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In Mena, Arkansas

†Our True Friend and Family Member Clyde. January 22, 1985 to May 8, 2007 11:30am. He will be missed so much, and will always be in our hearts.†

Gene & Brenda Wilson

†The NatureSpirits where they truly belong.†

Gene & Brenda Wilson

†We hope you enjoy your visit.†

Hello, We are the NatureSpirits, Gene and Brenda Wilson. We built this website in hope that it would help others in one way or another. Those of you that know us, or know of us have watched this site slowly grow to what it is today. You know that we are just ordinary everyday working poor, not jetsetters, computer programmers, or business owners.

We try to explain the complexities of "Love", shed light on the plight of "Nature", share the agony of the quest for "truth and happiness", define a "Key" that unlocks the door that leads to the "Light", show insight into the "Spiritual Realm", offer "Spiritual help", spread "art and music" thru cyberspace, and last but not least...We try to "Create Light" in an ever increasing void of darkness called "Cyberspace".

As I said, we hold no PHD's, special abilities, majic, hocus pocus snakecharmer nonsense, nor any other trait that each and every one of you out there don't possess. The truth lies within each of us. We must seek that truth, so that we may find our path. All we offer is help to our brothers and sisters out there on this shrinking ball called "Planet Earth" to find his or her own truth. This I pray that we are somewhat successful at, otherwise, what's the use of trying??? § §

We hope you enjoy your visit at our "Sanctuary" here in cyberspace, and that you find something here that truly stirs your heart... Love and Light to you and yours, may we all meet in the "Light".

"Gene and Brenda Wilson" †The NatureSpirits†



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