and grow our herbs...

We differ however in our beliefs of the deities. We believe and practice the one God/Goddess, Lord/Lady concept. The lesser gods/godesses that many other branches pay honor to, we do not. We follow the teachings of Christ, not christians, believe me there is a difference. We believe that he is the male side of of our God/Goddess, that he indeed came here in the flesh to show us the way, but that the Christian Bible is written by the same ones that took part in his crucification. We learn his teaching not by reading, but by learning in his church called nature, through the Love of the creator and by listening with our hearts to what is available to any and all of our Lord, and Lady's creatures, including mankind. That is the Male aspect of our creator.

We believe in only one supreme entity, but that entity is all things, in all things, and both sexes, male and female, different, but equal in power. Our Creator is not limited as we are. Our Goddess side of our Creator can only be one entity. You can look back into history and no one fits the bill better than the entity our creator became to bear the child that our Lord walked this planet in the flesh as. That Entity is the "Virgin Mary". There is no more tender, loving, stronger version of the female side throughout this civilizations history than this entity. Lord Jesus, and Lady Mary.....who could ask for a better God/Goddess power to worship than that??? Those two are an unequaled symbol of Purity, Love and Light. Life in this flesh is about evolution, and in our hearts we have an evolved version of Wicca. No one could ask for a better Supreme Entity or Great Spirit than we have, and we have a host of Angels to boot.

We do not believe in a devil/satan, but we do believe in hell, not as a place but as a state of being. Evil exists only in our hearts, and the more we create, the more darkness we absorb, thus losing light. Several incarnations of doing that you could become a being of darkness, thus never being in the light "hell"!!

We communicate freely with the spirits, and they are excited and unanamously approve of our faith, Of course, there are those that think us off our rocker, and others that pray for our souls, but that is their right, they are following their path, we are on ours..all pathes lead to the same place, only some take longer than others to get there.

We hold the eight sabbats, and the 13 esbats. They differ only slightly from the traditional. We are not secretative and we have no problem letting open minded curious non-wiccans sit in on most of our rituals. I mean look...This is our church, so shouldn't it be open to anyone that hears the call???They say Wicca can be traced back 25000 years, and Christianity, Judaism, or Islam can go back a few thousand also....Well what we say is that's wonderful that there is such a long wonderful history, but we are moving forward out of the stone age, picking up useful parts of the all, and even though we started as a following of the Alexandrian tradition...we are now our own tradition. Change is good, it is a sign of progress, and that is what we are all here for...To progress, not stagnate. I am sure that our tradition will either fade away or change with time also, but for now, til we have crossed over......This is our faith, this is The NatureSpirits!!! So Mote It Be!!!

"The NatureSpirits"

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