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Introduction to Soulmates

.......And on the sixth day, God created "Man"..........

The "Man" God created was a spirit, not a flesh being, not a male. "Man" is what God named the spirit that our creator gave dominion over all things. When God saw that "Man" was lonely. The proverbial rib out of Adam took place. In reality that is where "Soulmates" came into being.

The Creator took the spirit called "Man" then took certain characteristics of this creation, put some in one side and some in the other, and split this creation in two. Two halves of a whole, together they were one. The two halves needed each other to be complete....†thus soulmates.†

They were different, but yet the same, both had their own strengths and weaknesses, yet together they were invincible. Neither one had dominion over the other, they were equal in every way. Where one lacked the other fulfilled.

Not until the day of the original sin did the soulmates know of unhappiness, pain, or misery....The forbidden fruit, contrary to popular belief, was not an apple or any such nonsense...The Bible was written by ancient men in ancient times, so that ancient minds could interpret it. The "Forbidden Fruit" was spirits entanglement into flesh. The "Spirit of Man" had dominion over all things, just what do we have dominion over now??? Why all of a sudden after the "Forbidden Fruit" did they know that surely they would die??? Why all of a sudden did they see that they were naked??? One answer to all these questions; "Spirits Entanglement with Flesh"

......Another interesting point; When Cain and Abel came along, If this flesh is not native to this planet, then how did they go to other lands and take wives??? Did they take apes, or goats as wives??? It would explain some of these Mythological Gods....but I think not..*S*....This creature called a human was already walking this planet, thus sciences theory of evolution. That is why so many scientists are atheists, they can prove evolution.

We were created to watch over God's creations. We wanted more, and basically we screwed up by trying to experience the feelings of God's creatures of Nature. Now we are male and female, blinded by the beast we inhabit, seeking worldly things, while knowing that there is more, but not knowing what.

We all feel that awful emptiness, that endless void that we spend our meager lives trying to fill with synthetic happiness. We feel that we are not complete, so we seek out the "Mr. or Miss Right", then spend the rest of our lives snapping and snarling at one another, but trying our best to get along, because we feel that we need each other to fill that void.

Finding your one true soulmate is nearly impossible, but from time to time it does happen. When it does come into being, there isn't an instant Utopia, a marching band, or anything of the sort. It is quite to the contrary. Your material life goes to pot, but it really doesn't matter because you have rejoined two halves of a whole, and you realize that this flesh existence isn't important in the first place. You begin your Ascension up the ladder of evolution to be free of this flesh once and for all.


†Soulmates† The Tangled Web

Soulmates as we have said are two halves of a whole. When soulmates come together on any physical plane the going gets rough, but it is worth it. Once together you're complete, happy and as one again.

It can be the greatest feeling in the world, and it is most of the time. But as it seems soulmates aren't supposed to come together in the flesh and the going gets rough, but your love for one another keeps things right no matter the cost.

The eyes are truly the mirrors to the soul. Once you have found your soulmate it doesn't matter about the physical cost because you know that you are whole again. The first time we saw each other we both knew who the other was, but it still took us awhile to get together, because of all the obstacles thrown into our way. Believe us, at times things are really hard. We looked to the other half and our inner strength pulled us through.

Every spirit has a purpose in this flesh existence. The most prominant of all is to become as one with true self, move out of this plane of existence and move into the next. We as soulmates have certain responsibilities to acheive in this plane or planet as some of you might be more comfortable with. What one of us can't do, the other can, and this works out wonderfully. We are able to help the souls that we are meant to, and in doing so bring back a little happiness to them.

Soulmates are truly unique, once you have found one another there is no letting go. Rather that means you get married or simply stay as good friends, but you know that you can not do without some form of contact with the other half of you. Writing is not my forte' never has been, but my other half is exceptionally talented in this area.

Sometimes soulmates find one another over the internet. Simply by talking to each other you know that they are your other half. When this happens you want to keep this contact with the other no matter the cost. You may never meet in this lifetime, but the luxury of knowing one another and being able to talk to each other has you both feeling complete.



For each and every one of us, There is another half somewhere in this endless universe feeling the same way we are. We may never meet up with that other half while we are encased in this flesh, so we should not center our lives around such foolishness as dedicating our life in search of our one true "Soulmate".

We shall be reunited with our soulmates once and for all when both halves of this spirit our Creator dubbed as "Man" evolve from the flesh. Until that time, our primary objective should be, rather "is" to find the "Path to the Light" and follow it, so that we may become whole again as beings of Light free to roam God's Kingdom in eternal bliss.

We must learn to get along with anybody and everybody, no matter their faith or walk of life. Take human pettiness with a grain of salt. Learn to overlook others weaknesses, faults, and flaws. For that matter learn to accept your own as well. Become one with the Light so that we may become one again in spirit.

It doesn't matter who we spend these flesh existences with, but it does matter how we spend them. Whomever you may end up with as a flesh mate, make the very best of it that you can, and you will move up the ladder of evolution, closer to becoming one with your true "Soulmate" again.

Share your innermost thoughts, feelings, wants, and desires. We are all in this same boat together, bailing water out of it as quickly as humanly possible......but if we learn to work together, and accept each other as we are......we can make it to shore, instead of sinking and drowning in this flesh sorrow. "Love" is the key that unlocks all doors. We can learn to love anyone and everyone, so let's all start opening those doors, doors that hold us here drowning in a pool of emptiness and make it home to our "Soulmates".....We've been away much too long!!!

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