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The purpose of this page is to state my individual beliefs on different subjects from time to time. I do not intend to offend, or sway anyone to my point of view. These are "my" opinions, they are not directed at any one individual or group of individuals. The sole intention of these insights are for the possibility of maybe helping someone, which these words may cause something to click.

I am sure there will be those that believe that this may be directed at them, but that is one of the many instincts of human nature..The important thing is that this page will help some fellow seekers of the Light, I speak on this page, the same way I do in person, so you can see I am no stranger to ridicule...Love and Light to all, and to all, may you find that which you seek.....

Stagnant Religion

Here I am again on my Soapbox. This one should get past my editor. The last few that I have wrote, my boss (Nature Spirit #1) was worried that our government would come after me! You know that something is really wrong when you have good honest folks fearing the government. I do not fear them for what they may do to me, but I do not want to bring down misery upon those I love. So...I will refrain from speaking the truth about this regime that is screwing up the home of the brave, and the land of the free. I will close the subject by saying I pray that they get what is coming to them a thousand fold instead of the threefold law!!!

We are at a time in our civilization that Religion as a whole, all denominations,(I'm not picking on any one), has become stagnant. It has went nowhere, people are reading what ancient men wrote, so that ancient civilizations could understand and follow.

Here we are, thousands of years later, following to a tee..."The Word" following blindly what some minister, rabbi, ayatollah, or Priest picks and chooses from the "Good Book." Then narrow mindedly blocking out all common sense and rationality, we become a fanatical society, contorting our "faith" into a weapon to get our point across. I'm not picking on any one religion. Its true, think about it.

Look at what is going on right now. We have an extreme right wing government leading a Holy Crusade to free the world for democracy. Sounds like a noble cause doesn't it? The last time the Religious right took control of a government we had the inquisition, and the Crusades. An estimated 90 million people were drawn and quartered or burned at the stake for being heretics. Countless others have died in battle with the crusaders in the Holy Land.

Now that I've picked on the Christians, lets do the rest. The Muslims also have a very repressive religion. Another religion forbids folks to eat certain things. Nearly all of them repress women. Its like a pressure cooker and every so often the lid blows off. Religions are written by men to control the masses through fear. An example is, be good or spend eternity in hell, so hope for the best in the afterlife!

We must rise above this!! If we don't we are headed back to barbarism. Everything will soon begin caving in. The people these days are turning away from caring about anything, and becoming a "me" society. They no longer want to stand up for what they believe. They have been programed by the churches, the government, and the media of this planet. How to feel, how to act, what to believe, what is good for them, who is bad, who is good....

When I hear good Christians applauding our war in Iraq, and saying we should kill all those camel jockeys, I shudder. When I see them go out and vote in an egotistical maniac into our highest office calling him "Gods Choice" I tremble. What has happened to our society?? I've read the Bible, wasn't Christ the biggest liberal in all of history?? Did he not care most for the least of the people, instead of the most powerful, rich, and affluent!!

Maybe I misunderstood everything I ever studied. Are we not suppose to treat others as we wish to be treated. Love our brothers and sisters? Care for the poor, and the weak? This country I live in was founded on those very ideas, with the clause of freedom of religion, separation of church and state, and all men are created equal!! The forefathers of this country understood what was supposed to be and what religion meant... Who dropped the ball, and put these lunatics in charge of such a glorious country??

The religious right was part of the deal.... But for the most part it was the general population going thru their daily routines like robots, paying attention to only their immediate wants, needs, and desires just as they are programmed to do. Then when election time comes along the panic button is pressed, and they go scurrying around like a bunch of ants that just had their mound stirred up. They home in on one or two little issues, instead of looking at the big picture. They jump at anything that has the word moral values with it, and thus once again religion has won the day, and suppressed the truth.

More people are suffering today because of "Religion" then anytime in history. More people have been killed in the name of religion then any disease, natural disaster or any combination of things in all of history. We must open our eyes, care once again, cross the barriers that have been purposely created to keep us all divided, suspicious of one another and confused. We must come together, all people, all religions, and focus on the true threat to every ones security. That is the greed that is butchering the planet that we all live on. This small tiny little ball here in space, that is in critical condition. That the worldwide corporations and money men are raping and violating on a daily basis.

She has had about all she can stand, and I doubt that at the present rate our grandchildren will see their grandchildren grow up! Our oppressive religions are keeping us in check while they let our governments destroy our planet!!! Do they have an alternate place for everyone to live?? They don't care about the future only the now.

Do you care about rather gays get married? How about the right of some red neck to own an AK47 to go deer hunting with? These are the issues that got our present leader into office. God, Guns, and Gays. That was his platform, The Christian Coalition, and all the religious right marched in his parade. Now he is back in power, and first thing on his agenda is half a trillion in defense spending, and enormous cuts in social programs that help the poor!! Does that sound like what Jesus Christ would do????

I don't know where these religious zealots have their heads. But I think they all should lean with both hands against a door frame, push with all their might and when they hear that loud "pop", maybe they will be able to see more clearly, because they just pulled their heads out from their buttocks!!

Maybe then they will realize that they should have been following the values that a man from Nazareth came to this planet to try and teach them. And harmless as he was, he stirred up a commotion, so the "religious right" had him put to death.

I know that I am but a voice in the wilderness, and that I am much closer to my end then my beginning, but unfortunately I was born with a conscious, and I've always followed my heart, and listened with my heart. It has brought many miseries my way, but it has also gave me peace of mind, knowing I have always tried my best, and done what my heart commanded.

If we all could join together, listen with our hearts, and follow that path. We would all go the same way, and we would no longer have need of hellfire & brimstone religions or corrupt governments, for we would have evolved to a higher level of understanding, and our new religion, which has always been the one and only true religion will be "Love". An it harm none do as ye will.

"Love and Light to All"


Beginning this with the famous last words of a fool; I will start by saying" I don't like discussing politics, but......!"

I am an American, of course I am proud of my Heritage and Patriotic to the Flag. I am A veteran that faithfully served and bled for his country, unlike the cronies that have seized power over us. There is no other country in history that has ever shone so bright, or gave so many hope and cause. That is the America that I fought to defend and Love so dearly........

What has Happenned to the 'Home of the Brave, and the Land of the Free'???What jerk, or legion of jerks has dimmed and tarnished this shining beacon of Light and Hope Throughout the world!?!?!?!? A better Question...Why have we as the American People let this greed and arrogance, emmited by such a minority destroy our good name throughout the world, or maybe even the universe for that matter. Do we want to be thought of as an Arrogant Warlike people??? Do we want the world to believe that we are going to attack anyone that has a natural resource that we want??? Think about it folks.....Read between the lines.......Look at it thru the rest of the worlds eyes. We are not the only people that have thoughts, hopes and dreams.

Our government and the Mass Media program us to cheer, cry, jeer, or wave our flags on command. Everytime folks start to scratch their head and wonder whats going on...The establishment pushes the panic button, and scare the hell out of the population, and blame it on the bad guy that's hiding in your backyard. They keep control through fear and suspicion of everyone that is different than you

Have you ever wondered what makes someone feel so hopeless and helpless that they strap on a belt of C-4 and go blow themselves up with a bunch of innocent people they didn't even know??? Well for the most part it isn't some mad dog terrorist so consumed with hate they want to blow up the world brainwashing them... It's just the feeling brought on by watching everything and everyone they love and care about being destroyed, killed, raped, beaten, brutalized....

Think about living in a place with no hope, and no chance of hope in the forseeable future...Catch my drift??? America is fast becoming just that sort of place also...No matter how hard folks try, their situation only worsens, and not only that the whole world hates us now, and the mega wealthy is sending all the jobs that we were just barely getting by on overseas where they can get the same results for less than 10% of the cost.....and the worst part our own government is making it easier for them to do so...The world is judging us a people as the few power mad, greedy corporate puppets that have managed to seize the reins of power of this great nation.

Here in our own country, poverty runs rampant, folks are dying because they can't afford proper medical care. Senior Citizens are forced to choose to go hungry, so they can buy their medicine to stay alive. Our medicines cost more than any other nation on earth....Don't figure huh?? We are the only civilized nation on Earth that don't have Socialized medicine....Are we really civilized?? Even the so called tribal heathens running around naked in the Amazon jungle takes care of their weak and old.

These things are real folks, take off your blinders, quit waving your flags and cheering some wanna be tough guy that invaded a third world country because of a grudge, getting our sons and daughters killed in the process....Look around you at what our Shining Star is quickly becoming.

I speak of the state of this country not from a birds eye view, but from the status of someone living it. We are a family of four surviving on 15k a year. We are lucky however because we grow a large amount of our own food, and we are well versed in the use of herbs, which we grow for our own medicinal uses also. The latter really helps since #1 has Lupus.

But back to the hopeless ones living on the street no help in sight, and the working poor that go to work sick and hungry that are one payday from being on the street also...That is right here in America, The wealthiest nation on Earth,But also the blindest. If something don't change soon we will have natives in this country strapping on C-4 belts and wiping out a bunch of innocent strangers.

Wake up America!!! Look around you, see the ground crumbling beneath your feet??? That flag you're waving so you know where it was made?? How many textile workers down south lost their jobs because of everyone buying Foreign made Flags?? How bout your magnetic flags made in Taiwan?? don't worry about the fact that in more cases than not that magnet is put on a foreign made car!!! Oh,that shirt you wear so much....Made In Bangladesh??? Those Patriotic Tommy Jeans with the Red, White, and Blue Labels on then.....A local factory right here where I live closed down and moved to Mexico, wiping out 700 jobs in the process. Thats devastating for a town of 5000...No one thinks, they just run into their local Wally World and buy the first thing they see without thinking of what that has caused.

Your Fellow Americans are living in Poverty and dying of neglect. They no longer have jobs to lose that's why the unemployment rate is going down...everyones unemployment benifits have ran out and they can't file anymore. This is a walmart economy, the only new jobs being created are Wally World Supercenters and fast food joints. Everytime a supercenter opens it closes down more local businesses that jobs it creates, and it is killing more American Manufacturing jobs with their "Made in China Imports". Come down South and drive around and look at all the empty factories....some of them are still being used..mostly for storing imports though. Go to any Major city and drive through the once powerful industrial sectors....look at the decay...Drive thru the nearby residential areas, see the hopelessness....

Where is our shining beacon of Light??? Why are we invading third world nations and racking up record deficits, while we are giving Enormous tax breaks to the super wealthy, and massive contracts to oil and defense contractors???

I'll tell you why...Americans have sat on their butts and focused on one issue for so long that they have no idea what is really going on!!! Who really gives a damn if John and Paul wants to get married in Holy Matrimony!?!?!? Obviously the religious right does...Their other Major issue is Abortion.they want all abortion illegal...How about the mother that will die if she don't get one...Get Real People!!! Pull your head out.. How about the separation of church and state??? The last time politics were so centered around the religious right, a whole lot of innocent folks were drawn and quartered and burned at the stake. Oh yeah, okay...You don't want them taking your guns away... Good Greif.why in creation do you want an assualt rifle to go hunting Bambi with!?!?!? Are you afraid that Bambi may turn and charge you with a bunch of buddies???? that is a sight I would Like to see!!!

Pull your head out Billy Bob, look who's starving you and your family!! It's time to take our country back from these lying coniving Hooray for me, to hell with you politicians. Get off your duffs November 2nd and vote. Vote this present regime out of office and give these other guys a chance...But lets stay involved and if they start screwing up, we'll impeach them..we have that right... we are the government they are just the paper pushers that we hire to run our business. Unite and lets take away the tarnish and make our light shine bright once more!!! Our present government is not a democracy. A government ran by corporatations and lobbyists is nothing but Fascism!!! Let us create light around the Globe once more.

Lets set an example for all to see, just as Franklin Delano Rooselvelt started let us finish, and the world will once again look to America with admiration and respect. Lets take care of our own first, charity begins at home. Solve our own problems, and cleanse our own grounds of hate and hopelessness before it reaches epidemic proportions as it has in the Middle East, and other parts of the globe.

And if we need to put down a few rabid animals such as these so called master terrorists....You and I both know that our government has the people that can do that. They will be easy targets once the breeding grounds of hate and hopelessnes diminish...Get busy America, Get busy world. Our governments and Fanatical religious leaders are but a very minute fraction of the population....But together


...Let us all work together, get rid of the misery and move foward together as the human race to evolve to a better way of life for all......

"Love and Light to All"

"Terrorism ‘VS' Religion"

11 September 2001, was indeed a dark day in human history, but surely not the darkest. Throughout history we have had many an occasion to weep over the innocent, but only recently have we began to notice.

My words over the years have brought up much controversy, and made me "Public Enemy #1" in the eyes of many, mainly because of my bluntness and directly to the point attitude. I have heard time and again over the past few weeks, " We should just nuke all those Muslims".

Well....Why not just nuke all those Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews......? Religion is an evil thing! More have died, and been murdered in the name of God, whatever you as an individual may call God, than all the Plagues and diseases throughout human history.

During the inquisition, 60 million folks were tried, and put to death as heretics because their beliefs differed slightly from the "Church". And lets not forget our own country's witch burnings..... The Holocaust was well publicized.... The wholesale slaughter in Tibet.... The Christians ‘vs' Muslims in Bosnia, in Kosovo... The Muslims ‘vs' Jews.... on and on... round and round she goes.......

ENOUGH!!!! To Hell with Religion! How about something called "Faith"?? Who cares what name you call God? That's between you and God! So what if you wear a skullcap, a robe, or shave your head to show your obedience and servitude to your chosen name for God? That's between you and God!

Even all the organized Religions have divisions among them that fight, bicker, and backstab one another. Does this sound like the Love and Brotherhood that they preach?? I truly believe that we would all get along better, and there would be more Love and Kindness in the world, and less Hate and Deceit if there were no such thing as Religion!

I myself believe in a gentle, loving God. One that Loves each and every one of us equally, no matter what name we know "God" as! I'm fed up to the gills with Religion as a whole, and I truly believe when it comes right down to it.....So is God!!!!

Why can't we all come out of the stone age, and quit being a bunch of narrow-minded Barbarians. Respect each other as human beings, and as brothers and sisters of the Light?

Truly, what difference does it make which path one of us takes to find the Light??? There is but one "Creator", one "Great Spirit", one "God", all paths lead to the same one.

Some may be straighter, others a little curved, but who are we to Judge? We shall all have the mystery of God revealed to us in the end.

So Folks..... In conclusion.... Let us all join together, regardless of our beliefs, and have "Faith" not "Religion", and lets make Religion, and Terrorism no longer have the same meaning...

"Love and Light to All"
NatureSpirit #2

"LIGHTWORKERS" (What are They?)

What is a Lightworker? An Electrician? Possibly. They started out as "one that helps others", but now, more and more, you see little cliques getting together and calling themselves "Lightworkers". The trouble isn't with their getting together, but with the darkness they are creating with their 'elite' status.

There are so many snakecharmers, so called psychics, healers, prophets, spiritualists, mediums, and Lord knows what else, that have labeled themselves as "Lightworkers", I am ashamed to call myself one now.

If all these folks would really let go, and get off the 'New Age' ego trip, thinking that they are some powerful spiritual being sent here to save humanity and Mother Earth......They may very well succeed in doing just that. But as long as they roam the chat rooms in cyberspace trying to baffle others with their brilliance, and label this one and that one as "Darkworkers", or "security risks", we will continue our downward trend to oblivion.

We should all be out there spreading 'Light', and being tolerant of each others beliefs and customs. So what if someone worships rocks, or thinks they are a pixie or a gnome!?!?!? Thats their choice, their right, their belief, so it is their path....not yours!!! So respect their freedom, as you would want yours respected. Isn't "True Faith" believing in something without a doubt??

Do not shun, or argue with someone over the way they believe. Love them, Respect them, treat them as you want to be treated. If they are wrong, this is the way that will win them over. You don't have to join 'the church of satan' to share a laugh, or have a civil discussion with a devil worshipper!!! *S*S*

Could it be that these "Lightworkers" I speak of are so insecure in their own faith, that they isolate theirselves to associating with only those of like minds?? That very well could be the case.....Or could it be that they have just taken off on such an ego trip, that their arrogance has made them look at all others as inferiors, or Lepers??

I have news for these sort of "Lightworkers". You are creating more "Darkness", than "Light", and its time for you to lose your attitudes and rejoin us. We are all equal in every aspect. We must follow our pathes, wherever they may lead, and find the "Light". None of us are "Starseeds", or "Prophets" sent by the Supreme Being to lead the sheep home. We are all souls trying to find our "Path to the Light", no matter what that path may be.....

I have thus far tried to reason with the unreasonable. I know that this is but a feeble attempt to reach the narrow-mindedness and tunnel vision of this day and age, but by my doing this, I have spoke my mind, and don't have to carry these thoughts within anymore. This writing may also cause one or more real Lightworkers identify a group or groups that they are growing close with and may be about to join, as being one of these cliques, and will save them the agony of finding out when its too late.....

In conclusion, a "Lightworker" can be, and is anyone, and everyone that creates "Light". Rather it be a warmhearted cashier in a grocery store that gives everyone a sincere and genuine smile, someone that helps the homeless, or a volunteer litter crew that cleans up the side of the highway. We all have the power to create "Light".......

"Love and Light to All"
NatureSpirit #2

"PARANORMAL" (Is it Real?)

Do we live on after "Life"? Do people actually see spirits of the dead, or do they just see what they wish to see? All these cold spots, energy patterns, movements, etcetera, are they from beyond, or projected by our own being? Sightings by more than one person at the same time, are they real, or mass hallucination?

Religion for all purposes should acknowledge these things, but for some reason, Religion sides with science, two very unlikely bed partners. Is this an elaborate scheme to here the truth from the masses, so that they may continue to be led astray as sheep? Or is all these paranormal experiences shared by so many merely outward projections from within these that have the experience?

By now I've probably confused a lot of you, gained the interest of a few of you, and infuriated some of you, so I'll try to get to the point now.

I am a firm believer of life after death. I was a weird child, that wasn't suppressed by my parents. My imaginary friends were real to me, and no one could convince me otherwise. As I grew older, and some of my kin started passing away I realized that no one ever dies, because I started seeing and talking with some of my dearly departed.

I tried organized religion, trying to go to church and be an upstanding citizen, but streets of gold, and lakes of fire just didn't fit with the truth. And when I tried to explain what the truth really was, I had folks praying for my soul.

Churches and Religion are good for giving people hope, and high morals. They also give people faith, and there is power in prayer if people of faith believe their prayers will be answered. All that spiritual energy pointed in the same direction does make things happen, so I have no beef with religion, except maybe the Dark side Religions.

Now for the scientific community..... Well I used to think they all were a bunch of narrow minded eggheads. Yes they do work wonders. But, try talking to some about spirits, and life after death.

They can prove evolution, so most of them threw Religion, and Spirituality out the door. They tell you that endorphin's or something like that causes your memories from near Death experiences. They have an explanation for everything, or so I thought.

I finally met one when I was in my mid thirties that actually believed me, and also communicated with the spiritual realm. He said that more and more of the scientific community are beginning to venture inward and exploring the Spiritual Realm. To me this is good news. Maybe soon the truth will begin to surface for all to see, and the next generation will understand that death, is actually just a new beginning. Something that was lost so long ago, when humankind became civilized.

Maybe funerals will become celebrations instead of a parade of broken hearts. May this be the age of the Enlightenment, and soon may we be evolved to a level that our brothers and sisters on other planets will not find our society too barbaric to communicate with. Am I dreaming? Probably so, but it's a nice thought.

"Love and Light to you and all of yours "
NatureSpirit #2

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