The purpose of this page is to state my individual beliefs on the subject of Spirituality. I do not intend to offend, or sway anyone to my way of faith. This is "my" faith, it's true faith, †"true faith being faith that can not be broken."† I am sure there will be those that ridicule me, or send hate mail, that is one of the instincts of human nature..But the important part is that this page will help some fellow seekers of the light, I speak on this page, the same way I do in person, so you can see I am no stranger to ridicule...Love and Light to all, and to all, may you find that which you seek.....


This is not a break from conventional religion...I am a Wiccan by choice, but not a modern Wiccan. Our form of Wicca believes in the one "Great Spirit", IE "God", much as the Native Americans believed. Wicca is not a break from conventional religion...It is the old religion...That is the path that I choose to follow. Christ came to this planet to show us the path, as did Mohammed, Buddha, and many others...There are many paths, all have their different beliefs and customs, mostly construed by ancient "Holymen", but they all lead to the same place:"God" "Allah" "Yaweh" "Great Spirit" "Jehovah" "The Supreme Entity" "God and Goddess" "Lord And Lady" for us....There are many more, But they are all the same Being.....Our Creator.

We all are children of the Creator, different races, different tongues, different religions, but we are all one in the Light.....Why then do we ridicule one another, and destroy each other in the name of our God???? Because we have all had the wool pulled over our eyes for many centuries, and we can not see the light, for we have been taught to worship the beast.

Flesh is the beast that blinds us. We worship it, we cling to it. We give it power equivalent to that of the Almighty...but the true self of all of us lies within this antagonizing beast we call the flesh. Our destiny is in our own hands, so to speak. We were created with free will, and it is our responsibility to seek out the light and evolve from this plane of existence. No Rabbi, Priest, or Minister can do that for you, it's in your hands.

First off we must master the beast that we inhabit, we can not let our animal instinct rule us, for if we do, our true selves will not emerge, and we will remain in darkness. Let go of the fronts, and images that you throw up around you for protection from others, let the true gentle soul emerge. You do not have to impress anyone, just be yourself, if others do not accept you as you are, then they will have to deal with their own misery in time.

No one can do anything to you, unless you allow them to...Sure they can inflict pain to the flesh senses, but they can not cause sorrow, anxiety or any of the other stressful emotions we experience in this flesh, unless you allow their human pettiness to afflict you. So let these things go, you don't have to spend hours in tanning salons, shopping malls, hair stylists, or pumping iron.....That's a form of flesh worship, attempting to be something that you aren't....Look inward and let the gentle, beautiful soul that our Creator made, emerge and the glow from your true self will make the flesh you inhabit more beautiful than a million dollar makeover would.

Accept the flesh that you inhabit as it is, and realize that it is only a temporary condition. Seek the true you, and get connected with your true self...Evolve to what you are supposed to be, and be free of the miseries of the flesh, once and for all.

True, there are many pleasant wonderful things about being in the flesh, but who wants to experience the good with the bad time and again, when they could experience true happiness for all eternity? Yes I am speaking of the many deaths we have during this flesh experiance. Reincarnation is a reality, not just a myth. Our life spans on this planet are very short, and unless you start off learning right off the bat, you will come back again and again til you evolve...Or you have regressed so far that you are total darkness, in that case you then have a new master...

I have yet to meet a first timer, I am sure that they exist, but I've never met one. We are all much older than anyone in the flesh can really comprehend...I will not go there, I will leave it at that....

You wonder, how can I get to my true self?? Well...I am about to upset some book stores, but the best thing you can do is to throw out all the books that you have on metaphysics, occult, spiritualism or whatever. Forget all that you have read and learned in them. They will truly confuse you on your journey inward.

We all have a door, a key so to speak that unlocks the door that our path lies behind. It is as plain as the nose on your face, that is why so many over look it..."the best place to hide is in open view"...The location may vary on some individuals, but it is there nonetheless.

The Mystics have known about it for centuries, but most did not understand what it is, but they knew it held great powers...They called it the "Third Eye" and many still do. It does have great powers! Ha! Its a glimpse of the true you! That is our key, our ticket to evolution.

On most people, if you close your eyes, relax, center your attention on the area slighty above the brow and over the bridge of your nose, you will see a dull glow or maybe just a lighter colored mist there...If it's not there relax more and it will appear. It may be higher, lower, or off to either side on some people but you can center it by just relaxing and moving it there...

As you are relaxing looking at this dull glow or maybe even a bright light for some, {depends on how far along the ladder of evolution you are}, clear your mind of everything...just relax and concentrate on nothing but that glow...It will get brighter, and continuing to do this on a regular basis, you will see a change in that glow and eventually you will begin to float or should I say feel like you are not be alarmed...enjoy the sensation. Get used to it because the more you "meditate" the closer you shall become to connecting. You will also feel better physically, mentally, and have a lot better outlook towards others as well.

Continued "meditation" shall eventually bring you to what I call bumps, but to someone that has never experianced a "bump" before...its like falling off the Grand Canyon!!! It may take you several times to get past the first one, but once you do, you will be able to do it again...What happens when you make it?? Well... you begin connecting. That light that is in your head that you have been so intently watching, which will be brighter by the time you get to this stage...will now surround you. You will be floating in it and feel like you never want to leave because it feels so good, but you will come back. Congratulations, you will have just met your "True Self".

As you progress along and have gotten used to floating in the light, then and only then, start going in with purpose...TO LEARN...not for tomorrow's lottery numbers or to see what lies in the future, just one simple thought "LEARN" that and you shall find, then you will know the truth and will remember what I said about throwing out all the books!!! You don't need them. The True Self knows exactly what you need to know.......Happy journeys my brothers and sisters, no matter your path we shall all meet in the Light....Love ya all...

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